Fitbit for Kids Zip

Fitbit for Kids and Family ~ Why I Love the Fitbit Zip

It’s always a good time to establish family health commitments and improve on existing ones. Here’s why Fitbit for kids is a great idea, and why I think it will be so positive for your family. My kids love their Fitbit Zip activity trackers. They have helped our family be more active and have gotten my kids away from wanting to play with their electronics all of the time. I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard of Fitbits…. More technology. More to track and deal with. Even more to buy. More to get excited about initially, and more to toss aside… money wasted. Yet that has not been the case with our Fitbit activity trackers. The Fitbit Zip is great because there’s nothing to do but clip it on and get walking! It’s far superior to a pedometer in every way. You don’t need to charge it, … Read more

Different sizes spinner luggage

Lightweight Luggage and Suitcases Reviews for Frequent Travelers

Lightweight luggage reviews are important to consider when you plan on travelling to any destination for your vacations or business. A lot of people tend to pack heavy and face a lot of problems when they arrive at the airport. Many manage to even lose some of their bags or suitcases. Always travel light and smart so that you avoid the hassle of taking care of your bags while travelling. When you plan your next trip,consider purchasing when considering new suitcases or luggage bags. It is important that you pay attention to both the size of the bag you purchase and its weight. Carry on luggage and suitcases made with plastic or aluminum provide a number of advantages. Donate your old suitcases to charity like Goodwill. If they are in bad condition, remember to recycle them. Lightweight luggage bags are specially designed to reduce stress and strain of carrying your … Read more

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Traveler’s Dilemma Choosing Convenience Over Sustainable Products

Green Traveler’s Dilemma Choosing Convenience Over Sustainable Products – This weekend I stopped by REI to look for some hiking boots or trail running shoes. Ideally, I want a shoe that is durable, supportive, breathable, extremely comfortable, and waterproof. Definitely waterproof. I have put off hiking on damp and rainy days because I have not yet purchased what I feel is an essential item. But choosing Gore-Tex means I will not be. Choose convenience or Sustainable Products? In my search for waterproof travel shoes I discovered that the seemingly only available option is Gore-Tex. I admit that I didn’t know much about Gore-Tex until recently and even what I did know was limited to “it’s bad for the environment.” After doing a little more research I’ve learned that Gore-Tex is essentially the same material as TeflonĀ®, a perfluorochemical, PFC. If you don’t know much about Teflon you should know this: … Read more

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Eco Friendly Shopping Bags ~ Here’s Why You Should Use Them

Eco friendly shopping bags – Lately, it seems like “going green” is everywhere. Companies, charitable organizations and even individuals are increasingly committed to saving the environment. For the uninitiated, it’s overwhelming. Is it truly necessary to give up your car, retrofit your house with solar panels and cultivate a vegetable garden to be more environmentally responsible? Eco Friendly Shopping Bags is one of the easiest ways to start “going green”. While all of these are great ideas, they are somewhat extreme for the person who is just beginning to take part in the environmentally friendly movement. Why not begin the process by making one easy, convenient change? Switching to eco friendly shopping bags is the ideal place to start. eco friendly shopping bags You’ve seen these reusable bags everywhere. People carry them while commuting on the bus, and they also bring them to the grocery store, farmer’s market and the … Read more

Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scales Reviews: Save Money and the Environment

Digital luggage scales reviews – Digital luggage scales seem to be all the rage these days. Well, at least that’s what the ads I’ve seen have led me to believe. And with the increased airline baggage fees for pretty much every single U.S. airline, and stricter weight policies — “You’re 3 pounds over, that’s going to cost you!” — perhaps it’s time to invest in a luggage scale. But is this just another electronic gadget to have to deal with? Is buying yet another thing helping to go green? Well, it depends…. Why buy a portable luggage scale? Personally, on the occasions I’ve needed to weigh my luggage, I always used a bathroom scale. And I’ve never given any thought to buying a special suitcase scale since my bathroom scale works fine. However, when researching luggage scales and trying them in order to write these digital luggage scale reviews, I … Read more