4 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Brighton, England


England has its fair share of vegetarian and environmentally restaurants but if you venture south to the coast you’ll find the UK’s greenest and most progressive city, Brighton. We love eating healthy and love eating local. We sought out to find the best vegetarian restaurants in Brighton, England.

Enjoying a great seaside location, the laid back coastal town is also one of the most visited places in Britain – especially during the summer months. Brighton and its nearby neighbour Hove is packed with vegetarian and vegan eateries ranging from the fast food variety to the gourmet restaurant – the only problem is it’s just hard to know where to start.

My husband is from Brighton so I have spent many a happy weekend seeking out the best of the bunch. A few hearty dinners later, here is my choice for the best vegetarian restaurants in Brighton.

Best vegetarian restaurants in Brighton, England

Food for Friends

Nestled right in the heart of the historic shopping district the north lanes is Brighton’s very first vegetarian restaurant. It opened in 1981, and the restaurant is still keeping their customers happy all these years later, including a set of very loyal regulars (many of which are self-confessed meat-eaters).

The restaurant has a classy but cozy feel and the staff here are exceptionally friendly. As you would expect from a place like this, there is plenty of comfort food on offer except the difference is the food is probably very good for you. The well-thought out menu include dishes inspired by countries around the world and locally sourced ingredients are used where possible.

Terre a Terre

This is quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurants in Brighton. Terre a Terre opened in 1993 and several awards later it has become one of the most successful vegetarian eateries in the United Kingdom. Aiming to push the boundaries of traditional healthy cuisine, the restaurant serves dishes with intense flavours and unusual combinations of ingredients which surprisingly work very well.

Some dishes on offer include the inventive Leafy Linseed Allotment Herb and Petal Salad and the coconut curry leaf chatni. The decor is bright, colourful and cosmopolitan and to complement the food there is also a large selection of organic beers, ciders and biodynamic wines on offer.


Opened in 2009 this former traditional fish and chip restaurant was transformed into a funky Vegan cafe by Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills. Located right on Hove’s seafront, VBites has tasteful retro modern interiors and outside there’s plenty of comfortable seating which take advantage of the great sea views.

The food is served quickly and dishes include Beefy style burgers and Peking Duck Style Wraps, not forgetting their amazing homemade vegan cakes. VBites also prides itself on being family friendly and community minded — it regularly holds events and functions involving the Hove locals.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Brighton, England

The Prince George

This restaurant is very unique. It’s probably the only traditional pub in the country which only serves meat-free dishes. Fully refurbished, the Prince George has retained the original features of a traditional English pub but has a surprisingly modern atmosphere.

During the week you can choose from a wide variety of vegetarian burgers and sandwiches but the meat-free Sunday roasts served at the weekend are the real treat. Also except a great range of vegetarian beers and a choice of six cask ales all locally brewed within the Sussex county.

Remember, this is only a handful of the vegetarian restaurants Brighton has to offer. Other great meat-free places include Iydea, a award winning buffet style vegetarian café, Planet India and the World Peace Cafe which sits on the site of a popular meditation centre.

The city also has some great all vegetarian bed and breakfasts, plenty of whole food shops and even a leather-free shoe shop which probably makes it one of the greenest cities in the UK, if not Europe.

Written by Rebecca Padmore who is co-owner of GlobalGrasshopper.com where she writes about global travel tips including where to find unique boutique hotels in Brighton.

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    Currently I living in East Ham, East London.
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