How to Have a More Sustainable Honeymoon

Sustainable Honeymoon – If you’re getting married this year or next, your focus is probably on the big day. While this is important and exciting, don’t forget to have fun planning your honeymoon, too. After all, with the stress involved in organizing a wedding, you’ll need some R&R time once the wedding is over! Most of the information available about honeymoons isn’t much help to couples who want to travel sustainably, though. To have an eco-friendly honeymoon you can feel good about, follow a few key steps. Vacation Closer to Home Consider taking a vacation closer to home. If you can avoid a long-haul destination, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, you’ll have less jet lag to deal with! There are many great destinations within North America that you can drive to within a day or use public transport such as a bus or train to get to. For … Continue reading How to Have a More Sustainable Honeymoon