Go Green Go Cycling - Recycling Facts for Kids

Recycling Facts for Kids and its Significance

Some fun recycling facts for kids can comprehensively describe the growing need and importance of recycling. The younger generation needs to understand the significance of saving and protecting their environment, their home, their planet. One can only hope they do a better job than ‘us grown adults’ in taking things more seriously while growing up. It’s also about What is Going Green Recycling Facts for Kids, its Significance and What You Can Do to Help Recycling for the layman tends to be a very boring and negated concept. Some are too busy to recycle their own waste, while others wildly assume that a recycled product will cost them more. It hardly takes a second to dispose waste off in ‘Recycle Bins’ which are placed everywhere. Yet, due to ignorance people fail to realize that this one act can add to the environment’s health and ultimately to the planet’s health. That … Read more

People enjoy riding their bikes

Eco Friendly Places to Visit in Paris – Traveling Green to Paris

Eco Friendly Places to Visit in Paris – It’s one of the most visited destinations in the whole world. Millions of visitors from all over the world come to take advantage of its pre-eminent landmarks, famed cuisine and captivating cultural attractions. But the unfortunate thing for Paris is that this hive of activity undoubtedly increases its carbon footprint. After all, there are 19,500 taxis in circulation and 30,000 rubbish bins situated across the city. Thankfully, eco-conscious travelers can still experience the boons and benefits of Paris breaks without contributing too much to the city’s emission levels or waste output. Eco Friendly Places to Visit in Paris You might be surprised at just how green the capital of France really is. Amazing Trips for Butterfly Watching Enthusiasts Travel Green On Your Next Vacation to Reduce Impact What is Eco Fashion? Jardin du Luxembourg Paris is the most densely wooded capital of … Read more

2 boys building Lego house

Legoland Chicago – Everything You Need to Know for a Great Time

My sons and I are Legoland Chicago Discovery Center experts. We have been there 15+ times. If your kids are anything like mine, they love all things Lego. Whether or not you have a membership, this place is affordable (with one of their specials) and fun. I know many people feel the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg “isn’t worth it” for the price. Read on for more great tips about maximizing your experience but two things you must try to do are: GO WHEN IT’S NOT BUSY and get a great price. If you live locally, check their hours. They change them depending on the season. Go on a weekday right after school, and plan to stay until 7 pm. If you live out of the area, do your best to avoid the weekend. If you can’t stay all day, try to go a bit later in the day when … Read more

Made in Oregon float in Rose festival

Summer Festival Guide for the Best Summer Ever

Summer festival guide for the best summer ever – Nothing says summer like a great outdoor festival: sunshine, great company, and amazing food or entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a foodie extravaganza or a legendary music festival, check out our summer festival guide for the best summer ever. You will have a great time all across the US. Summer Festival Guide for the Best Summer Ever Rose Festival – Portland, OR Even if you are not normally into flower festivals, you will love the Rose Festival in Oregon. Part of Portland’s culture for over 100 years, the Rose Festival was started by the city to help put Portland on the map. Kids and adults alike love the four parades held over three summer weekends. Over half a million people turn out for the Grand Floral Parade, which makes this the largest single-day spectator event in the state of Oregon. This urban … Read more

Rooftop Activities In London

Top 5 Rooftop Activities In London

Rooftop Activities – Sometimes, the best way to really appreciate a city is to get above it. London is no exception. In fact, this metropolitan city is one of the best in the world for finding fun and innovative things to do on rooftops. Try these rooftop activities in London the next time you’re visiting. Rooftop Activities In London Netil House If you ever have cause to work in London, you should try for an office in Netil House. Located on Westgate Street in Hackney, this one-of-a-kind office space is the ideal spot for working and unwinding. The rooftop locale boasts 100 creative studio spaces. It’s home to web designers and architects, record producers and yoga teachers. After a hard day of work or business meetings, take yourself over to Netil Market and Netil360, which also are found on the rooftop. At Netil Market, you’ll find permanent traders ensconced all … Read more