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Guide To Skiing In Japan: When To Go And Where To Stay

Skiing in Japan – If you want to experience some of the best snow and winter action in the world, you should really get out there and ski Japan. Japan is a mountainous nation with tons of opportunities for skiing aficionados. Whether you love shredding up the hills or ripping through the powder, Japan has something for you. Guide To Skiing In Japan Is It Expensive To Ski In Japan? It’s not more expensive to ski Japan as opposed to skiing in other countries. The pricing is basically the same as it would be in the United States or Europe. You’ll need to either rent or bring your own gear and buy lift passes. Many places will allow you to rent equipment on-site, and rentals will generally run you about $70 for a full day. This price includes poles, skis, and boots. Similarly, you’ll pay roughly $70 for an all-day … Read more

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Argentine Breakfast – Typical Argentine Food and Drinks To Enjoy

Alas, to my disappointment, a typical breakfast in Argentina is a cup of coffee with milk ( cafe con leche ), a few croissants ( medialunas ), and a shot glass of carbonated water…. After two months in Argentina, I’ve gotten used to supplementing my hostel breakfast with fruit or yogurt to satiate my American desire for something more substantial.

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Things to Do in Prescott Arizona with Kids or Without

When it comes to exploring new places, I like traveling by car best and being on the road to Prescott Arizona with your kids. Recently, I packed up the family to visit Prescott, Arizona. It’s a small city with a picturesque downtown and plenty of outdoor recreation. With lots of things to entice the kids, Prescott has become one of our favorite destinations. The first thing to know is how to say Prescott. It’s not press scott … it’s press kit. We learned a lot while visiting Prescott! Enjoying Prescott Arizona with Kids We spent considerable time in the historic downtown district. It reminded us of what it must have been like in an old west town. Downtown is a great place to find a distinctive hotel and restaurants that serve hearty and delicious meals. However, I love it most because of its courthouse, museums and theaters. Prescott’s Historic Downtown … Read more

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Tucson Attractions Make It One of America’s Favorite Places

There are so many things to do in Tucson. Tucson gets attention for it’s quality of life, social diversity, infrastructure, stunning beauty, and unique restaurants and breweries. It’s one of America’s favorite places to vacation because there are so many types of Tucson attractions. With a population of a half a million people in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson has experienced a sort of renaissance over the last decade or so. It’s a wonderful place to visit. It’s also renowned for it’s environmental focus. Here you will see water conservation, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and many eco-friendly practices as everyone works to conserve this area. Things to do in Tucson In addition to being a fun destination, Tucson has quickly evolved in its approach to its own natural beauty, embracing and highlighting it at every possible turn. The result is a thriving, buzzing town with a great atmosphere, elevated culture, and … Read more

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Comprehensive Guide to Airport Parking at the FLL Airport

Airport Parking at the FLL Airport – Located just 21 miles to the north of Miami is the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. This facility services Fort Lauderdale in Florida and is conveniently located just 3 miles from the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale. A good number of flights taking off from this airport are bound for the Caribbean so transit tourists are ever at this location. For this reason, the airport has provided plenty of parking spaces. It is up to car owners to decide whether to use the airport parking lot of other alternatives. Actually, there are 4 on-site parking facilities and several other lots near or around the airport. In this guide, you are going to learn about the many parking options available to you, so that it will be easy to choose which best suits you according to your preferences. Making Online Parking Reservations With platforms such as … Read more