Helicopter Tours in Nepal

7 Best Helicopter Tours in Nepal Costs

Updated: February 28th, 2020Helicopter Tours in Nepal – Nepal can be explored in different ways. One can trek through the varying landscapes, travel by bus or other means of land transport to different places, take an airplane flight to major places, or take a helicopter tour. Helicopter Tour can be a quick and comfortable way of exploring Nepal because you can reach a place and return back effortlessly within just a few hours. Trekking is usually … Read more

Ayahuasca Experience in Peru

Ultimate Ayahuasca Experience in Peru

Updated: February 24th, 2020Ayahuasca – Everyone wants a smooth sailing and stress free life. However, we all have tensions and worries in every aspect of life, be it workplace or home. The hectic lifestyle and constant rat race add to the anxiety levels. The medical market is making constant efforts to come up with newer and modern stress relief medications. But if you try to opt for age old tried and tested remedies, come to … Read more

how much cash can you travel with

How Much Cash Can You Travel With Plus Safety Tips

Updated: May 13th, 2020How Much Cash Can You Travel. If you’re off to see the rest of the world, then you can’t do it without cash.  Like the rest of the stuff you’re packing for your trip, cash is also something you have to plan. Frequent travelers would recommend keeping a modest amount of cash on you for emergencies.  After all, you can always use your card for other purchases. The question of how much … Read more

do babies need a passport to travel

Do Babies Need a Passport to Travel: Preparing for Trip With Your Newborn

As a new parent, you may be asking, do babies need a passport to travel? Getting ready for your upcoming trip can be stressful, especially if you haven’t taken a trip with your baby yet.  Knowing what documents are required for your baby and making sure you have everything packed can be stressful, but traveling with the family is a phenomenal experience. Below, we’ll answer all of the most commonly asked questions about the items that … Read more

what countries require proof of onward travel

What Countries Require Proof of Onward Travel

Updated: March 18th, 2020If you’re traveling to another country, you’re likely going to be asked for proof of onward travel.  This usually takes place at the airport but, on some occasions, can happen when crossing land borders. As for what countries require proof of onward travel, there are quite a few.  A good number of Southeast Asian nations usually make this request, perhaps because of the many foreigners doing their regular visa runs. What Countries … Read more

how to pack jewellery for travel

How to Pack Jewellery for Travel

Updated: April 13th, 2020Pack Jewellery for Travel – “I’d rather keep my fancy jewelry at home,” said no woman ever. The fact is, even our most valuable possessions can come in handy when we travel. If you’re traveling to another state or country for a wedding or some other elaborate event, then bringing jewelry is sometimes necessary. Now, if you do decide to pack some of your precious belongings, then you need to do it … Read more

Surviving Stressful Business Trips

5 Tips for Surviving Stressful Business Trips

Updated: February 20th, 2020Surviving Stressful Business Trips – Whilst traveling for business may seem glamorous, the reality of a business trip may be more stress than glamour. If you are traveling for an important business meeting, tensions can be high and the added stress of leaving the comfort of your own home for a few days, plus the travel, can make a business trip seem unbearable. Luckily, there are things that you can do to … Read more

best camera backpack for travel

Best Camera Backpack for Travel in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Camera Backpack for Travel – Whether you’re a professional photographer, or just like to take snapshots of your vacation to bring home, having a good camera along for your trip is a great idea. Then again, we all know that every inch of room in your luggage is precious and likely already accounted for. That’s why we’ve done the research to find the best camera backpack for travel and included five choices with in-depth … Read more

how to fold button up shirts for travel

How to Fold Button Up Shirts for Travel: The Basics

Updated: February 20th, 2020Fold Button Up Shirts for Travel – So you’re hitting the road again and want to make sure you’re packing all the necessary clothing for travel. These should include the basics, such as a few pairs of shorts, jeans, and underwear, as well as a set of formal wear in case you get invited to a wedding or some other elaborate event. Speaking of formal wear, do you know how to fold button … Read more

Hotels in Hungary

Discover Hotels in Hungary and other places of interest

Updated: February 20th, 2020Hotels in Hungary – Hungary, a small country in the heart of Europe, still retains the sparkle and small extravagances of the kings of another era. The capital Budapest is breathtaking for anyone setting foot in the city. Walking in the streets is admiring buildings with unique design and architecture. Also, the city has a large leisure offer: a spectacular nightlife, a large number of seaside centers at affordable prices, an opera house … Read more