Shopping Tips for Environmentally Friendly Green Furniture

Shopping Tips for Environmentally Friendly Green Furniture


Growing number of consumers are becoming concerned with environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of their life. This concern now encompasses environmentally friendly green furniture that they bring into their homes.

The furnishings are a large part of what turns a house into a home. While some people who favor an ultra-modern look may opt for materials like glass, metal and plastic, none of these really compares with the beauty and authenticity of wood.

Fortunately for these consumers, they have more choices than ever before when it comes to finding green furniture for their Eco Friendly Home. It may require a bit more effort, but understanding why environmentally conscious furniture is important provides excellent motivation.

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Eco Friendly Harvested Wood

Conventionally harvested lumber is usually obtained with clear cutting techniques. When this method is utilized, the entire forest is leveled. Every tree is removed and so is all other vegetation.

Frequently, massive machinery is used to remove every trace of vegetation. In some instances, the land is then burned and treated with herbicides that prevent anything other than the trees that will be planted from growing.

When the land is seeded, forestry workers focus on just one type of tree, each one spaced a precise distance from the others.

Where once there was biodiversity and a naturally thriving ecosphere there is now a ruthlessly controlled crop that the lumber company will someday return to claim.

Environmentally Friendly Green Furniture
Environmentally Friendly Green Furniture

Clear cut methods are ecologically devastating. They take away valuable habitat that the wildlife depends upon.

Clear cutting may also lead to soil erosion, landslides and a host of other environmental problems. The detrimental effects on nature are well known, yet most companies that harvest trees continue to use these practices.

Unless consumers do their homework, they are likely to buy wood furniture where the raw materials were obtained through clear cutting.

Fortunately, there is a growing number companies in the forestry industry who understand the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

They work steadily toward sustainable business practices that will serve them and the environment well over the long run.

Consumers who seek out wood products where the raw materials were sustainably sourced are supporting these efforts in a meaningful and fundamental way.

Initially, it seems like it would be impossible for people to know where the wood that made their furniture came from. That’s where the Forest Stewardship Council comes in.

They are a global organization that has set strict standards for sustainable forest management. Part of their function is to certify companies that adhere to these standards. The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, certifies not only companies that harvest lumber responsibly, but also manufacturers that use environmentally-friendly practices.

When a consumer sees a piece of furniture featuring the FSC certification, they can feel confident that the piece they are purchasing is as green as it can be. The FSC is not alone in its quest. There are other reputable organizations that also provide certification for sustainably sourced wood products.

The Rainforest Alliance utilizes the SmartWood label while Scientific Certification Systems places the Green Seal on qualified wood products. However, the FSC is the only global organization and their certifications are the most widely seen and most highly coveted by businesses that deal in wood products.

Rainforest Alliance Eco Friendly Products
Rainforest Alliance Eco Friendly Products

Reclaimed Wood Furniture using Repurposed Lumber

Another fantastic way to acquire green wood furniture is by choosing pieces made with reclaimed or repurposed lumber.

These unique and beautiful furnishings all have a unique story to tell. Wood that is now used for a kitchen table may have once been part of the walls of a barn.

Because the lumber has gone through decades or even centuries of weathering, it acquires a distinctive look that’s nearly impossible to replicate.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a remarkably green choice. When someone decides to take down a barn, shed or other wooden structure, those materials can often end up in the landfill.

However, an environmentally conscious person might realize the value in all of that old lumber. By selling it to a furniture manufacturer, they not only turn a profit but also keep huge amounts of waste out of landfills.

Reclaimed wood furniture can be elegant or rustic. It makes amazing kitchen dinning table, chair sets and many other kitchen furniture that’s both stylish and functional.

The warm wood makes any kitchen instantly feel cozy. Of course, reclaimed wood is suitable for use in any room of the house. Bed frames, chests, sofas and coffee tables are just a few of the common examples.

Eco Friendly Manufacturers РEnvironmentally Friendly Green Furniture Manufacturers

Wood that comes from sustainable sources becomes even more environmentally friendly when it is combined with organic fabrics. Furniture manufacturers who are aware enough to utilize green lumber are usually also on top of choosing upholstery that is organic and dyed without the use of harsh chemicals.

These eco friendly manufacturers even pay attention to how each piece of lumber is painted, glued or finished. They’ll use safe, organic processes every time. This means choosing non-VOC substances for joinery and finishing. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are known to give off harmful gases.

This off gassing doesn’t just happen when the furniture is brand new. In some cases the furniture can continue to give off potentially harmful gasses for years.

Still, many conventional paints and stains contain VOCs. Consumers interested in a more environmentally conscious lifestyle are now insisting on limiting these compounds in their homes. Some furniture manufacturers are heeding that demand.

Furniture that has received the FSC certification is likely to be finished or painted with non-VOC materials.

Environmentally friendly green furniture is the perfect way to decorate any room. In the kitchen, green wood furniture provides a comfortable place to gather as a family.

Eco conscious wood can also be used to construct durable and beautiful bedroom furniture, and it can be a fantastic way to finish a living room. As concerned consumers become better educated and begin to insist upon furnishings that are more earth friendly, it stands to reason that more and more harvesters and manufacturers will heed the call.

By choosing green wood furniture, people can take an important stand for environmental health and ensure that retailers who use sustainable practices are successful. Look here for tips when shopping for green wooden furniture