Best Attractions in Greenland


Greenland can truly be called a different world.

With a very small population, (less than 60,000 inhabitants) Greenland is the world’s largest island.

It includes over 2 million square kilometers.

Therefore, it’s also the largest non-continental island on earth.

Some of the best attractions in Greenland aren’t attractions in the traditional sense.

Likely, you will be going there to experience the nature.

It’s most famous for icebergs floating on a sea of deepest azure and mystical glaciers, cracking and creaking as the ice shifts and expands.

Greenland adventure holidays could be a lifetime experience where icy landscapes turn into green mountains with beautiful wildflowers, hot springs, and crystal clear skies.

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Best Attractions in Greenland

When you visit somewhere so unique, it makes sense to go with a tour.

You want to be sure you see everything a tourist would want to see.

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a vacation and realizing you missed seeing something that was “right there” or someplace nearby that would have been easy to have seen.

We learned about Greenland tour packages which include breathtaking fjords, steep cliffs, and clean air.

Greenland is unique in every season so you want to be sure to maximize the time you are there.

Nordic Saga Tours offers many travel deals all year from short breaks to longer tours, guided tours, individual tours, and expedition-like explorer tours.
Best Attractions in Greenland Northern Lights

The Northern Lights in Greenland- Aurora Borealis

Traveling to Greenland in winter one should expect to meet the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights are a classic Arctic experience, but here, they are exceptional.

The uniquely small towns and settlements keep light pollution to a minimum, and most of the time clear sky days mean that the chances to see this fantastic phenomenon are huge.

Greenland Capital

Special attention should be paid to Greenland’s capital, Nuuk.

It is a city of vitality, surrounded by breathtaking nature and filled with vibrant Greenlanders old traditions, modern trends, and diverse influences.

Nuuk is full of experiences not found anywhere else in the world.

Here you will get to experience some of the iconic Greenland food favorites. 

How to choose a guide in Greenland?

Greenland is full of extraordinary places and activities.

However, where to go exactly once you are there can be stressful.

It’s likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you’ll want to make the most of it.

Also, what season is the best time to go? 

It might seem difficult to decide.

The simple answer is: Trust the specialists.

Whether you want to travel on your own, or as a part of a group, there are Greenland tour packages which you’ll want to consider.

In this way, you will learn from the locals what the highlights are.

In addition, you will learn about little-known facts. 

Adventure tours are famous for the experiences travelers get and the standard of the accommodation.

When you plan a trip to Greenland, there is surely lots to consider.

You will have to book your flights and consider how long you will be able to visit.

Afterwards, it may well be worthwhile to schedule a tour. 

Our Guide To Environmentally Friendly Travel


Guide To Environmentally Friendly Travel – Travelling is one of the most environmentally damaging practices that is completed every single day.

In the society that we live in, it is impossible to not travel whether this is away on a holiday, or your daily commute to and from work it is unavoidable for several people.

But when travelling, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint, even when going abroad.

Guide To Environmentally Friendly Travel

Before you grab your ehic card and hop on the next flight, read our guide to environmentally friendly travel below.

Use Public Transport

One of the ways that you can travel greener is to use public transport.

By travelling around major towns and cities using public transport you are reducing your carbon footprint as you are travelling from A to B with multiple people.

This then reduces the amount of fuel that you are burning as there will be fewer trips made to one destination.

Guide To Environmentally Friendly Travel
Guide To Environmentally Friendly Travel

This is particularly beneficial in cities such as London that have an expansive network of bus and train routes to help make your commute easy.

Travel Light

Another way for you to be eco-friendlier when you travel is to reduce the amount that you are traveling with.

Not only is it easier for you to travel around with, but it will then take less energy for the plane and will, therefore, burn less fuel.

If everyone follows this very simple rule, flights will be able to make twice as many trips in the same amount of fuel making this a much more efficient way to travel in the long term.

Although this is also dependent on the length of the flight that you are taking, this the perfect way to begin reducing our carbon footprint as we travel.

Avoid Transfer Flights

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to travel without the need for connecting flights.

Although this is often more expensive as a result a single flight will burn less fuel and make your travel plans far more eco-friendly.

Although this can sometimes not be possible depending on where you live in the world, finding a flight that is direct is the perfect way to reduce the stress of traveling whilst reducing the number of carbon emissions that you produce which is beneficial when it comes to reducing the effects that this is having on the atmosphere.

Environmental Consequences of Forest Fires

Eat locally Environmentally Friendly Travel
Eat locally Environmentally Friendly Travel

Eat Locally

Another way to reduce the number of emissions that you create whilst on your travels is to opt for local food that is near to the hotel.

This not only allows you to find some hidden gems with some of the best food, but it also allows you to walk to and from your hotel every night.

This is perfect for those that love to travel as you are likely to see more when travelling on foot and are also bound to lose some weight as a result of the walking.

Regardless of which of these you choose to incorporate into your holiday, you can be sure that you will have an amazing time away whilst doing your bit to help repair the environment and begin caring for our planet.

Is Flying in Africa Expensive – Plan Your Trip The Greenest Way Possible


Is Flying in Africa Expensive – A trip to Africa is almost synonymous to safaris, and safaris are never cheap.

However, guided with the right timeline and planning – a trip to Africa can be tailored-fit to anyone’s budget.

Is Flying in Africa Expensive
Is Flying in Africa Expensive

Is Flying in Africa Expensive

When is the best time to book trips?

Nomadic Matt, a travel blogger shares to check out Indian and Middle Eastern carriers.

The best flights to book are those during mid-week instead of during the weekends.

It is also worth taking advantage of ‘seat-sales’ from local and international carriers.

This usually happens at the start of the year, from January to February.

Carriers would also put up early-bird seat sales to at least ensure that the cost for fuel of most of their flights was already covered.

This is when most of the cheapest flights are available when going to Africa.

Tips and tricks to score the best airfare

We’ve all heard about certain tricks from frequent travelers on how they get the best airfare when they travel.

These tips are actually effective. Visit Jeddah Attractions Tourists Are LOVING

Going on ‘incognito’ mode

When you search for flights on a regular browser, this is often recorded through your computer’s cookies.

This is how airlines are able to detect what you’re most likely looking for since you’ve searched for it.

Hence, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden the online ads you’ll see is most likely related to the last flight details you’ve looked at.

However, you can go around this by clearing your search history and cookies.

Going in private browsing or going ‘incognito’ while booking your trip can also help you elude detection from travel agencies and carriers.

Book trips on a Sunday When Flying in Africa

It used to be on Tuesdays when airlines would drop their prices mid-week.

Last year’s report from Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) revealed that Sunday’s the best day to book flights.

This came about due to the rising competition and as the carrier’s way of changing strategies since their ‘Tuesday’s trade secret’ has been revealed.

Switching VPNs

Mask your IP to reflect as though you’re booking from your destination.

However, do make sure to use a credit card that would avoid foreign transaction fees.

Local rates of your destination are most likely cheaper compared to when booked from your actual location.

Keepgo vs TEP Wireless vs Skyroam

Now that you’re all set the most cost-effective trips to Africa.

Time to prepare for green traveling!

How do I get Internet While Traveling?
How do I get Internet While Traveling?

How Do I Get Internet While Traveling?
Using My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe
Best Mobile Hotspot for Traveling to Europe and Overseas
How Do I Use My Cell Phone While Traveling to Asia?

Going green during your trip

Let’s face it going 100% green during travels is impossible.

However, there is no harm in making an effort of going green in every way possible during trips.

How to go green during travels?

Simply put it is considering ecological and more sustainable choices and incorporating that during your travels.

In the words of Go Green Travel Green’s owner and editor, Dawn Head, it is “when our choices align with our eco-interests and values.”

Travel light

Heavy pieces of luggage would mean heavier weight capacities.

These would require more fuel used for vehicles, which includes trains and planes.

It will then result in green gas emissions.

Hence it is preferred to travel light.

Avoid plastic at all cost!

Bring reusable drinking flasks and washable eco bags.

This would ensure you would cut-down on wastes and disposable alternatives which are most likely not biodegradable.

Choose green businesses

Look or ask for green certifications from businesses.

You can also ask certified green travel experts for references, such as those on Go Green Travel Green’s website.

Pack eco-friendly toiletries

In Africa, toiletries are a luxury and are more expensive than European price tags.

It will be very helpful if you pack your own shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.

There are now a variety of eco-friendly shampoos and toothpaste to choose from.

Go for these options during your trips.

Wifi hotspot keepgo
Wifi hotspot keepgo

There you have it, a quick rundown on avoiding an expensive trip to Africa while still going green.

The conscious steps of a few going green – can grow to a thousand of men’s efforts which will definitely have an impact.

Kudos to your green travel efforts!

What are the Best Ways to Make Money While You Travel?


Best Ways to Make Money While You Travel – More and more people are choosing to travel through “gap-year experiences”; that is they are choosing to travel for months or even years to fully get to know a place instead of just stopping in for a few days or weeks.

However, to do so it is often wise to keep some sort of income coming in so you are able to travel as long as you want to.

Here are some of the best options available to you.
Best Ways to Make Money While You Travel

Best Ways to Make Money While You Travel

Online Games

Do you like playing online games?

There are many amazing slots out there which allow you to have fun while also potentially earning a little money.

These sites also often have great deals like free spins which can help you grab even more for your money.

Just make sure that you are aware of gambling laws wherever you happen to be.

If you are in a country with some extremely strict gambling restrictions, you won’t be able to earn money this way.


Many people choose to fund their travels and adventures by starting a blog.

Whether you choose one of the traditional blogging sites like WordPress or you go for one of the more modern opportunities like Instagram, there are plenty of ways you can blog online.

Focus on your adventures or collating travel tips for others.

If you get enough traffic, you can even begin to host guest spots and build up affiliate links.

There are many ways to monetize your travel blog and your travels easily.

Earn Money from Home – 12 Ways to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Look into Working Visas

Some places like Australia offer unique working visas which are structured specifically for young people who are travelling.

You will get a certain number of hours a week you can work and certain jobs you can fulfill.

It can be extremely useful if you find an area which you fall in love with.

You will be able to throw down some temporary roots for a little while and get back to a more regular style of living before you head out on the next leg of your adventure.

Teach English

Before you leave your home country, consider looking into TEFL, or Teach English as a Foreign Language.

There are many short-term courses which will give you all the skills you need to go away and work with classes of all sizes.

The more professional an environment you want to teach in, the more qualified you will obviously need to be, but you can teach in summer camps easily.

This would allow you to get away and try somewhere new for a little bit before setting off again for more travelling.

Backpacking often brings to mind the image of someone counting their coins no matter where they are along their journey.

However, you need not travel like that.

So long as you are sensible with your money and your plans, you will find that there are many opportunities for you to earn money all along your chosen route.

Get ready to see what is out there, you are going to have an amazing time on the road.

Image: Pixabay

3 Biggest Cities in South Africa for the First Time Visitor


South Africa is a diverse and exciting country to visit, but for first timers it can be hard to decide on what to do and where to begin.

If you are looking for travel hacks you will be happy to know it is easier to get around South Africa now more than ever.

With direct flights from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg there has never been a better time to visit.

So here is a short introduction to the three biggest cities in South Africa for first time visitors.
Biggest Cities in South Africa for the First Time Visitor

Biggest Cities in South Africa for the First Time Visitor

Port Elizabeth

Located on the Eastern Cape ad known as the friendly city.

Port Elizabeth has a whole lot to offer its visitors.

There are blue flag beaches where you can relax or take advantage of the excellent water sports on offer here.

You will also find great entertainment and dining options including the famous Stanley Street.

A walk around the city will give you the time to enjoy the fantastic historical buildings, including the Victorian Feather Market and the Victorian museum.

Port Elizabeth is also a great base for game drives as it is close to Nature reserves such as Addo Elephant Park and Krugga Kamma game reserve.

From the city you can take day tours, or you can choose to drive yourself depending on your preferences.

Nearby, as well as opportunities to see African animals, there are other ways to enjoy the outdoors.

With mountain bike trails and excellent hiking routes you can explore the fantastic scenery the area has to offer.

Cape Town

From the friendly city to the mother city, Cape Town is the oldest in South Africa.

It is a popular destination and with all the top attractions to visit you can see why.

Of course, Table Mountain is one of the main attractions making your way to the top by either cable car or hiking.

Then there’s Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, known as one of the best botanical gardens to visit in the world.

To learn more about the nations history you can take a trip to Robben Island.

Where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners lived who fought against the apartheid government.

After sightseeing The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is a great place to relax and unwind.

On the scenic working harbor, you will find shops, restaurants, bars and also the place to launch for short cruises too.

From amazing sights, a great food and entertainment scene as well as the opportunities for day trips further afield, Cape Town is the city to visit in South Africa.


Located in the north of South Africa the city of gold, often referred to as Jozi by locals is a wonderful and diverse city full of fascinating history.

Although it is often thought the city is not safe to visit, there are plenty of tourist attractions that are frequented without incident.

Top local attractions include the Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, guided tours to Soweto, and a trip to the nearby Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

The town has a lively and fast paced atmosphere, and there is always a place to go for excellent entertainment.

From live music to wine tastings, fine dining to street food.

Whatever your tastes you will find a great variety in Johannesburg.

Where will you go first in South Africa?

If you have the time you should definitely visit all three of these cities in South Africa, where you can enjoy the variety and diversity of each place.

As well as exploring the cities themselves, they are also great bases for exploring the rest of South Africa’s great attractions from the wine regions to game reserves and National Parks.

Which South African city will you visit first? Is Flying in Africa Expensive


Travel Planning and Preparation: Things To Do Before Traveling


Travel Planning – Now that you have figured out at least the first part of your itinerary, it’s time to refine your plan and gear up to make it happen.

Travel Planning To Do Before Traveling Revise your itinerary

Take out the calendar and itinerary you created previously.

If you’re on track, you have now done the following:

  • Decided where you want to go.
  • Researched transportation costs and chosen your modes of travel, using Rome2Rio or other sites.
  • Chosen your accommodations for the first month or so.
  • Now it’s time to adjust your initial plan.

Don’t worry, you’ll be continually revising as you go, but having the first part of your journey organized will stand you well as you proceed.

After you have booked transportation to your first destination, start making your reservations for at least the first several weeks of your trip.

I recommend using the TripIt app to keep track of your reservations and make it easy to access that critical information while you are on the go.

Be sure to review your reservations carefully, however.

Because some countries put the day before the month when listing a date (for example, June 3, 2017, would be 03/06/17 in Europe rather than 06/03/17),

TripIt will occasionally place your reservation in the wrong order.

Although that has only happened to me once.

Packing Essentials for International Travelers
Best Ways to Make Money While You Travel

Tackle the ins and outs of insurance for travel.

Europcar hire says that preparing for travel also means deciding whether to purchase comprehensive travel insurance, travel medical (health) insurance, a medical evacuation policy, or to take a chance and go without any additional cover.

Travel insurance presents several issues for senior travelers, primarily because the older you are, the more expensive it is and the harder it is to get.

Even for a journey of a few weeks, travel insurance can add substantially to your costs, and a multi-week or multi-month trip makes it even pricier. Let’s take a look at the options.

What kind of insurance do you need?

Comprehensive travel insurance covers not only emergency medical charges but also such things as trip cancellation, lost luggage, trip delays, and medical evacuation, along with other losses that you may incur while traveling.

Although you can sometimes buy individual coverage’s for specific items (for example, for trip cancellation), most people buy comprehensive travel insurance.

If you want that coverage, however, you often need to buy it as soon as you have booked (or shortly thereafter) to qualify for reimbursement of your expenses.

By contrast, travel health/medical insurance, which covers only emergency medical care (and sometimes repatriation of remains), normally only needs to be purchased before you leave for your trip.

What will Medicare cover?

If you’re only going to be gone for 60 days, some Medicare policies will reimburse you for emergency medical care for the first 60 days outside of the country.

Check your own Medicare plan.

But for longer travels, 60 days is obviously not enough.

Deciding what type of insurance to buy, if any, is not an easy task and one that we can only answer for ourselves.

Check out the information below before you decide:

Do a web search on “World Nomads Travel Insurance” to reach the quote engine for this site.

We found good comprehensive travel coverage through them at a reasonable price for our RTW trip.

However, they will offer you coverage only if you are under the age of 70.

If you are older, they will refer you to another company.

SeeBootsnAllor do a web search for “BootsnAll + travel + insurance” for a handy guide to compare quotes from five plans, which offer a variety of options.

Some even cover pre-existing conditions, with caveats, although you can expect to be hit with high deductibles of several thousand dollars.

See the page for Expat Insurance if you will be gone from home for more than six months. (Click “Expat” near the bottom of the page under “Find Insurance For Your Travel Style.”)

Two other good sources for finding travel insurance are InsureMyTrip and Squaremouth

Read the reviews and the fine print for each offering, as you would for any insurance product.

You can sometimes save money by buying a travel medical policy that excludes coverage in the United States.

If you are a US resident on Medicare, that may make sense, although you still take a risk if you’re ill or injured abroad and are unable to travel home.

Allianz Global Assistance offers several plans, including per trip or annual plans available to those over the age of 70.

WEA health plans , a division of the PA Group — rated A by independent insurance company analyst A.M.

Best?—?also provides long-term plans for expatriates and long-term travelers.

Travelling Safe during Pregnancy

Consider evacuation services.

What do you do if you just feel that comprehensive travel and travel medical insurance are both too expensive or the coverage for your pre-existing condition is too high?

You could decide to shorten your trip to obtain affordable coverage, particularly if you have a life-threatening condition.

Or you could choose an evacuation service.

Because medical costs in the United States are the highest in the world, many travelers plan to pay for minor ailments abroad out of their savings.

If you do that, then you could sign up for a medical evacuation policy that will bring you home if you are seriously ill or injured and admitted to a hospital.

Note, however, that these services typically require admission to a hospital before you can be evacuated.

It’s still somewhat risky, because you might not be stable enough to be moved.

However, if you have enough savings, that’s a chance you may want to take, given the extremely high costs of travel insurance for mature travelers.

Learn about evacuation policies available through Medjet Assist.

Medjet Assist provides medical transport to the hospital of your choice if you are injured or become ill abroad?—?as long as you are admitted to a hospital first.

It’s important to note that Medjet Assist takes you to the hospital of your choice, because some other evacuation policies will only take you to the nearest hospital that the company deems adequate.

With Medjet Assist, your annual membership is all you’ll pay.

The service will also cover you in the United States when you are more than 150 miles from home.

If you are a member of AARP, you can get discounts; for example, an individual membership that is normally $270 will cost $235 and a family membership, which is normally $395, costs $345 for members up to the age of 75.

Medjet Assist also covers repatriation of remains.

Decide how you want to handle things back home.

For peace of mind, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve completed your arrangements at home before you leave.

Will you leave your residence vacant, asking a friend or family member to check up on it from time to time?

Will you move out of rental accommodation and put your worldly goods in storage?

Or will you lease or sublet?

Should you rent or sublet?

If you’re away only for a few weeks or if you’re involved in a home exchange, you won’t need to worry about renting or subleasing your home.

But if you decide to rent or sublease, you’ll need to check with your landlord.

Do you own a condo?

You’ll need to review your association’s rules and covenants, including any time requirements or rules about pets.

For example, our own condo association only allows rentals of more than six months, does not accept dogs, and charges a hefty nonrefundable fee for the privilege of renting, in addition to deposits, which we had to add to our budget.

If you rent or sublease, you’ll also want to have a property manager or someone who can be contacted in case of an emergency at your rental.

If you’re lucky, a responsible family member or friend will play that role, especially because paying the fees of a professional property manager might add considerably to your expenses.

You will need to set up a separate account for your rental, for ease of use and for tax purposes.

The IRS does not want you to co-mingle your personal and business funds, and even though you’re renting your own residence, your rental will be considered a business.

Ask your accountant.

It’s a good idea to keep a deposit in the rental account at all times to cover emergencies such as appliance repairs.

Many municipalities also have strict requirements for landlords that typically favor the tenant, so you’ll want to research your legal rights and responsibilities.

For example, in our area, there are limits on how soon landlords must respond to emergencies, as well as the procedures they, or their property managers, must follow to respect tenant privacy and rights.

Finding a renter can seem like a daunting task, but it need not be.

However, you want to be very careful about whom you trust with your home when you are far away.

If you do not use a property manager’s services and are renting yourself, check online with your local housing office to find out what you legally can and cannot do.

For example, where I live, you can’t advertise for a “mature” renter, because that could be construed as age discrimination.

And, indeed, we could care less about the age of the tenant; we simply didn’t want partiers!

So when I advertised our condo, I described the condo complex as one that was “very quiet and had a high percentage of residents who were over 55,” which was all true and helped us to attract the type of renter we wanted.

If you’re not using a realtor as a property manager, who can advise you on all aspects of renting, how do you find out what to charge? Start with the local listings.

You can see what similar places in your area are renting for.

Just be completely honest with yourself: Is your property truly comparable?

Does it have all the amenities described in the listings you’re using as a reference?

Are your appliances, kitchens, and baths as up-to-date as the ones in the listings?

It’s helpful to visit those rentals, if you can, and put yourself in the mind of a prospective tenant.

Craigslist, Zillow, and other online sites allow you to place free advertisements for renters.

However, always?—?always?—?check your prospective tenants carefully.

You can download standard legal rental agreements for your state online, which should include a notice to the prospective tenant that, by signing, they are authorizing a credit check.

Ask for references as well?—?and call them personally.

It is worth using a reliable service, such as Experian or TransUnion SmartMove, to do a credit check.

There will typically be a charge, which some landlords pass on to the prospective tenant.

Some services actually require prospects to order their own report and make it available to you.

If you have friends who rent properties, you can also ask for their suggestions on which credit-checking services they use.

Whatever you do, do not skip this very important step and be sure to ask for references.

Requiring a damage deposit and asking for the first and last months’ rent helps with tenant-screening too, because those with financial difficulties may well have problems coming up with required funds which can be a red flag.

If you’re going to be gone for months, you want a tenant who is reliable and pays on time.

What’s more, if you rent out your home, be sure to get insurance on the residence itself, just in case something happens while you’re gone.

Your tenants can get renters insurance for their goods, and insuring your premises will be inexpensive compared to a homeowner’s policy.

Consider utilities, whether you rent or not.

Most of the time renters are responsible for all utilities, but there are situations when you may want to pay a utility and simply increase the rent to cover it.

You can then advertise it as a benefit. For example, some landlords prefer to cover items such as trash collection and landscaping to keep their properties looking attractive.

Also, some utilities will charge an owner if a tenant fails to pay a bill.

So take time to think about which, if any, bills you want to pay and make sure those utility payments are clearly stipulated in your rental agreement.

If you’re going away for only a few months and you can afford to leave your place vacant, ask your utility companies if they have a vacation plan.

Cable and telephone companies will often let you pay a substantially reduced rate while you’re away, which means you can avoid the hassles and expenses of reconnecting when you return.

If you plan to be gone for a year or more and want to keep your phone number, it’s also worth asking your landline provider if you can pay a small fee to retain the number.

Using phone abroad? Choose the solution that works best for you.”

How do I get Internet While Traveling?
How do I get Internet While Traveling?

What are you going to do with your pet?

It probably goes without saying that the furry, feathered, or finned members of your family need to be considered when you plan your trip.

The best arrangement for them is staying with family or friends who adore them.

If you do a home exchange or are advertising for a housesitter, find out if your exchange partners or housesitters will be comfortable caring for your pets.

If those options don’t work, check with your vet, who may have some contacts for pet care.

In any case, make sure they are well provided for, or postpone your trip.

Editorial: Animals are not disposable! They have their own needs and emotions.

I have no respect for anyone who would surrender their pets just to travel, but if you believe that is your only choice, then find them a good home or place them in a no-kill shelter and contribute funds to their care.

You owe it to them!

Get tips on storing your vehicle.

Are you planning to store a vehicle for the duration of your long-term trip?

Edmunds has some advice on “How to Prep Your Car for Longterm Storage” on its website.

Among the tips for storing your car:

  • Keep your car in a garage, if possible. If it will be outdoors, get a weatherproof car cover.
  • Clean your vehicle before storing it. Bird droppings or water stains can damage the paint over time.
  • Change the oil if you are storing the vehicle longer than 30 days.
  • Top off the tank to keep moisture from forming inside the fuel tank, and keep seals from drying out.
  • Make sure that the battery stays charged. Have someone start the car and drive it for at least 15 minutes every two weeks. Run the air conditioner too. If you can’t get someone to drive it, then either disconnect the negative battery cable or use a trickle charger. (If you disconnect the battery charger, you’ll lose the electronic settings for your radio, clock, and other settings.)
  • Don’t use the parking brake?—?use a chock to keep your vehicle in place.
  • Check to see if your tires are properly inflated.
  • Try to cover gaps where mice or other creatures can enter. Also try scent deterrents.
  • Maintain your auto insurance. You may need only to keep the comprehensive insurance if no one is going to be driving it, but it will help protect you from damages that could result from problems at the storage location.

If someone is going to be driving your vehicle, make sure that you not only have the right insurance, but that you also keep the license tabs current.

Most localities now allow you to pay your license fees online.

Find the right place to store furniture and personal items.

Unless you are going to rent your home furnished, you will need to store your furniture.

In any case, you’ll want to have a place to keep your personal items.

If you have a family member or friend with extra space, they might just become your favorite person, because storage can be expensive.

Before our RTW trip we chose a storage facility that was close to our son’s house, because he acted as our property manager.

What made that choice even better was that his house was farther from an urban area, so the prices were lower there too.

We chose a controlled atmosphere storage facility, which helps prevent problems due to heat, cold, or humidity.

Before you store anything, use your trip as an opportunity to get rid of the items that you “might need some day.”

It can be liberating to get rid of the “junk” that seems to multiply in our closets.

Tips downsizing:

  • Take photos of the items that you treasure for sentimental reasons but you never use, and then donate them. You’ll have the photos to recall those special memories.
  • Give some of your best things to your friends, or ask them to keep treasures like Aunt Hattie’s silver fruit bowl until you return.
  • Put small items such as watches and jewelry in a safe deposit box at your bank.
  • Take advantage of charity shops. Give away your serviceable items, and get a receipt for a tax deduction. Do good for others as you free yourself for your adventure.
  • Host a garage sale or use Craigslist to sell items and get some extra cash.
  • Consider consignment furniture stores, but make sure you know how long they will keep your items for sale and what they do with items that do not sell.

Also, if you have a relative whose place is serving as your temporary address, you may be able to get a policy from your own insurance company to cover your goods in storage.

That policy may be cheaper than the insurance offered by the storage company.

Top 5 Green Hotels For Honeymoon


Top Green Hotels For Honeymoon – Are you looking to go green on your honeymoon without sacrificing comfort and luxury?

If you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

While traditional honeymoon getaways are great, they can have some seriously negative environmental impacts.

Over the last decade, travel destinations and resorts all over the world have been working to reduce waste and utilize the natural splendor of their surroundings in an ecologically-friendly manner.

Top 5 Most Impressive Green Hotels for Honeymoon Vacations

Since green hotels are becoming more and more prevalent, it’s easier than ever to find hotels working to accommodate the needs of travelers with eco-friendly mindsets.

Those who are to planning a green honeymoon will likely find that they have plenty of impressive hotel options to choose from.

Here’s a list of 5 most stunning green hotels getaways with honeymoon accommodations for newlyweds.

Top Green Hotels For Honeymoon - Help Wildlife in Belize
Help Wildlife in Belize

Chabil Mar Placencia – Belize

Stunning Ocean Views and Authentic Mayan Ruins

This charming boutique resort of Villas and honeymoon suites is located on an oceanfront property outside of Placencia Village in Belize.

Since each Villa has been designed to minimize waste while maximizing oceanfront accessibility, minimal environmental footprints are easy to maintain.

Village restaurants, shops, and nightlife are available within walking distance so guests can enjoy leisure activities on their own schedules.

This resort is also located near the World’s only Jaguar Preserve.

Each unique Villa is situated on a lushly landscaped property and Villas contain uniquely designed paintings, furnishings, and accents.

You’ll be able to take in exceptional views of the Caribbean from your own personal veranda while listening to the waves lap against the sand.

In addition to all of this, Chabil Mar Placencia offers guests access to beach-side infinity pools that are nestled into the lush tropical gardens that decorate the resort’s inner courtyard.

Chabil Mar Placencia Offers:

  • Oceanside Villas
  • Explore Nearby Placencia Village
  • Maya archaeological sites
  • Infinity pools
  • Hiking in the World’s only Jaguar Preserve

Eco-Hotel Lepota – Tarusovo, Russia

Thermal Spas and Authentic Steam Rooms Along the River Dubna

Looking for something a bit farther north to take your bride on your honeymoon?

Just 45 minutes outside of Moscow is the Eco-Hotel Lepota.

This gorgeous resort in picturesque Tarusovo has been built in a stunning setting with views of the river and forests.

Its countryside location makes it an ideal option for Russian destination weddings.

The Eco-Hotel Lepota is quite diverse and offers many services so you only have to purchase what you need.

All dishes in the hotel’s restaurants have been prepared from fresh locally sourced and environmentally friendly products.

Many of the ingredients have been purchased directly from localized farms in the Taldom district.

Other fresh ingredients come directly from the gardens located on the hotel’s property.

Other hotel features and amenities include an exclusive steam room, cold and hot thermal water fonts with a view of the river Dubna, a refectory with a real village oven, Russian billiards, designer lounges, and fireplaces.

Eco-Hotel Lepota Offers:

  • Russian countryside
  • Forest and river views
  • Locally sourced fresh hotel ingredients
  • Thermal water fonts on the river
  • Saunas
  • Pay as you go for services

Turtle Island – Fiji

Solar Powered Private Island Getaway Steeped in Local Fijian Culture

Imagine spending your honeymoon on a private tropical island that’s environmentally-friendly and locally sourced.

Your dream can become a reality if you choose to visit Turtle Island in Fiji.

Turtle Island is a 500-acre privately owned island located in Fiji’s Yasawa Island chain.

It offers visitors a completely sustainable and entirely authentic honeymoon experienced that’s steeped in local island tradition and culture.

Since only 14 couples are allowed on the island at a time, you’ll be able to tap into the island’s tranquility and serene scenery in peace.

Choose from 10 private beaches for picnics, snorkeling, or simply relaxing and watching the waves roll in.

The entire island and resort are powered by solar energy while the handcrafted Villas offer a sense of artesian style.

If a green and serene escape is your bottom line, Tuttle Island may be right for you.

Turtle Island Offers

  • Island getaway
  • Supports local Fijian village
  • Private beaches
  • Artesian Villas
  • Snorkeling
  • Solar power
Ecuador is a Conservationists Dream
Ecuador is a Conservationists Dream

Emirates One&Only – Wolgan Valley, Australia

Luxurious Australian Resort on a Conservation Land in Wollemi National Park

If you’ve been looking for a way to combine natural splendor and luxury, this may be the way to go.

The Emirates One&Only is located on Australia’s Great Dividing Range between the Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park, within the World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains.

Steep cliffs contrast with the gentle curve of the valley floor creating a picturesque resort location.

The tranquil location and one of a kind views extend throughout 6 separate exceptionally private double treatment spa rooms.

Holistic therapies are dispensed using Australia’s exclusive Sodashi skincare line, regarded internationally as the world’s purest spa brand.

Exceptional six-course dinner menus and à la carte selections are available.

Signature experiences embrace the resort’s wide-ranging conservation efforts with wildlife safaris, horse riding adventures, and heritage tours, whilst hands-on Conservation Activity excursions are focused on preserving the surrounding wildlife sanctuary.

This is an idyllic venue for weddings or honeymoons.

Emirates One&Only Offers

  • Luxurious and unique world-class amenities
  • Conservation focused activities
  • Five-star Fine dining
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Private Luxury Spas

Mashpi Rainforest Reserve Hotel – Ecuador

Ecuador is a Conservationists Dream, Bursting With Living, Breathing Beauty

This is a hotel like no other.

Featured on “The World’s Most Amazing Hotels” and listed by National Geographic as one of the most unique lodges in the world, this hotel is the pinnacle of conservation, luxury, and beauty.

Stepping onto this green hotel is like stepping into another universe where, from the micro to the macro, flora, and fauna surround you like never before.

Enjoy the palpable beauty and serenity of the Mashpi Rainforest Reserve and its raw, untouched essence.

The best part?

A stay in this splendid Mashpi Reserve hotel supports efforts to preserve the surrounding local Mashpi Reserve rainforest and all of its many natural wonders.

Through the large and architecturally innovative windows in each room, you’ll be able to experience the greenery, wildlife and natural splendor of the rainforest up-close and in person for the entirety of your stay.

Yaku suites are available for honeymooners as well as a wellness center with a full-service spa, and various excursions and activities.

Travel to Anguilla

Mashpi Rainforest Reserve Hotel Offers

  • In the rainforest
  • Mashpi Reserve Conservation
  • Luxury and natural wonder
  • Wellness center with spa
  • Featured on multiple top 10 world hotel lists
  • Many amenities
  • Innovative architecture

10 Easy Ways Students Can Go Green


Easy Ways Students Can Go Green – Saving the planet is every inhabitant’s responsibility.

Being a student can never be taken as an excuse as every individual can do his or her bit.

Going green need not be expensive.

Rather by using effective means, becoming eco-friendly can actually save you money.

Even the smallest contribution can help do wonders to our beautiful planet.

Moreover, adopting a green lifestyle today will make it a way of living for tomorrow.

All it takes is incorporating a few changes and tweaks in order to imbibe a beautiful habit.

Easy Ways Students Can Go Green

Easy Ways Students Can Go Green
Easy Ways Students Can Go Green

Here are some green tips for students to understand how to go green:

1. Go green to go digital

Incorporating digital and electronic means to your education saves you time, money as well as the planet.

Taking notes using an app during lectures will make you purchase less paper.

College essays are now available online, and so now students don’t need to buy any additional paper for their essay.

Furthermore, college students can easily buy college essays online which is another green initiative.

You can buy custom papers and essay easily through the application at Paperial which helps students in the go green initiative.

Moreover, with online study materials and lectures, students are able to go paperless altogether.

Universities are also implementing online exams, which is one of the best going green tips.

2. Going green tips of reuse and recycle

There are many things that can be reused to minimize waste through disposables.

Using refillable water bottles and lunch boxes not only helps students in their go green initiative but are also healthy.

Carrying lunches in reusable boxes allows students to take care of their health. Moreover, with reusable bottles, students are able to increase their water intake.

In addition to this, students can use reusable bags or colorful totes to do their grocery shopping.

Moreover, reusable mugs can be used to carry coffee and other beverages around.

There are innumerable DIY videos on YouTube that inspire students in many different ways to recycle their old things.

Be it upcycling clothes or giving them a retro hit, students can always find innovative ways of recycling.

This is not only a great way to save the planet but also allows you to demonstrate your creativity.

3. Waste management

It is a no-brainer that waste management begins at home.

The simple segregation of waste into proper containers can go a long way in saving the planet.

One of the most essential going green tips, waste segregation, makes a huge contribution towards saving the environment.

In addition to this, waste management also means generating less waste.

This is particularly important during meals.

Recycling also works on the food products you are buying and consuming.

For instance, sowing the seeds once you consume an apple will help you plant a tree.

This will also cause less litter and less wastage.

Using such ways, you end up saving the planet in more than one way.

4. Save water

This is a very basic way of saving the planet.

There are many simple ways in which you can save more water on a daily basis.

Wash all your groceries in a tub of collected water and then use the same water to water a plant.

The leftover water in your water bottle can also be emptied in a plant pot.

Limiting your shower time to save water is also one of the greatest green tips.

Tend to any leaks in your house immediately.

Limit dish washing to only those times when it is fully loaded.
Students Can Go Green Save Water

5. Switch to walking or cycling

This is one of the best ways to save you some money, staying healthy and also making the planet greener.

Incorporate walking for distances that are relatively closer.

If needed then opt for biking to your destination.

These are great ways to save the planet while also keeps you in great shape.

Opt for public transports like subways or buses instead of hailing cabs.

You can pool up with your classmates if you intend to take a cab ride.

Walking to your college is a great way to start.

Moreover, an early morning stroll does great wonders for your body and mental health.

This not only keeps your mind agile and body active but also a great way to get some fresh air.

6. Start a pro-environment club

College gives you ample opportunities to enhance your personality development.

One such way is to be a part of clubs while in school.

Starting a whole new club is not only a good addition for your resume but also helps you hone your network.

Start an environmental club in your college to help educate others in doing their bits as well.

Moreover, with a team of volunteers, you can undertake larger projects, say, cleaning up the litter around the college.

You can even organize carnivals or games, which are educational about the environment.

You can even have planting sessions or extend volunteering projects to neighboring schools, which will also showcase your leadership skills.
Easy Ways Students Can Go Green

7. Unplug

Today college students are always online or hooked on to their electronic gadgets throughout the day.

Ensure that you unplug the charger off the charging units once your laptops and other electronic devices are fully charged.

In addition to this, it is essential to turn the switches off or keep your chargers unplugged during bedtime.

This saves a lot of energy and also reduces your electricity bills.

Keep your electronics off the charger when not in use.

This is also a subtle way to instill discipline and eliminating a careless attitude.

8. School supplies

There are many culprits sitting on your desk, which need to be swapped with their eco-friendly counterparts.

Moreover, school supplies can be shared within a study group to promote the go green initiative.

9. Eat Sustainably

Reducing meat consumption is also a great way to protect our dear animals.

Aim to swap at least one meal a day and buy vegan options to start afresh.
Go Green No Plastic

10. Go Green and Say no to plastic

Say yes to water bottles

Avoid plastic as much as possible.

In order to adopt the go green initiative, eliminate plastic bags from your house.

Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips


Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips – Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872 and is the world’s first and probably the best-known national park.

Designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1976 and World Heritage Site in 1978, the Yellowstone Park is a melting pot of natural environment, specific climate, unique animal and plant life as well as iconic historical sights and long-lasting human imprint.

The breathtaking scenery and otherworldly beauty are attracting even today more than 4 million visitors annually, making the Yellowstone park one of the best-visited parks in the world as well.

And, for a reason; Yellowstone National Park offers over 2 million acres of untouched nature, rugged wilderness, abundant wildlife, and countless geysers and thermal features.

Because of the park’s size, Yellowstone is divided into different regions, across three states.

Each area has different habitats that include geysers, fumaroles, and other geothermal features.

There is also a canyon, a lake, and numerous limestone terraces, all of which is filled with abundant wildlife and endless natural beauty.

Because there is so much to see, it can be hard to establish a Yellowstone visiting plan.

Sure, you can read some tourist guides, or even pay for a research paper to gain as much information as possible regarding the Yellowstone park, but they usually present the standard Yellowstone visiting practices.

Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips

However, we have gathered some insider tips and sights recommendations that might help you create the best visiting route and have you experience Yellowstone at its best.

Canyon Area of Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is a must-see.

The breathtaking and almost overwhelming beauty of the colorful canyon with walls over 1,300 feet high will leave anyone in awe.

One can see the Yellowstone River making its way through the canyon, while the two waterfalls tumble down into the canyon, creating a heavenly sight one would assume is only for the Gods.

The canyon area feels like our planet is trying to put all of its beauty in one single scenery, showing us humans how massive and scary, but at the same time, gentle and homely a place can be.

The canyon area can be visited any time, regardless of the season.

Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips
Yellowstone National Park Insider Tips

However, if one is a big fan of exciting hikes, glorious sceneries, and mesmerizing colors, I would recommend visiting in the late summer or mid-autumn for the best experience, which would be late August and September.

Mammoth Hot Springs and Cabins

A lesser-known attraction of the Yellowstone National Park are the Mammoth Hot Springs.

Located in the Northern-Range, the hot springs offer an insight into a spectacular nature and amazing winter wildlife watching opportunities that one cannot miss.

As you can imagine, the hot springs are usually the best to visit in the winter because of the excellent ski trails and of course, the hot springs.

During the day, it is recommended to go skiing, explore the Lamar Valley wildlife or the Norris geyser basin; and in the evening, to relax at the Mammoth Hot Springs cabins.

If one is not a big fan of the winter, the Mammoth Hot Springs are great in the autumn as well; there is an excellent camping ground at Mammoth where you can enjoy looking at the starts or the elk herds, not far from the camp.

This is an entirely unique experience because there is less of the crowd and you are one with nature, far away from the modern and hectic life.

The Roosevelt Arche and Lodge

Yellowstone National Park is not just a natural sight with breathtaking sceneries; it is also a significant historical sight essential to the American identity.

The Roosevelt Arche, for example, is located in the North Entrance town of Gardiner, Montana.

It was dedicated and named after President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903.

This is the undoubtedly best way to enter the park, take an awesome photo and spend a few moments thinking about the history of this place.

On the other hand, there are the Roosevelt park lodges, as perfect time-traveling to the Old West.

This is an excellent way to experience a ride in a stagecoach or a horse and enjoy a taste of a Wild West Adventure.

Not to mention the Old West Cookout and the outstanding dinner options; we would recommend ribs at the Roosevelt Lodge Dining Room.

Other interesting tips and recommendations

Here are some useful and exciting insider tips and recommendations you can use to create a great Yellowstone route if you don’t want to explore the park the same, old-fashioned way as everyone does;

Early morning exploring

The wildlife at the park is the most active in the early morning, so if you’re eager to see the elks and other animals, make sure to rise and shine and experience the sun bringing to life the whole Yellowstone area.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Not to mention that this way you will beat the crowds and get to enjoy hiking, trails, and geysers when there are no people.

Exploring with a Ranger

The Yellowstone park rangers offer an exploring program in order to help visitors get the best out of Yellowstone.

These programs are intended to get everyone an in-depth adventure at the park, offering help in walks and cruises, wildlife watching, sky observation and more.

National Park Camping Reservations

The park’s official website provides an insight into the upcoming events so that you can choose the ones the interest you the most.

Fishing and water sports

Did you know that you can go fishing at Yellowstone’s lakes?

The National park Service offers fly fishing opportunities at Yellowstone, where you’ll be able to learn more about the park’s fish populations through the catch-and-release program.

Moreover, if you want to have more fun, other than fishing, then make sure to experience the Yellowstone lakes’ canoes, kayaks, and boating, where you’ll have loads of fun.

The Best Camping Hammock Guide – MUST READ

Exploring the Architecture

If you’re a fan of old and rustic architecture, then make sure to visit the Old Faithful Inn.

The Inn was built by architect Robert C. Reamer and opened to the public in 1904.

The design of the Inn has been known to introduce the old, rustic architecture across the US.

The walking tour of the inn is free, and you can take as much time as you want to observe and study the design, as well as hear about the way life was at Yellowstone in the last century.

Useful and Green Tips for an Unforgettable Sailing Experience in The Ionian Sea


The Ionian Sea is filled to the brim with history, as well as an unforgettable allure and beauty!

Your destination set, your heart ready to explore the gorgeous coastlines and islands that lay waiting in the Ionian waters, it’s time to look into the best way to experience this incredible holiday.

A yacht charter, or a flotilla charter to be specific, is an excellent way to see the landscapes and have an amazing time on the waters of the Ionian Sea!

There are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing the right flotilla company for your journey.

One of the most important things to remember, however, is keeping true to your responsibilities to traveling the planet in ways that will be sustainable and responsible.

There are plenty of ways to be kind to the environment and responsibly green while traveling, and if you commit to putting these helpful tips into use on your next holiday, you’ll stay eco-conscious and have a fun journey!

Unforgettable Sailing Experience in The Ionian Sea
Unforgettable Sailing Experience in The Ionian Sea

Setting Up to Set Sail The Ionian Sea!

Before you even leave on your holiday, there are plenty of ways to start off on a more eco-friendly path.

The steps you take during your planning, packing, and initial traveling stages are going to get you off on the right foot!

Here are some things you should take into consideration when planning your Ionian Sea adventure:


Whether you stay for one week, or travel around the islands for an extended period of time, the duration of your stay is incredibly important for your environmental impact.

This can also help you pack more sustainable products to last your entire journey.


Your packing list should include a reusable water bottle, environmentally friendly utensil options, plastic free travel containers, eco-friendly travel gear, and whatever you feel will help you to lower your carbon footprint as you travel.

HOW You Travel

When initially planning exciting Ionian Flotilla holidays, take into consideration how you’re going to travel to the beautiful Greek coast.

Train travel is considered to be the most eco-friendly form of transportation.

However, if you need to cross the Atlantic, or make your way from Australia, then flying is your only option.

In that case, keep your flights to a minimum if you can.

Lowering your carbon footprint and finding more sustainable avenues for travel will not only help our planet, but it will also allow for you to have a more enjoyable holiday knowing you’ve done as much as you can to be more green!

Being a bit more specific and breaking down your daily routine, and the various adventures you may have on the flotilla, will also help you to plan more extensively.

The Time to Travel The Ionian Seas

Focusing on the duration of your holiday, you can delve into the pros and cons of a long journey versus a short holiday.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options as far as the length of your flotilla holiday.

There are lots of fun activities and sailing experiences to be had on the Ionian Sea.

Sailing The Ionian Sea
Sailing The Ionian Sea

The time you choose to spend on holiday will be a huge factor in how little or large your carbon footprint is on the planet.

Whether you’re traveling during a busy holiday season with the whole family, or taking some time with a small group of friends, there is a lot of things to consider when talking about the length of your holiday!

Knowing what to expect with these various itineraries is going to be extremely important for planning how to be eco-conscious.

You can take two weeks to ski, kayak, paraglide, or you can spend a single week hopping from one glorious island to the next.

Booking your holiday to be all-inclusive, while still keeping the planet in mind can make all the difference!

Food, Beverages, and Snacks

There are tons of ways to make your holiday greener when it comes to food and drink.

While traveling around the islands of Meganisi, Ithaca, and Cephalonia, you’ll be able to buy local produce, eat at local eateries, and make eco-friendly choices when it comes to the food you carry on the flotilla with you.

No matter where you are in the world, by eating locally sourced foods, you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint!

If you’re wondering why you should eat locally, there are plenty of ways that your health and the planet can both benefit from local produce and meats.

You can help to reduce emissions levels by cutting down on the transportation of foods from faraway places!

Sailing The Ionian Sea
Sailing The Ionian Sea


Sailing on a flotilla will also be extremely eco-friendly in that your primary means of fuel will be wind!

Of course, there may be a day or two where mother nature has her own plans, and in those cases, you will need to use a fuel engine.

There are however, ways to make using a fuel engine a little more environmentally sound.

Talk to your chartered yacht’s skipper to see if they can follow these guidelines to make the trip a little greener:

  • Fill up the gas at the dock, and not while moving
  • Carefully examine the fuel tank for no cracks or damage
  • Only use the engine when ABSOLUTELY necessary
  • Don’t overfill the fuel tank to avoid unnecessary spillage

Oil leaks, gas drainage, and fuel pollutants can not only harm the fish in the water, but birds, large marine animals, and all sorts of coastal wildlife.

By traveling around the Ionian Sea for a few weeks, island-hopping and enjoying the beautiful scenery via sailing, you’re managing to travel in a green way!

If you decide to spend a day or two on mainland Greece, then make sure you travel primarily by train!

Avoid unnecessary air pollutants with planes and automobiles.

That way you can spend your days shopping, eating amazing Greek foods, and truly enjoying your holiday!

Sailing The Ionian Sea
Sailing The Ionian Sea

Stop Overs While Sailing The Ionian Seas

Choosing the right hotels in the different ports is a big part of making your sailing experience more environmentally sound.

Traveling around Lefkas and Kastos will not only allow you to immerse yourself in the wonders of Greek culture, but you can also find yourself spending the warm nights in a green hotel.

Green hotels are known around the world for providing services that will not only give you a relaxing stay, but will also help to lower your environmental impact while being away from home.

Green hotels include the following services and products:

  • No unnecessarily cleaning linens everyday
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Locally sourced foods available
  • Earth friendly toiletries
  • Recycled materials throughout the hotel
  • And so much more!

If you’re booking your flotilla holiday through an agency, you can request that they book you at green hotels throughout your vacation!

If you can’t find anything local, then you should travel with your own environmentally responsible toiletries and travel gear to help break a wasteful cycle.

The Ionian Sea Sailing
The Ionian Sea Sailing

That way you also know exactly where all of your products come from, what they are made out of, and their production impact on the planet!

Enjoy Your Unforgettable Sailing Experience on the Ionian Sea with These Green Tips!

Whether you’re looking into green hotels, finding locally sourced foods in Greece, or sticking to eco-friendly modes of transportation, you can follow these easy tips to fully enjoy your holiday!

Set sail on an unforgettable sailing holiday on a chartered flotilla on the Ionian Sea!

You can relish in the once in a lifetime views knowing you’ve done everything in your power to travel green, and keep those enchanting landscapes safe for generations to come!