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Hypermiling – Extreme Guide Tips to Increase Your Miles Per Gallon

Learn all about hypermiling with this extreme guide. We are taking advantage of a long holiday weekend by hitting the road. Our plan is to drive to New York from our home base in Washington, D.C. With gas prices still so high, I’m especially eager to do whatever I can to improve my gas mileage for the drive up to New York (we’re driving instead of $1 busing because we’re taking our dog) via Extreme Hypermiling. So, I spent (way too much) time perusing my way around the internet, reading every article I could find on the subject of “Extreme Hypermiling” For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Wikipedia says: “Extreme Hypermiling are drivers who exceed the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated fuel efficiency on their vehicles by modifying their driving habits. The term ‘hypermiler’ originated from hybrid vehicle driving clubs and Wayne Gerdes [who coined the … Read more

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Eco-Friendly Hotel ~ Finding a LEED Hotel or Green Hotel

There are many ways to go about greening your hotel stay. Finding an eco-friendly hotel is the first way to make a big impact. Large hotels, especially in urban areas, consume a lot of energy. Between their many guest rooms and common spaces, conference centers and restaurants, they have the potential to leave a heavy carbon footprint. Many eco-travelers assume they’re restricted to eco-lodges and low-impact hostels to travel green, but this is not true. Thanks to LEED certification, it is possible to find an eco-friendly hotel or resort, or a green hotel. What is a LEED-Certified hotel? An acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED sets a universal eco-standard for hotels, making it easier for travelers to see — even at a glance — whether the hotel they want to book is green. How does it work? Resorts striving for LEED hotel certification must assemble a project team … Read more

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Kid-Friendly Eco-Resorts that Your Kids will Love

Kid-Friendly Eco-Resorts – The face of the eco-lodge resort vacation is changing. No longer accessible only to the most adventurous of travelers, eco-resorts have become more popular as eco-travel has become more accessible. Many resorts make for environmentally-friendly and educational family travel. Wouldn’t it be fun and educational to expose your child to kid-friendly eco-resorts? Any hotel can claim to be ‘green,’ but the following best eco-lodges for families have all been certified as a green business by an independent third party program or has shown significant initiative toward reducing the property’s environmental impact. All provide some type of environmental programming or conservation effort. All of them are located in wilderness or rural areas that add to the overall travel experience. Kid-Friendly Eco-Resorts to Explore Maho Bay Camps, St. John, US Virgin Islands Read any listing of family-friendly eco-accommodations, and you’ll likely find Maho Bay at the top. I thought about … Read more

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Itinerary for Eastern and Southern Africa in 3 Months

Itinerary for Eastern and Southern Africa for planning a trip to the large continent of Africa is daunting. With over 50 countries on the massive continent, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, we recommend starting with Southern and Eastern Africa. Generally, these areas are simpler to navigate than other parts of Africa. Here we have planned the itinerary for Eastern and Southern Africa for you. Take it as it is or use it as a guide. Have you dreamed of trekking gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda? Been glued to National Geographic as you watch the legendary wildebeest migration through the Serengeti? Travel through Africa is a constant adventure. Itinerary for Eastern and Southern Africa Southern and Eastern Africa are home to many spectacular destinations, like Zanzibar, an island off the cost of Tanzania, Victoria Falls, and the mysteries of … Read more