Belkin Conserve Insight

Energy Monitor Review of Belkin and Kill A Watt

Updated: February 15th, 2020Energy monitor review – While I have good intentions, I am still guilty of leaving gadgets plugged in when they don’t need to be. I charge my phone all night and my computer all day and leave the TV plugged in all of the time. I thought about trying an energy monitor to see how high my household energy consumption was. Read on for an energy monitor review of Belkin and Kill … Read more

dropps green laundry detergent

Best Organic Laundry Detergents ~ Here’s What to Know

Updated: February 15th, 2020Organic Laundry detergent – It is easy to overlook when you’re taking steps to be greener; laundry detergents in its own category. It’s not quite a personal care product like toothpaste and deodorant, but it’s also not a cleaning product like a floor or toilet bowl cleaner. We are always looking to eliminate toxins and pollutants from our homes. What is something to consider when looking for the best green laundry detergents? … Read more

convertible travel back back with wheels

Lightweight Luggage Reviews – Lightest Luggage To Save Your Back

Updated: February 19th, 2020Lightweight Luggage Reviews – Looking for the lightest luggage on the planet? Look no further, we’ve rounded up all the best lightweight luggage reviews. With airlines charging steeper fees for luggage, every pound counts. Remember, heavier luggage takes a toll on your body too. Oftentimes, many pieces of empty luggage are extremely heavy. Many styles, especially with wheels, can weigh up to 12- 15 pounds empty! Light Luggage for kids Lightest Carry … Read more

pair of slippers

Recyclable Flip Flops ~ Okabashi Sandals Review

Updated: February 15th, 2020Recyclable Flip Flops – We’re always on the lookout for on trend, eco-friendly shoes. When they are made in the USA and from recyclable materials, that’s even better. More than 98% of shoes sold in the US are not made in America. Okabashi is in that exclusive and elusive 2%. They make shoes that are fashionable and comfortable. Recyclable flip flops? Who knew that was possible? Okabashi sandals review I own three … Read more

Dish Soap bottle

Best Green Dish Soap: Whole Foods 365 Review

Updated: February 15th, 2020Green dish soap – When Whole Foods announced their new 365 household products, including for laundry, household cleaning, and kitchen, we were thrilled. Whenever possible, we seek out green options. They provided us with some samples to review for their eco-friendly and green dish soap. Until recently, when it mysteriously disappeared, I was loyal to my Method Dish Soap in Pink Grapefruit. Sure – the bottle was a little awkward – but … Read more

digital alarm clock

Travel Alarm Clock Reviews of the Best Digital and Atomic Clocks

Updated: February 15th, 2020Travel Alarm Clock Reviews – When traveling, I like to have a real travel alarm clock nearby – not an iPhone or a digital watch. I usually bring a travel alarm clock with me on my trips. Why? I like the reliability of my own clock. I would rather not worry about not setting the hotel’s travel alarm clock correctly and missing my flight or meeting. Do you remember the days of … Read more

3 stripped socks

Travel Socks and Travel Underwear: Men and Women

Updated: February 15th, 2020Travel Socks and Travel Underwear – Unlike most of our posts where we’ve given multiple options for our favorite dresses, skirts, hats, and jackets. Choosing a favorite pair of travel socks or pair of travel underwear is easy. Best Travel Underwear Hands down the answer is Ex Officio underwear. The is perfect for travelers because it dries quickly. Seriously, it is the fastest drying underwear I’ve ever owned so it’s perfect for … Read more

brown walking shoes

Best Women’s Shoes: KEEN Mary Jane Review

Updated: February 22nd, 2020In my quest to find the best travel shoes, KEEN was kind enough to send me a pair of Verona Mary Jane women’s shoes to review. Kuru Shoes Review – Women’s Travel Shoe Review Kuru Halcyon Shoes They’re cute, comfortable, and make excellent travel shoes. Learn more by reading our KEEN Mary Jane Review. KEEN Mary Jane Review – the pros Here’s what I like about these women’s KEENs. Keen Comfort and … Read more