Best Travel Accessories for Women

Travel Accessories for Women


Traveling as a woman can have its ups and downs.

Depending on what part of the world you will be visiting, it’s important to be prepared for everything you will experience on your travels.

These travel accessories for women will make your journey a little easier and a lot more fun.

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Best Travel Pants for Women

FitnessWalker Walking Stick by Brazos Walking Sticks

If you haven’t discovered the joys of walking for fitness yet, then it’s time that you do.

After years of leading a sedentary lifestyle, I’d had enough.

My doctor wanted me to drop some weight, and I wanted to feel better and have more energy so that I could keep up with my kids.

Does that sound familiar to you?

You’re not alone if it does.

Most of us could stand to get some more exercise, but we don’t always know where to start.

Too often, we think that getting in shape means joining an expensive gym, signing up for complicated classes or enduring sessions with a too-enthusiastic trainer.

Your fitness journey might include some or all of those things at some point, but I’m here to tell you that all you really need is the ability to put one foot in front of the other.

Walking is fantastic exercise, and if you’ve spent a long time being sedentary, then it’s the single best way to start getting active again.

No memberships are required.

Neither is any expensive equipment.

All you really need is a good pair of shoes.

Actually, I’ve come to feel like there is one other piece of equipment that is essential to any fitness walking regimen.

Brazos Hiking Stick – This Hickory Walking Stick ROCKS!

FitnessWalker Walking Stick

It’s the FitnessWalker Walking Stick by Brazos Walking Sticks.

Maybe you’re like I was and think that walking sticks are only for people who truly need them.

However, I’ve discovered that that is simply not the truth.

I love my FitnessWalker Walking Stick!

It has helped me to cover more miles in less time than I ever thought possible.

When I first began walking to get into shape a few months ago, it was tough.

Just getting around the neighborhood was pretty challenging.

I stuck to it because my doctor had made it clear to me how essential it was that I start getting active.

Even more importantly, I recognized my own need to feel better, have more energy and to really participate in my kids’ lives.

I also made my efforts a family affair.

When I went for a walk, the kids went with me.

That really did away with the whole “I don’t have time to exercise” or “my kids keep me too busy to exercise” excuses.

Before long, the kids expected to go for a daily walk.

They loved it, and they helped to hold me accountable to my goal.

Still, even with the encouragement of my kids, the going could get pretty rough.

If it wasn’t for a new friend that I made at the park, I might have been tempted to give up.

My new friend is about the same age as me, and we kept meeting up at the neighborhood park.

I noticed that she always had a stick for walking with her.

Additionally, she had a smile on her face, like there was nothing she’d rather be doing.

I finally asked her about her stick one day.

She told me that it was the FitnessWalker Walking Stick and that it had helped her to get into the best shape of her life.

Mentioning things like stability and going up and down hills, she shared why she believed that her walking stick was an essential part of her healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps most importantly, she let me take her walking stick for a spin around the park.

That was all it took to convert me.

I went home that day and ordered one for myself.

My FitnessWalker is absolutely beautiful, and it’s sized exactly to fit me.

I chose to personalize my FitnessWalker with my initial, but the only accessory I ordered was a nylon case that I can store it in.

The whole thing was crafted by Brazos Walking Sticks in Brazos, Texas.

I couldn’t believe that this was an actual made-in-the-USA product.

What’s more, my walking stick is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

I get tons of compliments whenever I’m out and about with it.

When I tell people what I paid, they’re always surprised by how affordable my purchase was.

This single purchase has genuinely changed my life.

Once restricted to level streets, sidewalks and parks, I now have the confidence that I needed to tackle hills.

It’s still challenging, but my stick really takes the pressure off of my knees.

I’m even planning to go on a hiking adventure pretty soon.

My stick will definitely come in handy on that trip, just like it will for all of my future wanderings.

Travel Accessories for Women
Young beautiful female traveler – Travel Accessories for Women

Here are the Most Useful Travel Accessories for Women

A Comfortable Sweater

Every woman should pack a sweater for their travels.

The climate varies depending on where you will be going, but it is always better to pack layers.

Even warm regions can get cool at night, and you want to be prepared.

Plus, a sweater can serve as something to rest your head on during a long flight, bus trip, or train ride.

A sweater can also be useful if you need to cover up in more conservative regions of the world.

First Aid Kit

Pack a first aid kit with the necessary medicines and bandages in case of emergency.

It is not easy to get medical aid in some parts of the world, and even minor ailments need caring for.

A first aid kit is a convenient way to ensure that any minor injuries can be taken care of quickly, so you aren’t held back during your travels.

You should make sure that your kit contains pain relievers, antacids, anti-bacterial ointments, and bandages.

Travel Adapters

Adapters are essential travel accessories for women if they want to stay connected.

Coming prepared with a travel adapter is the best way to ensure that all your electronics will be charged and ready for use.

Each region has different plug point configurations, so it is better to purchase an all-in-one adapter if you can.

If you have to purchase a separate adapter for the region you will be traveling to, make sure it is made to handle the amount of voltage you will be utilizing.

Some electronics or appliances require a high voltage adapter, and they may not work if you do not take this into consideration.

Carrying Case

A sturdy, versatile carrying case is essential for any traveling woman.

The best carrying cases will have multiple pockets that can be zipped closed.

You can even purchase locks for more security.

Designed to fit in a suitcase, your carrying case can be used for important documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, or permits.

You can also use it to hold electronics or cash.

High-Quality Camera

It is essential that you document your travel experiences with high-quality photos.

Many people just opt to take photos with their phones, but a lot of phones have mediocre cameras.

Unless your phone camera is especially sophisticated, you should consider investing in a camera that takes more professional looking photos.

After all, you don’t want the best moments of your life to be blurry.

Travel Mug

Bring a travel mug that is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

These mugs or insulated water bottles (for hot and cold) can be especially useful if you will be undertaking any outdoor excursions.

It is always important to stay hydrated while you are traveling.

Packing your own travel mug can also be a great way to save money and keep your trip under budget.

If you are in an area with safe drinking water, check out public spaces with water fountains and get hydrated for free.

Go-to Outfit

If you are going on a long trip, it will be difficult for you to pack a lot of clothes.

Because of this, you want to be prepared with an outfit you look good in, feel good in, and can wear for a variety of different social settings.

Along with active wear and casual wear, try to pack a dress that is as appropriate for a classy dinner as it is for a night out on the town.

Being prepared with the right outfit ensures that you’ll be able to look your best without having to pack a variety of different types of clothing.

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Smart Watch

Smart watches are a must-have for travelers, especially those who travel frequently.

A smart watch allows you to track weather reports, make purchases, get emergency information, and better plan your travel schedule.

A smart watch can also be a safer, more discreet alternative than using a cell phone, especially in crowded urban areas or when taking public transit.


Having a good book to accompany your travels is a fantastic idea.

You may face long periods of transit where you don’t have access to any charging outlets or the internet.

However, traveling with bulky books is definitely not recommended.

And if you are an avid reader, you will likely get through a single book quickly.

E-readers solve this problem in a sleek, stylish way.

Depending on which model you purchase, your e-reader may be able to hold hundreds of books.

Most of them also come with backlights for nighttime reading.

Packing an e-reader is a great way to ensure that you can entertain yourself in between adventures during your trip.

The Right Shoes

Taking the right pair of shoes with you while traveling is absolutely necessary to ensure that you have a good trip.

Good shoes are perhaps the most important travel accessory for women, but choosing the right ones comes down to where you will be traveling.

If you are going to be relaxing on the beach, make sure you pack a pair of sandals for maximum comfort in the hot weather.

If you will be taking a trek through the mountains, it’s imperative that you pack a sturdy pair of boots.

Above all, you should wear shoes that are comfortable and conducive to long walks.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good!

Best travel accessories for women

Whether you are visiting an exotic city or hiking through nature, traveling can be extremely exciting.

But you want to make sure that you are prepared for any surprises.

These travel accessories for women will ensure that you stay safe and healthy during the course of your travels.

Best Travel Bags for Women Work Travel

There is never the time like the present for weekend getaways or a fun-filled vacations with family and friends.

As you make your plans, check out these best travel bags for women sure to make your travel tension-free.

Whether your job has you traveling to different cities or just down the street, bring along the things that you need in comfort and style with the Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case from SOLO’s Classic Collection.

The traditional black styling says you mean business and the inline skate wheels make it easy to pull behind you on the streets of the city or the terminal at the airport.

An accordion file in one pocket provides a great way to organize files and paperwork and an accessory organizer with special pockets for pens, business cards, and keys will help keep you on top of everything no matter where you are.

The main compartment will hold most laptops up to 17” and provides a padded pocket for safekeeping.

This bag received top rankings and is reasonably priced, Weighing in at barely a pound, this bag is the perfect companion for any type of business travel.

Travel Bags for a Weekend Away

If taking a long weekend requires you to also take some work along with you, the Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag from Kensington provides a sporty and stylish alternative to the more traditional laptop roller bags.

It’s super cute and it has a unique cushioning system that uses a quilted pocket specifically designed to protect laptops up to 15.4 inches.

This bag, made from water-resistant material, is designed for comfort, portability, and ease of use.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver into small spaces on planes, trains and automobiles, it is equipped with an external pocket to store accessories and paperwork.

The hidden wheels and contour grip handles make this bag the perfect partner for a weekend away.

Plus, it’s less with free shipping.

Travel Bags for Everyday and Everything

Looking for a great bag that is spacious enough to stow all your carry-on items in but still stylish enough to make a statement?

The Saltbox GEO Getaway Bag – Tote from SaltboxGEO Getaway Bag from Saltbox is the perfect mix of form and function.

Designed to look like a slouch bag, the roomy interior converts to a flat tote and has more than a foot square of interior storage space.

Voted Best of the Best on, this bag comes in three colors pool (blue), lychee (pink), and kiwi (green) and can be found on the site.

To maximize functionality, the GEO has straps that can be reconfigured based on how you are using it.

It is constructed of heavy weight canvas that is both water and stain resistant, making it perfect for a trip to the beach or to Bali.

Travel Bags for Long Stays

For longer trips and for those times when packing light is not an option, the Athalon 15-Pocket 34″ Wheeling Duffel from Athalon offers a roomy interior, rugged construction, and three in-line skate wheels to help with even the heaviest loads.

Nearly 3’ long, this bag is built for durability from water-resistant polyester and includes several features to reinforce the structure of the bag and protect your belongings.

Another Best of the Best bag, the Athalon duffel got high marks from customers in every category.

This carry-all is accessibly and the distinctive rust color makes a statement without needing any words.

Money Belt Reviews for Every Traveler

Top Travel Wallet for Women and Men

A travel wallet, for women and men, needs to provide a few important features.

It needs to be lightweight, so that you can take it with you just about anywhere you go.

It needs to provide you with some way to carry the things you need – such as a zipper case or just a secure closure.

It also needs to provide you with enough room to carry the identification and payment types you plan to use.

You can find a travel wallet that can do this for you.

The key is to know what your options are including a great money belt.

When buying a travel wallet, realize most are going to be unisex, meaning that either men or women can use it with ease.

There are a few important features to look for, based on what your needs are. Here are some to seek out.

Travel Wallet Size

Do you plan to tuck it into a pants pocket so you can free up your hands?

A lightweight, small wallet is all you need, in most cases.

Travel Wallet Use

Some people want to wear a wallet around their waist.

If you are looking for a style that allows you to store all of your important documents, but also has a band to wrap around your waist or your arm, you do have several options.

Travel Wallet Display

What type of identification do you need to have on you?

If you are traveling internationally, it is a good idea to choose a wallet that offers the right options to display your passport.

Top Travel Wallet

There are a number of great options on the market, but with so many different options in travel wallets, you will need to compare several types to find the right one for your needs.

Here are some of the most recommended travel wallets for men and women.

Civilian Lab CLIP Tri Fold Security Wallet

Here you have a Kevlar wallet that folds up. It will help to provide the most overall protection.

After all, Kevlar is what body armor is made of. Use this for the storage of credit cards and cash, as well as card identifications.

Swiss Army Wenger

This leather travel wallet is great for holding all of your identification and other travel needs in one place.

It is stylish and durable, but it is not the smallest of wallets.

Customers like the numerous items they can store in it for easy access.

Secure Shoulder Travel Wallet

The Travel Accessories product called Secure Shoulder Travel Wallet fits under or on top of your clothing.

It gives you easy access to all of your valuables and has is comfortable to wear under your clothing against your skin.

This creates the ideal way to protect your belongings when traveling.

As you consider your options in travel wallets, remember that security and organizations are the two most important things to look for.

These options are the perfect fit for just about any activity you plan to take on.

Travel Jewelry Case: Jewelry Cases for Travel

Whether you are heading to a five-star resort or to hike the Himalayas, investing in a good travel jewelry case to hold your jewelry while you travel is a wise decision.

This type of case is designed to protect watches, rings, necklaces, pendants, and other adornments from loss or damage while you are in transit.

It provides a single place for storage which also makes it easy to protect your valuables once you arrive at your destination.

Just slip the case into the hotel safe and you will never have to worry about this bracelet or that watch being left on the bathroom sink and disappearing into someone’s pocket.

Best Travel Jewelry Case

A good jewelry case for traveling will provide different types of storage for the variety of items you decide to bring.

For ease of use once you arrive at your destination, look for a case that provides see-through pockets and pouches so you can see all of your items without having to dig through each pocket to find what you want.

Travel Jewelry Portable Roll Case from Household Essentials

The Travel Jewelry Portable Roll Case from Household Essentials, the best selling travel jewelry case on, is a great example of this type of case.

ATJ’s Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Roll

You also want to look for a case that is built from a durable material and offers custom storage for the jewelry you travel with the most often.

ATJ’s Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Roll offers a soft padded home for your precious jewelry including a secure strip for earrings, pouches for housing necklaces and a ring roll that detaches at one end.

Silk Brocade Jewelry Roll from Red Blossom

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, the Silk Brocade Jewelry Roll from Red Blossom is made from soft silk and rayon brocade fabric and provides several pouches for storage and a roll carrier for rings.

You might also like the Silk Brocade Coin Pouch Set from Dahlia which features a set of 10 small oriental fan shaped pouches perfect for storing jewelry at home or while traveling.

Because they are separate pouches, they make packing a breeze, just select the items you want and they are pre-packed in their own pouch.

Red Travel Jewelry Box

If space is not an issue and you want something more solid, there are several jewelry cases that might suit your needs.

The Red Travel Jewelry Box from Richards Homewares features a red faux leather exterior filled with a soft cream bed for all your valuables.

A make-up mirror in the lid provides the perfect place for putting in earrings or applying lipstick.

Jewelry Portfolio

Another great option for long vacations, business trips, honeymoons, and those embarking on a cruise is theJewelry Portfolio from PreZerve.

With capacity to hold hundreds of items and the ability to add additional inserts, this case provides optimum protection and storage your all valuable pieces.

Zippered pouches keep jewelry in place during travel and see through pockets and pouches make it easy to locate what you need.

Jewelry Travel Case by Travel Case

If you are looking for a little extra added security, the Jewelry Travel Case by Travel Case may be just what you are looking for.

It provides multiple snap fixtures for securing chains and necklaces, space for 24 rings, and a built-in combination lock allowing you to lock the case and keep your valuables secure while your luggage is out of your control.

With a faux leather exterior, this case is durable enough to weather your most extreme adventures.

Never spend another minute of vacation trying to untangle the jumble of necklaces or searching for the other earring that matches your dress.

By investing in the right jewelry travel case, you can protect, store, and secure your bracelets, earrings, and rings no matter where your travels take you.

Note: This post on travel jewelry case contains affiliate links.

When you click on the links in this post and make a purchase, Go Green Travel Green receives a portion of the proceeds, which allows us to continue producing high-quality, free content.

Weekender Bags: Best for a Weekend Getaway

When it comes to a weekend away, packing should be the least of your concerns.

Take a few tips from the pros and start your getaway stress-free.

First, don’t bring too much.

Over-packing is very common and only leads to more stress and more stuff.

Think about what you need to take with you, add a few things you want to bring, and then try and cut the end result by one third.

Second, don’t over-schedule.

Make sure that your getaway is actually a time that you can get away from the demands, pressure, and stress of your normal life.

Put the blackberry away and make your laptop part of the third you decide not to bring.

Lastly, take a great bag.

Only shoes have a more immediate and positive effect on how carefree and fantastic we feel.

To help you find just the right one, here is a breakdown of the highest rated weekender bags.
Vera Bradley Weekender Bags

Vera Bradley Weekender Bags

Part of the infinitely popular line of Vera Bradley bags, this weekender comes in a gorgeous colors and patterns.

With a large interior space that opens wide for easy packing, this bag can easily hold everything you need for a weekend away from home.

A variety of interior pockets provide places to stash the little bits and bobs you don’t want to lose and the removal strap makes it easy to carry, no matter how much you pack.

Voted a Best of the Best selection, this weekender has just enough space and just enough flair to get your getaway off to a great start.

The North Face Isla Weekender Bag

Available in black/white plaid, fuchsia, and straight black, this bag provides more than 2000 cubic inches in available packing space, which should be sufficient for any weekend away.

Another of the Best of the Best recipients, the North Face weekender is made in part from recycled poly and offers zippered pockets inside and out to keep you organized throughout your trip.

The bag has standard carry-handles and a detachable strap making it easy to grab and go when it’s time to get out of town.

As part of “Pick Pink” campaign, when you purchase this bag a 10% donation is made to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation.

The Sak Artist Circle Convertible Weekender Bag

Trendier in appearance than the other bags, this weekender looks like it belongs on the streets of New York City, perched on the shoulder of someone beautiful who is heading off to the Hamptons.

Constructed of nylon and available in four color/pattern combinations, it has about the same capacity as the North Face bag with the personality and flair of the Vera Bradley.

Loaded with pockets and zippered pouches, you won’t have a problem finding a place for everything in this Best of the Best bag as you head out of town, Sak Artist Circle Convertible Weekender Bag.
Sak Artist Circle Convertible Weekender Bag

Alla Leather Art Tarantella Weekender Shoulder Bag

This gorgeous leather shoulder bag looks more like a fashionista’s purse than everything she might need for a weekend away.

Available in a variety of colors, it won’t fit quite as much as the other bags, but who needs more clothes when you have such a great bag.

Nooks and crannies for storing your odds and ends are featured throughout the bag and it’s Best of the Best list.

As if style and leather weren’t enough, there is also a special pocket just for sunglasses ensuring you won’t get away without them.
Alla Leather Art Tarantella Weekender Shoulder BagMoney Belt Reviews for Every Traveler

Essential Travel Accessories for Men


Essential Travel Accessories for Men – When men talk about their life goals, traveling and seeing the world always comes up.

Not only do vacations reduce stress and boost creativity, but planning a trip makes people happier!

Before you hop on an airplane and explore new lands, there are items that you need to make your life easier.

To help make the most of the experience, here are nine travel accessories for men that you should take with you!

Travel Accessories for Men
Top view of modern collection for travel on wooden background. Autumn mood concept

Travel Accessories for Men

Nice Rolling Luggage

You will need something that will protect your belongings and be easy to handle.

The first thing to look for in luggage is a combination lock to secure important items.

You don’t want a curious maid or a street thief to have easy access to your documents.

Polycarbonate is recommended because of its ability to handle impacts.

If you are traveling, your luggage will get banged up, but this material will maintain its original shape and help hide scratches.

Ice Mate Cool Towel

If you are planning a summer expedition, this item will be a life saver.

These towels are easy to use; just put them in water, and then drape them around your neck to stay cool in the sun!

You can also place them in the fridge for a moment after you wet them.

The fabric is designed to maintain softness after it dries, even if it’s chilled.

This towel is one of the most underrated travel accessories for men.

Travel Pillows

Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile, a good pillow will make your trip easier.

Many foreign countries have cramped transportation methods, so you might have to sit in awkward positions.

Using a pillow as a barrier between your head and a bus window will make the ride bearable.

If you are shopping for travel accessories for men, this is a great gift idea.

Portable Charger

Having a backup power supply for your phone isn’t just a matter of convenience.

Your phone is a lifeline if you find yourself in a precarious situation, whether you’re in another country or a different state.

If you are out exploring at night and get lost, it will be impossible to call for help without your phone.

This problem will be made worse by language barriers.

Look for a rapid charger with around 6000 MaH to ensure that you have plenty of battery life.

Portable Water Purifier

If you are traveling from North America or Europe to another continent, you will need to adjust to the drinking water.

Different filtration processes and bacterial levels in water can have unpleasant side effects.

Instead of spending your trip sick in a hotel room, take a water purifier with you.

It’s better than drinking out of a disposable plastic bottle and will save money as well.

This is one of the travel accessories for men that is both practical and healthy.

When camping, this is one of the best travel accessories for men.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to find a campsite with a water source.

Good Shower Kit

No matter where you are in the world, most hotels offer cheap bathing essentials.

If you have sensitive skin or just want to enjoy your shower after a long day of exploring, you will need to provide for yourself with a good shower kit.

Take some quality soap or shower gel.

If you go the gel route, carry it in containers that are travel-friendly, and make sure you check airport regulations.

If you show up with a bottle of gel that doesn’t meet their standards, they will make you throw the bottle away.

Don’t forget the face wash and shampoo!

Some hotels don’t provide these two things.

You will be outdoors a lot, and your face will bear the brunt of the elements.

It’s important to protect your skin on vacation.

Grooming Travel Accessories for Men

One of the main reasons to travel is to meet new people.

Keeping up with your hygiene is important if you plan to make some new friends.

A good shaving kit might be hard to find depending on where you are going.

Plan ahead, especially on razors.

Traveling to an island doesn’t mean you have to look like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

You should consider taking your own toothpaste as well.

Different countries have different types, and some of them are less than ideal.

Having some cologne and anti-deodorant is also essential.

Nothing is worse than wondering what a smell is and realizing it’s your shirt!

Power Converters

If you are going from North America to Europe or vice versa, many of your electronics won’t plug into the wall without an adapter – Power Converters.

These adapters can be hard to find in certain parts of both continents, so make sure you take them with you.

Action Camera

Traveling is all about memories.

Taking a good action camera will help capture and share your experiences.

The Veho VCC-003 Muvi Micro DV Camcorder is an excellent option.

It’s small enough to carry anywhere and has an acceptable picture quality for the price you will pay.

Unless you are a professional and are hoping to sell your footage to the Travel Channel, this camera will work fine.

Make sure you take backup memory with you.

Almost everyone that is traveling for the first time ends up taking more footage than they thought.

You don’t want to miss out on anything because you have to find an electronics store somewhere.

Get Out There and Travel!

We know what it’s like when the urge to travel hits.

It’s an all consuming force that takes over, and before you know it you’re sitting in an airport in Istanbul wondering how you got there.

Okay, maybe that’s just us.

We are pretty passionate about travel, and we are just getting started!

Whether you are looking for information about where to go next or shopping for travel accessories for men, we have the information you need.

Check out our reviews for the best travel gear, and start planning your journey today!

Travel Wear Ideas to Keep in Mind

Travel Wear Ideas to Keep in Mind


Travel Wear Ideas – Sometimes, you just need to get away.

Traveling is more than just a fun way to see the world.

Studies indicate that traveling can make people healthier, and more productive when they return to work.

Of course, there are certain frustrations associated with traveling.

In addition to booking accommodations and transportation, there’s also packing to do.

If you’re taking a road trip, there’s limited space in your vehicle, and if you’re flying, you’ll get charged for extra baggage.

It’s also better for the environment.

For these reasons, it’s important to pack as light as possible.

Of course, this makes it tricky to pack enough travel wear for a long trip.

Luckily, we’ve compiled this list of tips and tricks to help you pack strategically.

Here’s how to make sure you’ll have enough travel wear without packing your entire closet.

Travel Wear Ideas to Keep in Mind
Travel Wear Ideas to Keep in Mind

Travel Wear Ideas to Keep in Mind

Figuring Out What You Really Need

You might have heard the saying, “It’s better to have something you don’t need than to need something you don’t have.”

While this can be good advice, it’s not always the case when it comes to travel wear.

Packing unnecessary clothes can end up costing you time, energy, and money.

Studies show that we only wear 20% of the clothes in our wardrobe.

So chances are if you don’t wear an article of clothing at home, you won’t wear it on vacation.

A good trick to packing lighter is to start off by laying out all of the clothes you think you’ll need.

Then, only pack half of those clothes.

This will help prevent you from over packing.

Make Use of Different Compartments

There are certain items of clothing that you’ll need to be able to reach more quickly than others.

For instance, you’ll need to access your socks and underwear more often than you’ll need to access your second pair of pants.

Make sure to pack the essentials in compartments where they’ll be easiest to locate.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Rolling your clothes typically takes up less room than folding.

Also, when you fold your clothes, you’ll often get creases that will need to be ironed out.

Rolling will avoid this problem.

Another way to fit more clothing in your luggage are compression bags.

They are simple to use and will astound you when you see how much space they save.

Choose Fabrics Carefully

Another way to eliminate the need to iron clothes while traveling is to choose your fabrics carefully.

No-iron shirts or dresses will hold up much better while traveling.

If you choose travel skirts or travel pants, you can be sure these won’t wrinkle.

Also, make sure to choose fabrics that will be comfortable.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time in a car or on a plane, you’ll want fabrics that are light and breathable.

Bring Versatile Pieces

One of the secrets to packing travel wear effectively is packing items of clothing that you can wear in multiple ways.

This will help cut down on the total number of items you’ll have to pack.

For instance, a well-fitting pair of dark blue jeans is a great item to pack.

Worn with a t-shirt, this can be a great casual item.

Add a button-down and a blazer, and you can wear them out to a nicer restaurant.

Pay Attention to Color Palette

One of the secrets to packing light for travel wear is to pack pieces, rather than outfits.

This way, you can make a variety of different outfits out of just a few items of clothing.

In order to do this, however, you must bring multiple pieces that go well together.

This is why it’s important to have a simplified color palette.

The more of your items that can be worn together, the more outfits you’ll be able to make.

Dress in Layers

One of the most challenging seasons to pack for is winter.

To stay warm, it’s important to pack heavier clothes, which take up more room.

A good trick for packing in winter is to packing multiple, lighter layers, rather than fewer heavy layers.

This will take up less space in your suitcase.

It will also provide you more flexibility in terms of having multiple outfits on your trips.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

Even with packing layers, there are some bulky items like coats, sweaters, and boots that you’ll need to bring.

Instead of trying to fit these in your bags, wear these items, and pack the lighter ones.

This is especially helpful if you’re flying, and trying to only take a carry-on bag.

Always Bring Extra Shoes

No matter how light you’re trying to pack, it’s always essential to bring at least two pairs of shoes.

This is especially important if you’re planning to do a lot of walking on your travels.

Your feet will feel better if you’re able to rotate your shoes each day.

Also, if one pair of shoes gets wet, you will have a backup that you’ll be able to wear.

Again, if you’re flying, make sure to pack the lighter pair of shoes, and wear the heavier one.

This will free up room in your carry-on bag.

Look for Laundromats

You will be able to pack fewer articles of clothing if you can do laundry on your trip.

As you’re plotting your itinerary, look on the map to see if you’ll be close to laundromats.

Many hotels have a washer and a dryer for guests.

When you are out and about, exchange your dollar bills for quarters, as many laundromats are coin-operated.

You can also call ahead to hotels to find out if they’ll laundry facilities and if you can pay for it by credit card.

Many hotels even have services where the maid will pick up your laundry in the morning, and then drop it off later in the afternoon.

This way, you can get your laundry done without having to take time out of your day.

In some cases, you can wash articles of clothing in your hotel sink or tub.

Then, you can hang them out to air dry overnight or during the day.

Packing the Perfect Travel Wear for Your Trip

Using the tips in this guide will help you pack just the right travel wear that you need.

This way, you can focus on having a great trip, rather than dragging around a bunch of extra luggage you don’t need.

If you’d like more helpful travel advice, contact us.

Whether you’re new to traveling or a travel enthusiast, we have resources that can help you make your trips successful.

Travel Gear You Should Buy New

The key to traveling green is consuming less.

But when you’re packing for your next trip, there are some things you should buy new – either because they’re hard to find used (safe water bottles) or you wouldn’t want to buy them used (underwear).

In the end the investment will pay off.

Travel Accessories for men
Best Travel Skirts for Women
Best Travel Dresses
Women’s Travel Shoe
Best Travel Pants for Women
Best Travel Jackets for Women
Best Travel Shorts for Women

Microfiber Towel

If you’ve ever pulled a damp, musty towel out of your pack after a long day of travel, you understand the value of having a quick-dry towel.

Plus, they’re uber-absorbent and compact.

Elizabeth and I have traveled with our Aquis towels and, I have to say, they are life-changing.

Far better than the giant cotton monstrosities we traveled with before.

We use the hair towel variety, which are quite small but do the trick.

If you don’t already have one I’d recommend considering it before a long trip.

One drawback: I have yet to find a microfiber towel that’s organic (or even made of a natural material).

Best Microfiber Travel Towel

Walking Shoes or Boots

The last thing you want when you’re hiking 5 miles a day with a 20 pound pack is uncomfortable shoes.

Your feet will be sore enough with even the best boots.

This is especially important for longer trips, or trips where you’ll do a lot of strenuous hiking.

Comfortable boots that fit well are well worth the initial investment.

Find out which boots are best for you with the hiking boots buying guide.

Side note: Most water-proof hiking shoes are made with Gore-Tex, which is bad for your health and the environment.

But soaked socks are miserable, so it might be worth it to you to have dry feet.

In her post on the Gore-Tex dilemma,

Elizabeth hashes this out a bit more.

Water Bottle

A sturdy, reusable water bottle is a travel essential.

Unfortunately, the water bottles many of us have relied on for years are made with bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical.

Which means the hard plastic bottles you have lying around your house or you find at thrift stores and garage sales probably contain BPA.

Even some stainless steel bottles (like Sigg) may contain BPA.

The good news is, there are alternatives.

I prefer Klean Kanteen because I try to avoid plastics when possible – why risk it?

But if you must use plastic, try out the new BPA-free bottles like CamelBak’s Better Bottle or the Nalgene Choice.

Quick-Dry Underwear

I haven’t tried out quick-dry underwear myself, but many travelers swear by them.

Elizabeth’s a fan of Ex-Officio underwear, as she mentioned yesterday.

And they definitely make sense in terms of packing less, doing less laundry, and having underwear that dry overnight.

And lighter luggage means less of an environmental impact.

Bonus Tip for the Women Out There: Diva Cup

I wasn’t convinced at first.

When I saw the Diva Cup at Expo East, I laughed – were there really enough women willing to put that up there to create a demand for the product?

But then I did my research and read reviews like Crunchy Chicken’s (read the comments, too) and I was convinced.

I’m now a believer in this silicone “menstrual solution.”

And why not?

It’s indefinitely reusable, comfortable, and a low one-time investment, and doesn’t create any waste.

Want to try it out?

The cheapest place I found the Diva Cup was South Coast Shopping.

For more smart travel shopping tips, check out The Ultimate Guide to Thrift store Shopping.

Best Organic Travel Products Review ~ What to Buy

Organic Travel Products Review


Organic Travel Products Review: While finding organic personal care products is getting easier, it’s still difficult to find organic products that are travel sized.

Read the best organic travel products review to make your shopping easier.

Ideally, everyone would transfer their bulk shampoo into smaller containers, but some people prefer the convenience of buying travel size products.

Energy Monitor

Vacation Guide to Travel Size Products
Organic Travel Products Review

Organic Travel Products Review

We like organic products.

Organic toiletries and personal care items are made from high quality ingredients and generally do not contain chemicals.

These products are much gentler than most non-organic products as well as being good for the environment.

We love them so much that we even use organic products when we travel.

Below is a roundup of some of our favorites.

Organic travel products review for hair

Desert Essence nourishing coconut travel shampoo

Organic coconut oil gently cleanses hair and conditions it as it goes.

This Desert Essence product also contains olive oil and Jojoba oil, which are both organic.

There is no drying alcohol in these products and no artificial chemicals either.

Desert Essence nourishing coconut conditioner shampoo

There are also fragrant free, raspberry, lemon and red grape versions of this product available.

The basic composition is the same as the shampoo, but a different natural fragrance is added.

Argan Oil hair mask

If you are looking for a way to deep condition, your hair while traveling this organic hair mask is definitely a great option.

It contains several natural oils including organic Argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and Shea butter as well as several important vitamins and minerals.

Organic Body Washes and Soaps review

Dr. Bronner organic liquid travel soap

This amazing product is a fantastic multipurpose soap. This old style soap is made from completely natural and organic compounds.

You normally buy it as a bar, but the company recently released a liquid soap version, which they sell in travel sizes.

It is one of the most versatile travel soaps out there. Dr. Bronner organic liquid travel soap

You can use it as a shower gel or for washing clothes. However, it is not suitable for washing your hair, but weirdly people do use it as a less abrasive alternative to toothpaste.

It smells heavenly too, the version featured here is almond scented.

This soap formula has never been tested on animals and is 100% biodegradable, so is safe for the environment too.

Kiss My Face Anti-stress Shower Gel

This is a great all round organic travel wash.

You can use it to wash your hair as well as use it as a shower gel and a face wash.

This versatile product now comes in travel sizes.

Other Organic Travel Personal Care Items

Bigelow travel size organic shave cream

This beautiful shaving cream is suitable for all skin types.

This travel shaving cream is infused with coconut and eucalyptus oils, contains menthol to cool the skin, and leave it pleasantly taunt.

Even a small dab produces a softening lather that spreads a long way. This may be a small pack, but it really lasts.

Organic toothpaste in travel pack sizes

You can now buy Auromere herbal toothpaste in travel pack sizes.

Each tube contains 4.16oz of paste.

Auromere make a range of different flavors including liquorice, mint free, fresh mint and a non-foaming version, which is perfect for people with a hypersensitive gag reflex.

These products are 100% natural and organic, they do not even contain fluoride, but they do contain 24 natural cleansing agents that are also known to be good for dental health.

US Organic insect repellent in travel size

This USDA certified travel-sized insect repellent contains no alcohol or synthetic chemicals and it has not been tested on animals.

It is certified as kid safe and is DEET free as well.

This is a very effective insect repellent.

Organic Travel Toiletry Kits

One of the most economical ways to buy you travel organic toiletries is to buy them as a kit.

Here are a few of the best ones.

Honey Girl Organics facial care travel kit

If you want to carry out a full skincare routine while on the go, this kit is great.

As the name indicates, all of these skin care products are honey based.

They all come in a zipped travel pouch and the kit includes lip balm, facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye crème.

PAYA Organics travel toiletry set

If you want to order everything in one go the PAYA organics travel size kit is the answer.

This kit contains a 1.5oz bar of organic soap with orange peel, a bottle of organic shower gel, a small bottle of organic body lotion, as well as a bottle of both shampoo and conditioner.

Acure Organics dry shampoo and leave in conditioner kit

For those who are not sure they will have access to water for a while a travel dry shampoo can work wonders.

It is easy to use, is suitable for any type of hair and keeps the hair free of dirt until you can get access to a water source.

It is also a great option for business travelers who may experience delays, which does not leave them enough time to wash and dry their hair before a meeting.

Couple that with leave in conditioner and you have access to a complete water free hair care system.

Acrue Organics products are all high quality and they really do wash and condition your hair.

Miessence travel pack review

  • 2 Different Varieties of Shampoo (for normal to dry and normal to oily hair)
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Repair
  • Hair Styling Gel
  • Body wash
  • Body Cream

All of the products are products of Australia and Australian Certified Organic.

Overall the products worked well.

I really liked the B5 Hair Repair and the shape Hair Styling Gel.

I have curly hair and they did a good job of keeping my hair from frizzing.

One thing that stood out about the shampoo containers was that they are made of extremely hard plastic.

This is great for traveling as they won’t get smashed in your suitcase leaving shampoo-soaked clothes.

The downside of this is that you have to take the entire cap off the bottle to get shampoo out since you can’t squeeze the bottle to get it out of the flip-cap.

A minor annoyance, but the benefit of not squishing in the suitcase is nice.

Miessence has a range of organic skin, hair, body and cosmetic products.

It’s stressful enough traveling so it’s great if you can use great products along the way.

By bringing your own toiletries, you can decline the mini shampoo, condition and lotions that come in plastic containers. 

We try to use organic travel products when traveling.

It’s been easier than ever to find them.

If you have other favorites, we would love to hear from you.

Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cube Review

fidget cube


Fidget Spinner – When my tweens play outside or play with toys, I’m thrilled.

A few weeks ago, my 11 year old came home talking about a fidget spinner.

When I looked up a fidget spinner on Amazon and saw they weren’t that expensive, I was even more interested.

We bought them a fidget cube and fidget spinner each.

They loved them so much that over the next two weeks, we bought more fidget toys as gifts.

Anything that will keep kids off of electronics is a win.

Here’s what to know about fidget toys.

Fidget toys are and fun

First of all, know that fidget toys, including fidget cubes and fidget spinners, are addicting.

Everyone from preschoolers to all ages of adults enjoy them.

Keep in mind small parts for younger children, including younger-aged siblings.

Professionals working in offices love them.

You might see someone on the train spinning a hand spinner or someone playing with a fidget cube waiting in line at a checkout counter.

These fidget toys are actually a refreshing change from seeing everyone on their smartphones.

These toys give you something to do while you are waiting and are meant to channel your energy into a calming and relaxing activity.

They are touted as stress relievers and are advertised as helping to reduce anxiety.

Companies who sell fidget cubes and fidget spinners explain that individuals with ADD and ADHD may enjoy fidget toys.

Teachers and educators are buying fidget cubes and fidget spinners to help students focus.

These are kids who may otherwise be distracted in class.

They use them in a variety of ways, helping to develop and fine tune motor skills, to ease test anxiety, and to help kids with ADD, ADHD, anger issues, and more.

And need I say that kids love them.

They are all the rage at schools.

I love that my kids play with them in the car and make up games to play with them at home.

Fidget spinners are somewhat quiet

The idea behind most fidget toys is they allow you to quietly channel your excess energy without disturbing others.

Steel bearings enable you to spin the fidget spinner endlessly, occupying your hands and your mind.

These hand spinners are fairly quiet; they make a consistent hum.

Fidget cubes make noise

A fidget cube is also designed to keep you occupied and multitasking without disturbing others.

However, the fidget cube has a few operations which make a little bit of noise — clicks — when you use it.

A fidget cube and fidget spinner are also great conversation starters as people will most likely ask you what you are doing.

Those who already have seen them or who own one, will be keen to share this in common with you.

Where to buy fidget cube?

There is a wide selection of fidget cubes on Amazon.

Most of them are black or white cubes.

The buttons, slides, and gears are sometimes green, red or blue.

As time goes on, they are making more varieties.

My son ordered a blue camo fidget cube.

It arrived in three days, and he loves it because it’s so unique.

He has declared it is the best fidget cube.

The only place I’ve seen fidget cubes in a retail store is in a specialty gaming store.

These are usually in malls.

Fidget cube Amazon Prime is the way to go!

fidget cube
fidget cube
Fidget Cubes
Fidget Cubes
Cool Camo Fidget Cube
Camo Fidget Cube

My other son bought a space design fidget cube.

There were a few styles on Amazon.

It looks really cool but we are still waiting for it to arrive.

It’s so unique, he was happy to wait.

Please note, when ordering fidget cubes on Amazon, the pictures will often show four cubes in the picture which naturally would lead you to believe you are buying four fidget dice.

You are not.

They are doing this to show you the different sides and operations on each side.

Most likely, you will be buying just one fidget cube.

12-sided fidget cube

There’s a cool fidget toy with 12 sides that I call a 12-sided fidget die.

Some call it a 12-sided fidget cube but it can’t be a cube if it has 12 sides, right?

We haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks awesome.

These also come in a variety of colors.

Something educators might like about these 12-sided fidget blocks is that they have a loop on one of the sides so they can attach it to a lanyard.

Where to buy fidget spinner?

We found dozens of fidget spinners on Amazon.

Make sure it’s not 3-D printed.

There are more fidget spinners available through Amazon Prime now as well.

When we first bought them, they seemed to be shipping from third parties and some came directly from China.

There was a wide shipping window, often spanning a month or longer.

And that’s after it would ship out.

So it would take up to two months to receive the fidget spinner.

That isn’t the case now that they are becoming so popular and more vendors are carrying them.

Fidget Spinner Amazon Prime is your best bet.

They now offers more of the mainstream colors with fast shipping.

For more fidget spinners in more unique patterns, colors and materials, you will still have to wait for several weeks.

We found ceramic spinners, touted as being able to spin for two minutes (rather than the ball bearing ones we bought which spin for 45 seconds).

The ceramic spinners sold for $20, and we didn’t buy them.

Don’t buy fidget spinners from brand new vendors on Amazon

UPDATE: Since writing this, my kids have ordered additional fidget spinners on Amazon.

Some we have thrilled with due to the low price and quality of the spinner.

It seems every time they log on, there are more spinners to choose from.

There are some really cool designs!

However, be aware of buying from new sellers.

We’ve done this twice, and neither time did we receive the items.

Buy from the people and companies who have several reviews, not brand new sellers.

Both times, the seller entered in a USPS tracking number that wasn’t valid.

When I contacted them about the delay in receiving the spinners, Amazon wrote back to say the companies were no longer in business.

Yet, we’ve been very pleased with two spinners we ordered that came directly from China.

They took longer than the Amazon Prime ones, but my kids were very happy with them.

I’m happy they are enjoying them, they were inexpensive, and that they can use their money on something they really wanted.

Fidget toy prices

Buying a fidget cube is affordable.

Fidget spinners are inexpensive too.

This makes them very popular as there are low barriers to entry.

These cubes and spinners can be $4.99 up to $200 or more, depending on the shipping speed and the materials the fidget spinners are made from.

The ones we bought were all under $15 each and worked well.

What is fidget cube?

You may be wondering, “What does a fidget cube do?”

The question is more, “What do you do with a fidget cube?” You control it.

It’s a cube with six sides.

Each side has a different operation for you to perform.

Depending on the fidget cube you buy, there may be some differences, but generally, they all have the same idea.

Here are some of the fidget cube operations:

    Slide levers

  • Push buttons
  • Flip switch
  • Move your finger or thumb over a worry stone
  • Spin gears
  • Roll a ball
  • Spin dial
  • Push a joystick

So basically, you get to spin, push, roll, slide, tug, flip, maneuver, and rotate to your heart’s content.

The 12-sided fidget toy gives you even more options.

Sometimes these are called fidget dice.

They are larger than dice.

Remember, a fidget cube will make a clicking sound.

It’s mild, but know they won’t be appropriate in all settings.

Cool things about fidget cube and 12-sided fidget cube

  • Lots of patterns and colors
  • There are six-sided and 12-sided ones
  • Small and portable; will fit in a pocket
  • Inexpensive, usually less than $14
  • Easy to find on Amazon
  • No batteries
  • With careful use, the operations should be durable enough to last
  • Educators like them for students with special needs
  • Makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays. Even if the recipient has one, he/she would probably love another
  • Something for kids to do on car rides, on errands, etc.
  • Great way to keep kids off of electronics
  • Don’t need add-on parts to make it fun, though your kids will like additional patterns
  • Meant to reduce stress

What is fidget spinner?

Fidget spinners spin in circles and are meant to give the person who can’t sit still something to do.

So instead of tapping a pencil repeatedly on his/her desk or clicking a pen, one might spin this toy.

It might stop you from biting your fingernails or bouncing your leg.

Do you doodle?

It’s sort of the same idea.

It might help keep you on task, all while you are spinning this toy.

Fidget hand spinners are described as helping you to reduce stress and anxiety.

They can help keep people occupied (while spinning) and focused on the task in front of them.

Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner

When my son first described it to me, he said, “It’s a toy that spins in circles and helps to reduce stress.

It didn’t matter whether or not he is stressed.

He talked about it so excitedly and passionately, I realized this was the new thing sweeping schools across the country.

Do you remember when those Loom Band kits were so popular?

It’s like that.

These will probably be even more popular because they are self-contained and so portable.)

My kids enjoy having contests to see who can spin theirs the longest.

They are also making up tricks and spinning them in different situations.

Cool things about fidget spinner

  • Small and portable; fits in a pocket easily
  • Easy to order online; there are many to choose from on Amazon
  • Something for kids to do in the car or on the bus to/from school, on errands, etc.
  • It keeps kids off of electronics; adults too
  • Lots of colors, styles, and shapes
  • Durable, no maintenance, no batteries
  • Inexpensive; they are usually less than $14
  • It spins easily
  • Have fun with fidget spinner tricks
  • If you are someone who has a difficult time sitting still, this can help you reduce stress.
  • May be something to try for someone with ADD, ADHD, and other issues
  • Get creative and make up fidget spinner games
  • Great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, and more

Cons of fidget cubes and fidget spinners

  1. Fidget toys are made in China
  2. Difficult to find in a store; this will change as they become more popular
  3. More unique patterns and colors take longer to arrive
  4. Fidget cubes make clicking sounds
  5. Might these fidget toys create the fidgeting habit in children who weren’t fidgeters?

We love American-made products but most likely won’t find fidget toys made in America.

Fidget toy review

Of course, in our era of immediate satisfaction, we searched Amazon to find the best fidget cube and the best fidget spinner.

Who doesn’t love online shopping for the convenience and choice?

Over a two week period, we ordered several fidget spinners and fidget cubes on Amazon.

I ordered them for my kids, and we bought them for two friends as gifts.

Fidget cube review and fidget spinner review

I am combining the cube and spinner review because the products are so similar in that they are both novelty items.

Your kids will want both of them.

We purchased four fidget cubes and five fidget spinners.

Here’s what we ordered:

Fidget cube Amazon

Camo fidget cube: When my child showed his friends this cube, it created a lot of interest because the pattern is so unique.

The operations on it seem sturdy.

My kids have enjoyed playing with it.

Space fidget cube: This is a really cool and hard-to-come-by pattern.

We paid for shipping for this one.

My son was willing to wait for it.

It won’t be here for up to two months.

So we haven’t tried it yet but are anxiously waiting for it.

Awesome fidget cube; we bought two of them: This was less than $10, and it arrived in two days.

We ordered two of these as gifts in different colors (green and blue).

They loved them.

Fidget spinner Amazon

First fidget spinner we bought: This was the first fidget toy we bought.

Because of the quality, it lead to our other purchases.

This one comes in a lot of different colors.

It’s very sturdy, easy to wipe off, portable, inexpensive, and lots of fun.

We bought two of these fidget spinners: This one also comes in a lot of colors.

We bought two of these.

One for my son and one for a friend.

We ordered them on a Saturday, and they arrived on Monday (two different states).

While my son is thrilled with it, I believe the first one we bought might be a tad sturdier/more durable feeling

However, I’m the only one in my family with this opinion.

Metallic fidget spinner: We are still waiting for this awesome one to arrive.

My son ordered the spinner above in the meantime because he really wanted a spinner.

He’s agreed to share this one with me when his other one comes in – ha!

While I’m not sure if any of these “officially” qualify as the best fidget cube and the best fidget spinner, my household is very happy with them.

  • My kids love them
  • Much better quality than I thought they would be
  • Would buy them again
  • Larger than I envisioned
  • Very durable

Kids and I love them

Since receiving them, they have played with them everyday.

They play with them individually and together.

I was surprised once when my younger child had an “Aha!” moment and remembered his spinner.

He put down the iPad (shocker!) and began playing with the spinner instead.

He loves doing fidget spinner tricks.

Even though they are made in China, I feel like they are all decent products.

So far, both kids keep them by their beds on their nightstands and carry them into the living room when they wake up.

They are durable, and while made from plastic, they seem sturdy and safe.

Again, be aware of having these smaller toys around babies and young children.

We’ve gone on a few long car rides, and my kids enjoyed playing with the spinners to pass the time.

What I didn’t like about the fidget toys

The only negative is that the fidget cube makes clicking sounds.

I didn’t expect this; I thought the cubes were meant to keep the user distracted without distracting others.

Still, you could easily bring the cube in the car, to a restaurant or on errands.

It would even be fine for the library.

However, unless many students had these in class, I’m not sure how one child could use it as it would be very distracting.

Fidget toys are great gifts

For the ones we bought as gifts, we had Amazon ship the fidget toys directly to the out-of-state friends.

So while I’m basing my fidget review based on what the parents told me, the fidget spinners and fidget cubes we bought them have been a success.

One of the moms told me her teen daughter wants one too.

The parents hadn’t heard of the toys, and neither had the kids, but they loved them.

They are a unique gift idea and each came in a surprisingly nice box.

It made for a nice presentation.

My one child has been keeping his fidget cube and fidget spinner in their boxes when he puts them in his backpack.

Non-3D printing

Also, please note: When we ordered these fidget spinners on Amazon, many descriptions said they were non-3D printed as if that is a good thing.

I’m really not sure what a 3D-printed fidget spinner would be like, but apparently, you don’t want it.

I keep thinking back to the person or company who invented the original fidget cube and the original fidget spinner.

They must be wishing they could have officially branded this to avoid copycats.

Who knew these would become so popular?

Why are fidget toys so popular

I was thinking back to other popular toys that have made their way around to friends’ kids in different states.

It always started in waves with my Chicago-area friends talking about the latest toys before my west coast friends.

There are also timeless favorites like the Rubik’s Cube and Pokemon cards.

Variations include the 2×2 Rubik’s Cube and other sizes, as well as other trading cards, including football cards.

As I mentioned above, these remind me of the loom making bracelet and necklace kits.

A little less popular, but a fad as well, was those Ty Beanie Boos with the big eyes.

What makes these fidget toys so popular and appealing is their size and portability.

Fidget cubes and hand spinners are “the thing” to do, much like water bottle flipping has become so widespread.

Why kids like fidget spinner toy so much

It’s sometimes difficult for children to sit still. Spinning a fidget spinner toy gives them something to do.

They can learn tricks, including spinning it and tossing it from hand to hand while it’s still spinning.

They can put it on a pencil and spin it.

Some people even try keeping it spinning while it’s balancing on their nose or knuckle.

Kids have fun being creative with them and sharing them with their friends.

Being these toys are small, it makes them portable and accessible for kids.

It’s like with Fitbit for kids.

When it’s a small contraption, it becomes a part of their world, much like back in the day when we wore watches instead of using our smartphones to check the time.

It’s interesting in this retail space that there are some really high end products as well.

For example, there are more expensive spinners made with stainless steel, copper, brass, or titanium.

These can be hundreds of dollars

Most likely, companies will market them through Youtubers in an attempt to reach teenagers and young adults.

I can’t imagine paying this much, nor do I believe it’s worth it for what the toy is.

But it’s definitely a status symbol, and they are probably really cool to use.

Other fidget toys

We haven’t tried any of these but we saw them on Amazon.

Fidget chain

The idea is the same as the non-clicking aspects of the fidget cube: Soothe yourself by spinning and moving the links and bands around.

I don’t think my kids would like the fidget chain as much as they like the fidget cube.

However, if someone has special needs, it may be a good choice.

Marble fidget toy

We’ve seen these sold in multiple packs, for a classroom.

The idea is that the person rolls a marble back and forth.

The marble is inside a tightly-woven mesh nylon pouch.

These wouldn’t make any noise and would work well in classrooms for children who may need soothing, sensory work, or other needs.

Fidget pencil topper

The concept is great but it’s hard to put too much on top of a pencil.

I think my kids would like a fidget pencil topper but it seems like it would be a big distraction in class.

Antsy Labs Prism for fidget cube

Yes, there are fidget cube accessories, as well.

Antsy Labs offer a Prism which is a rubber-looking holder (it may well be a hard plastic; hard to tell) which wraps around your fidget cube.

It currently is available in seven different solid colors.

You can use it as a keychain to carry your fidget cube.

Or you can use it to hold the cube without the keychain.

It looks like it would be a great add-on to your fidget cube.

Fidget cube review

If you do choose to get a fidget cube and fidget spinner, you will find they are definitely fun and addicting.

I love that these toys are helping to keep my kids off electronics.

It also seems that while this is sort of a fad right now, it will probably be more along the lines of a Rubik’s Cube and trading cards.

They are all timeless.

Maybe your children won’t play with these fidget toys for months at a time after the hype ends, but they will be something they return to at times.

Maybe they will bring them on road trips.

The great thing is that fidget cubes and spinners are so small, even if your children amass a collection of them, they won’t take up much


You can thank Antsy Labs for their Kickstarter campaign which started it all.

Fidget cube

Have you heard of the fidget cube and fidget spinner?

They are inexpensive and popular with kids and adults.

Touted as a way to ease stress and reduce anxiety, these small fidget toys are all the rage.

Even if someone has one, they would probably love a second.

They are small, portable, and inexpensive.

Crush Your To-Do List with the Erin Condren LifePlanner

Erin Condren LifePlanner


Never in my life have I paid attention to other people’s planners. Yet people have sure noticed and raved about mine.

I’ve taken my Erin Condren LifePlanner out to meetings with different people three times.

Each time, people were so interested in it. It received so much attention!

As fun as it is to have such praise over something I own, my Erin Condren planner continues to help me be better organized and less stressed.

I am crushing my to-do list like never before!

Erin Condren revolutionizes the paper planner

Erin Condren has taken the typical, everyday planner and made it something to covet and be proud of.

Each one is unique because you pick the cover and make it your own.

With the motivational quotes and lively colors, it just may inspire you to step up your game and get more organized and more accomplished.

Erin Condren Planner
Erin Condren Planner motivational quotes
Erin Condren LifePlanner
Erin Condren LifePlanner

Changing from mobile calendar to paper planner

This is the first paper planner and calendar I’ve used in years.

The Erin Condren LifePlanner motivates and inspires me to be successful and to get things done.

A big plus, and a first — it encourages me to think about and write out down personal goals and to remember “me time” in addition to all of the usual obligations of work, family, friends, and life.

Me time: What a concept!

The EC LifePlanner continues to help me be more organized and less stressed because I have everything all in one place.

And using the Erin Condren planner has made me use my phone less in general which is great.

We all know how one thing leads to another once we get on that smartphone.

It was distracting me from actually getting things done.

Is buying an Erin Condren LifePlanner worth it?

A criticism about the LifePlanner is the price.

I knew it was more expensive, but when I looked up the Erin Condren price online, I thought, “Well, this is doable.”

Even better was my friend gave me an Erin Condren coupon code (See below) which lowered the price.

So to answer the question, is the Erin Condren LifePlanner worth the price?

Yes, absolutely yes.

I now have peace of mind writing everything down in one space and not needing to carry it all in my mind, keeping me up at night with endless to-do lists running my thoughts.

It’s such a motivational and cute calendar/planner that you will actually WANT to use it and refer to it.

So yes, it may be more expensive than you may have paid for a planner before, depending on the types you owned.

Yet know that for the quality, durability, color options, spot-on motivational quotes, little details and perks that come with this calendar, there really isn’t competition.

Yes, you can go to Target or wherever and get one of those planners, but for me, having spent a little more than I would have originally, I found myself using it so much more because I paid more for it.

I wanted it to earn its keep, so to speak, so I’m achieving more than ever.

The LifePlanner is worth the perceived extra expense. Why?

It will be a place for you to unload your thoughts so you can sleep at night.

It will be a great place to write your never-ending to-do list, without worrying about pieces of paper with your notes strewn about.

No longer will you be stressing about forgetting something.

You can easily write everything – absolutely everything – in your EC planner.

Using the Erin Condren LifePlanner reminds me of the Law of Attraction.

By focusing on positive, affirming thoughts, you want to use the planner more, and you will want to stay organized and achieve more.

7 reasons the Erin Condren planner is awesome

#1 It’s customizable

When you go to the Erin Condren website, it is easy to customize exactly what type of LifePlanner you want.

You will see exactly what it looks like and can make changes very easily.

You can choose the following:

12 month or 18 month format.

Example: January 2019 – December 2020 or choose 18 months: July 2019 – December 2020

Permanent or interchangeable cover; there are 25+ covers to choose from.

Most patterns come in multiple colors, giving you scores of choices to make it your own.

Choice to add monogramming, your name or initials on the cover, depending on the cover design

Choice to add photos on front or back cover, depending on cover design

Choose platinum, rose gold, black or gold coil color

Colorful or neutral color theme

Horizontal, vertical, or hourly layout for each day

Weekly Planner by Erin CondrenWhat’s really great is on their website you can actually see what your cover and coil combination will look like before ordering.

It’s fun to mix and match them.

Erin Condren Weekly Planner Calendar
Horizontal layout

#2 It’s compact

At 7″ x 9″, the Erin Condren planner is large enough to be your go-to resource for all of your lists, plans, goals and information, yet small enough to place in a medium-sized purse.

There is a clear plastic pouch and a folder pocket as well.

At long last: It’s one place to put everything.

#3 Different formats

Whatever format you choose, vertical, horizontal, or hourly, you can choose what works best for you with plenty of room to list out your daily responsibilities.

#4 Really make it your own

You can customize the design, colors, format and layout of your EC planner, and now you can have fun with all of the Erin Condren accessories.

Where to start?

There are so many ways to motivate and inspire yourself.

There are stickers, colorful pens, extra pockets, snap-in dashboards and snap-in bookmarks, wet-erase markers, and more.

#5 Easy-to-use snap-in format

Not only does the gleaming coil secure all of your pages, you can also use it to change out your cover (if you choose the interchangeable cover).

The coil also enables you to snap-in the clear, Plan for It Pouch and the Snap-in Bookmark (also a ruler).

The coil will also secure the very handy Erin Condren snap-in dashboards.

I have the Snap-In Travel Dashboard and the Snap-In Meal Plan Dashboard and enjoy using both.

#6 Spot-on motivational quotes

I love looking at my planner, writing things in it, and crossing things I’ve completed off my list.

All the while, I am motivated by positive quotes that resonate with 21st century emotions of being over tasked, overwhelmed and busier than ever.

#7 A place for everything

Throughout the planner, there are many places to write down what you want to, including exercise, meal plans, shopping lists, passwords, gift ideas, gratitude journal, daily to-dos, etc.

The Erin Condren LifePlanner will enable you to have one place to write down everything.

It’s really that simple!

What comes with the EC planner?

In addition to all the customizable features, the EC planner comes with the clear Plan for It Pouch with a Perpetual Calendar, sample sticker book, four coil connectors and a snap-in bookmark (ruler).

Erin Condren Plan for It Pouch:

You have the option to snap this pouch anywhere in your EC planner or keep it loose for something else.

I’ve been using mine for checks to deposit, gift cards, stamps and coupons.

It’s easy to open/close as well.

And being it’s clear, you can easily see what’s inside.

Erin Condren Perpetual Calendar:

I don’t know about you, but I have dozens of friends’ and families’ birthdays and anniversaries swirling in my mind.

This perpetual calendar enables you to write down everything one time instead of each year.

It fits easily in the pocket in the back of the planner for easy access.

I also keep some cards and stamps in it to write out cards when I have a few minutes.

This calendar comes with every planner so if you already own one, you can easily use the perpetual calendar for anything else: mini datebook, log personal goals, log exercise or steps, meal planning, people to call that month, anything!

Coil Connectors:

You can fasten a coil connector to a special photo, recipe, invitation, etc. and then snap it into the coil binding of your planner.

Four of them come with the planner.

What’s inside the Erin Condren Planner?

Here is a page-by-page outline of what’s inside the planner.

Inside cover: Dry-erase and lined for any notes, reminders, etc.

Motivational quotes: They are placed at the beginning of the LifePlanner and at the beginning of each month

Tab with 2019/2020 years at a glance on a two-page spread.

Tab for each month with a blank, lined page on the left and a motivational quote along with the monthly tab on the right.

Month-at-a-glance on a two-page spread.

Tabs for each month with a two-page spread for that month.

The calendar starts with Sunday as the first day of the week.

On the right is a vertical space for Goals and To-Dos.

Individual pages for that month, broken down by days, starting with Monday – Thursday on the left and Friday through Sunday on the right.

This is great for weekend plans because the Sunday is part of the weekend.

There’s also room for Notes and a Thankful Thought.

Each month ends with the last Sunday of that month.

Any remaining days are carried over to the next month.

At the start of each month, on the monthly tab page, is a large motivational quote on the right.

On the left is a blank lined page.

After the calendar pages:

After all of the months is another tabbed section titled Notes.

It has six blank lined pages, four blank grid style pages, and four blank pages with a colorful border on top.

Following these pages is a two page year at a glance layout for the following year, in this case, 2018.

There is also room under each of these mini calendars as there are four blank lines.

The bottom fifth of the page has a blank section to write notes “in the coming year” section.

Following the notes and future calendar are the stickers.

Accessories to place anywhere in the book.

Stickers: They are at the back of the LifePlanner.

There are also several blank sticker pages.

Folder with the Erin Condren Perpetual Calendar.

This attached folder/pocket is located after the stickers.

This folder is great to tuck in receipts, loose papers, etc.

Dry erase inside back cover- Write a to-do, special phone numbers, a motivational quote… anything!

Erin Condren LifePlanner Cover Options

The interchangeable covers are great so you can have variety from year to year.

Depending on the cover you select, you can include your name, initials, or a monogram.

Erin Condren planner accessories

What to buy?

There are so many cute Erin Condren LifePlanner accessories, it’s difficult to choose which ones to get.

In addition to the LifePlanner, here are the products I use:

Snap-In Meal Planner Dashboard

Snap-In to Do List Dashboard

Gemtone Wet Erase Markers

Markers-Party Pops, Fiber Point Pens

Snap-In Ruler

Pen Holder

Sticker Book

Elastic Bands Trio

Snap-In Stylized Sticky Notes

Stylized Sticky Corner Pockets

Snap-In Travel Dashboard

Erin Condren travel accessories

The Erin Condren website offers a lot more than just planners.

We also tried some of the travel accessories, including the Snap-in Travel Dashboard for the LifePlanner — which I keep in my planner all the time — and the Globetrotter on the Go ID Tags (set of two).

Before owning the Erin Condren planner

List-obsessed, I wrote them again and again.

I typed my lists on my iPhone and wrote lists in notebooks and on scrap paper.

Even though I used the Google calendar on my mobile, I continued to write lists.

Overwhelmed and disorganized, I couldn’t sleep with my to-dos spinning in my mind.

Some friends were raving about my friend’s “pretty planner” which turned out to be the Erin Condren planner.

Getting one changed everything for me.

Learning about the Erin Condren planner

Only recently did I hear about the Erin Condren LifePlanner.

I was on vacation visiting friends at our subdivision pool in a town I used to live in.

My sweet, trendy, 30-something friend said something about how she was putting the school dates in her planner, and she didn’t realize how soon school was starting.

Our other friend jumped in to compliment this woman’s “awesome planner.”

I asked about what made it so great.

The EC planner owner along with the friend gushed about something called the Erin Condren LifePlanner.

The proud owner then stood up and announced she was running home to get it to show me.

Literally, she went home – it was just four blocks, but still – and she brought her Erin Condren planner and accessories in their original box to the pool!

We spent the next half hour pouring over her planner.

I found it especially interesting to see women who already “have it together” so excited about this paper planner, especially in our age of technology.

Erin Condren Calendar Folder
Pocket folder and perpetual calendar

With such enthusiasm and rave reviews, I really wanted to get one.

I’d been thinking about ways to organize my time better.

It was time to go back to a paper planner.

Between working, my kids’ and husband’s schedules, and volunteering at school, I wanted a place to write everything down, easily and quickly.

So I switched from my mobile online Google calendar to a paper one, the Erin Condren 18 month LifePlanner.

So many compliments over my planner

The first time I brought it out in public, (to a PTO meeting at school) the woman next to me asked, “Is that an Erin Condren?”

We proceeded to talk about it for almost 10 minutes. She asked me all about it and enjoyed looking at it.

The second time I brought it out was to a school district meeting.

The woman next to me, with her planner out, enthused, “I LOVE that!”

Unfortunately, right after that, the meeting started, and I left before it ended.

I’ll never know if the planner would have elicited further comment.

The third time, I was at a committee meeting for an event we were planning.

We met at in a restaurant.

On time but the last to arrive, I took out my Erin Condren planner and a few of the women in the surrounding seats started oohing and ahhing over it.

I spent a minute showing everyone it, even the women at the other end of the table who became interested.

Going forward, I’m very interested to see what kind of attention it gets.

Erin Condren planner review

I love it… and not only because it seems to get so much attention.

It’s because it’s so cute, practical and fun all at the same time.

It has fast become an extension of myself, much like my smart phone.

Even more: It’s helped me crush my to-do list.

Before, I was list-making all over the place, multiple times a day.


I write things down one time. In one place.

Yes, this planner is pricier than those paper planners and organizers from Target.

Yes, you can get a copy-cat version for less money.

But paying a bit more has made me want to use it and become more successful with it, in order to warrant the cost.

And using an Erin Condren coupon code makes it less expensive as well.

The Erin Condren planner helps me keep tasks organized.

It help me set goals.

It’s fun.

The motivational quotes are spot on and actually motivating.

Best planner for busy moms

Why Erin Condren LifePlanner?

Think of everything you want in in a planner.

Erin Condren planner wish list:

  • Easy to tote around
  • Ability to keep everything in one place
  • Month-at-a-glance
  • Enough room for each day to write
  • Cute enough so I would actually use it
Erin Condren planner Month at a Glance Calendar
Example of month-at-a-glance layout

My Erin Condren planner has all of this and more.

It is upbeat and uplifting and perfect for work, family and personal goals.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited about something.

As we multitask and plan everyday, it’s great how the Erin Condren LifePlanner makes it fun.

It’s helped me to do more than just “get by” with doing the must-do’s each day.

Now, I’m making time for larger projects that I usually procrastinated on or gave up on, simple but time-consuming things like making online photo albums for my kids.

Having the EC planner has enabled me to prioritize and even more importantly, to write things down once and cross them off when I finish them.

Everything is in one place, freeing up my mind to focus on the present.

Much like my smartphone, it’s hard to imagine my life now without it.

This is the best planner for busy moms.

Do you use an Erin Condren LifePlanner? What do you like about it? How has it helped you become more productive? Please leave your Comments below and share this article if you liked it. Thank you!

Women’s Travel Shoe Review Kuru Halcyon Shoes:


Kuru Shoes – As an avid sneaker wearer for well over 10 years, I’ve experimented with a multitude of shoes.

The ones that look good inevitably have no arch support.

Sneakers that are comfortable tend to be so unattractive I couldn’t realistically see myself wearing them.

That’s why Kuru’s Women’s Halcyon shoes are so great.

Not only are they cute, but they’re comfortable and excellent for travel.

The folks at Kuru Footwear were kind enough to send me a pair of Halcyons to try out.

kuru shoes
Kuru’s Halcyon shoe

Kuru Shoes review

Halcyons are great for trekking a city or hiking a trail.

Designed with outdoors-y types in mind, these shoes are great for travelers, especially those who enjoy spending time outside.

Whether you’re looking for durable trail shoes or cute sneakers for the city, these could be the shoes for you.

And if you’re not planning on doing hardcore hiking, I would even recommend Halcyons as your primary travel shoe.

The Halycon, and Kuru shoes in general, are very practical.

They’re comfortable, have decent arch support, and great grip on the soles.

I especially appreciate the padding around the achilles tendon.

A note on choosing a size: I read reviews that said they run 1/2 size small, but I think they fit true to size.

Kuru as the Perfect Travel Shoe

They’re lightweight, comfortable, durable, and compact.

If you’re looking for an excellent travel shoe, check out Kuru.

The upper of the Halcyon shoe is even collapsible so you can stuff the shoes in your bag without worrying about misshaping them.

My only complaint about my Kuru shoes is that compared to other sneakers they look a little chunky.

They look great with pants, but with a skirt or shorts they look more like tennis shoes and less like compact sneakers.

Kuru Shoes and Sustainability

Another benefit to buying Kuru shoes is that Kuru donates a portion of its profits to nonprofits through a concept called Consumer Empowered Sustainability.

Although the shoes themselves aren’t necessarily as eco-friendly as some other brands, this concept is worth reading about.

Kuru’s philosophy is about embracing sustainability as a lifestyle, not just in isolated events.

It’s about using it to improve our world.

Read more about great shoes for travel, travel hats, travel pants and more.

Patagonia has a new line of shoes out – and one of them is by and far the best lightweight travel shoe I’ve ever come across.

The Patagonia Women’s Advocate MJ is a slip on shoe (that has a elastic strap so it doesn’t slip off), and thanks to Patagonia I’ve been testing a pair out for the last month.

Best Lightweight Slip On Shoes Patagonia Advocate

Here’s what I like about the shoes:

They are Super Lightweight Shoes (and are Exceptionally Comfortable)

The Women’s Advocate MJ is definitely the lightest shoe I’ve ever owned.

The shoe is made of microfiber which not only makes it comfortable and breathable, but unbelievably lightweight.

It almost feels as though I’m not wearing any shoes at all.

But, they aren’t so thin that they are uncomfortable.

There is built in arch-support.

These aren’t just your typical flat shoes.

Instead they are well constructed.

There is both padding and support.

I’m not sure how they are so lightweight given how supportive they are.

The Advocate MJ shoes are great for throwing in your suitcase as they won’t add any extra weight.

They are Slip On – but don’t Slip Off

I have very narrow heels, and most slip-on shoes slip off my feet and I can’t wear them.

However, the Advocate MJ has an elastic strap across the top that holds your foot comfortably in place.

I’ve tried a lot of slip-on shoes and these are the first I can say won’t slip off if I’m walking fast or jogging to get somewhere in a hurry.

They just stay on my feet.

Plus, because they don’t tie or require any extra work to strap on, you can slip on the shoes without bending down.

Perfect for when I’m carrying a bag or my son in my arms.

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Women’s Travel Shoe
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Best Travel Shorts for Women

The MJ is made from Recyclable Materials

Patagonia is a sustainable company – and their shoes are no exception.

The various components of the shoe are made from recycled material (from 15-50% recycled depending the on the part.)

They are vegan shoes.

Finally, the shoes are part of 1% for the Planet, which means that 1% of sales go to environmental programs around the world.

They are Cute

I got a pair of the shoes in black as I tend to use a black color scheme when packing.

Choosing a color scheme is one my favorite tips for packing less.

They are quite cute and look great with jeans, khakis, and shorts.

They are Perfect Travel Shoes

Because the shoes are lightweight, supportive, and have great traction, I wouldn’t hesitate to pack them for any trip where I need a casual shoes for walking around all day or light hiking.


Honestly, I love these shoes.

The only downside that I can think of is that they are a little pricey.

That said, because they are so versatile, comfortable, and well constructed, I’m even considering buying them in another color.

Bottom Line

The Patagonia Advocate MJ is an awesome shoe.

It’s lightweight, comfortable, cute, and easy to put on. I would highly recommend them.

If you’re wondering about size, I wear a size 9 in most shoes (9.5 in Nike and Asics running shoes for comparison) and a size 9 of the Advocate MJs fit me perfectly.

Best Walking Shoes for Walking and Traveling

What Kids Learn from Trading Cards ~ 18 Reasons They Should Get Some

what kids learn from trading cards


What Kids Learn from Trading Cards – If your child is at all interested in Pokemon cards, football cards, or others, encourage it.

What kids learn from trading cards will surprise you.

Can’t decide whether you want your child to get into trading cards? Here are some points to help you make your decision.

Since the time my sons were 4 and 5 years old, they’ve collected Pokemon cards.

Their cousins gave them some.

My boys were hooked.

Over the years, their interests have expanded to football cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, baseball cards, college sports cards, and some basketball cards.

I’ve always considered it a good thing.

Now they are 8 and 10 years old.

A few weeks ago, I was happy to see them taking out their football card binders.

It seems football cards are cycling around once again as some of their friends are talking about them at school.

Click here for Pokemon cards

What kids learn from trading cards and card collecting

I became interested when a few moms came up to me, frustrated by it.

Their kids had been in and out of Pokemon.

Their sons didn’t have any football cards and wanted some.

These moms were upset with their sons’ latest interest and obsession with collecting football cards.

I told them I love trading cards.

I told them how my boys learn so many lessons and keep themselves occupied in somewhat meaningful ways.

Here’s what’s to love about kids playing with trading cards.
what kids learn from trading cards

It gives them something to do as they get older.

As children grow up, they age out of their toys.

Sure, they probably still have lots of toys, games and interests, but their free time has decreased because they are busy with school and activities.

During school weeknights, they don’t have time to pull out their Lego boxes so they go to what’s easy to access.

Playing with, discussing, and organizing their card collections is something my kids initiate and choose to do on their own.

There isn’t a lot of setup time.

They can play for two minutes or two hours.

It helps keep them off electronics.

As kids get older, they tend to gravitate to iPads and video games more.

Trading cards help keep kids off of electronics and keep them interested in something tangible.

They have a “real life thing” to interact with, instead of screens.

While my sons love talking to each other and their friends about their football cards and other cards, I’ve seen each of my sons alone focused on organizing their card collections and enjoying some “down time” in a way they do while reading.

It enables kids not “into sports” to talk about sports.

My boys love anything football related.

However, sometimes kids who aren’t into sports notice their social circles shrinking as they have less in common with kids who love sports, especially as they age.
Football Trading Card Binder
Football cards, hockey cards, baseball cards, etc. bridge the gap between the kids who might not typically be as good of friends and gives them something to talk about.

It enables those non-sports’ kids a way to be a part of more things.

They can talk about the players, teams, and stats and make trades.

It gives kids something in common with each other.

This goes along with the “sports kids” and the “non-sports kids” but it’s more than that.

Liking the same types of trading cards gives kids something in common with each other.

An interest in Pokemon cards (or any type of cards) gets them mixing with kids they may not have gotten to know before.

My kids were in preschool and kindergarten talking to second and third graders about Pokemon cards.

It happened again when we moved and they making trades with kids a bit older.

My kids were able to hold their own, as they were very knowledgeable about Pokemon.

They ended up as peers in a way, having Pokemon in common.

At their current school, they’ve been meeting and mixing with kids — in their grades and not in their grades — they’ve never mentioned before.

Trading cards enables kids to have something more in common than being in the same grade, on the same bus, or on the same block.

It connects them.

Kids learn to be responsible for their things.

Children may not care much about their sweatshirt or their lunchbox but they will sure work to be responsible with their cards.

If my kids bring their card boxes or their binders to play with after school or to a friend’s house, they have to be responsible for them.

They are learning that wherever they bring them, they do so at their own risk.

It’s great seeing how they care for their card collections, putting some into binder sleeves for protection and into boxes in a way that they will know which cards are where.

Some kids have lost cards at school and on the bus.

Obviously, we don’t want kids to lose their things but these are valuable lessons.

Learn How to get started in trading cards

Kids learn about negotiating and being fair.

Life is all about compromise and negotiation.

What game should we play?

Who goes first?

Trading cards is a great place for kids to learn about making deals and trades and negotiating.

There generally aren’t “take backs” so children have to be confident in their decisions.

They also learn fast what makes a trade fair and what doesn’t.

Negotiating is a life skill, and trading cards is one of their first opportunities to learn about it.

My boys have made trades they were upset about later.

Those have been great opportunities to talk about making fair trades for everyone involved and being confident in their decisions.

Kids learn about spending their own money

Garage sales and thrift store shopping are wonderful: Kids can bring their money and actually buy something.

Kids need to learn how to spend money.

They aren’t learning if parents are always saying no to toys because we believe our kids won’t play with the toy more than one day.

When my kids get a gift card or money for their birthdays, they want to buy something, and I want them to learn to be able to make their own decisions and also to get a good value.

I don’t want them spending all their money on video games so that they can be whisked away into Videogameland.

At least when they choose to buy some football cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, or Pokemon cards, I know they will play with them and trade them.

There isn’t deceiving advertising or a big box with a small, useless, overpriced toy inside.

They know what they are buying.
Card Collecting boxes

Kids learn to organize and care for their things

At first, my boys put their cards in a shoebox. Over time as their collections grew, they put them into binders with trading card sleeves (see some here).

They’ve learned to organize them all sorts of ways.

With their Pokemon cards they organize them by type and have a special page/sleeve for their (more valuable) EX cards.

For their football cards, they organize them by team.

For their Yu-Gi-Oh cards, they arrange them by their deck.

It’s great they are taking pride in their collections and caring for them.

The plastic storage boxes are great too.

The larger ones shown hold 1,100 cards.

They are portable and with five dividers, work well for multiple collections of cards.

Click here to find these trading card storage boxes.

These also make great gifts for kids.

Kids use their imagination and learn new games.

My kids set out their Pokemon cards or their Yu-Gi-Oh cards and play.

Who knows what they are doing or how they learned to play but it’s great watching them bond over their cards.

Maybe they made up their games.

Even better: They are using their imagination.

Who knows what beats what and why but they love it.

Kids learn about having a collection and a hobby.

Some kids collect erasers or coins, some collect Hot Wheels, and some enjoy rocks and gems.

It’s great to have a hobby.

I love seeing my boys arrange their cards.

I love how they want to organize them and how they care for them — on their own without me telling them to.

And how they put their cards back to their spots after playing a game with them or pulling them out for trading.

Helps reinforce math concepts.

If your kids are into Pokemon cards, they will learn the higher the number on the card, the better the card.

When they play the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh card games, they add and subtract.

With sports cards, like baseball cards, kids can learn about the statistics on the back, like RBIs, batting averages, and more.

Gives kids a chance to share and shine.

I’ve seen children with Pokemon and football cards give their friends some cards for “free” in order to include that child.

I’ve seen it many times, and it’s great.

My kids have given away cards and have received “a free card” at times too, even though they’ve always had plenty.

As long as the “giver” is okay with it and doesn’t have remorse afterwards, it’s positive.

What a great lesson for the giver to share and include others and for the receiver to be able to be a part of card collecting.

Kids can be “into” something even if their friends aren’t.

Sure it’s more fun for my kids when their peers are excited about football cards, but it’s great that they play with them even when it isn’t the big talk on the bus and at school.

I want my kids to grow up being interested in what they are interested in, and not following the masses.

Where we live now, I’m not sure if any of their friends like Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but my kids love them, play games with them, and even bought some the last time they went to Target.

What else is great about trading cards – There are low barriers to entry

It’s terrible when kids are left out of things due to money.

Think how difficult it is to return to school after winter break and so many are bragging about their cool new toys.

There are always the kids sitting there saying nothing because they didn’t get anything big enough, expensive enough, or cool enough to talk about.

What’s great about trading cards is that you can buy a decent pack for around four dollars.

Almost all kids can be a part of it.
Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Cards
Everyone can’t have the latest everything.

But with trading cards, most children, if they are really interested in Pokemon cards or football cards or whatever, can get some.

Perhaps they can ask for them as a gift.

Maybe they have money they’ve been saving.

Maybe they can do some chores and earn some to buy some at Amazon, Target or Walmart.

They have some sports cards and other trading cards at the Dollar Store as well.

Know that while they are “only” a dollar, they are often priced higher per card than those at other stores.

Maybe the parent will give in and get them a few packs.

However it happens, these cards are accessible to most.

Also, with such a low “investment,” you won’t be upset when your child isn’t as interested in them anymore.

But wait six months; they’ll be interested again.

This is similar to my kids’ latest obsession with the fidget cube.
Card Collecting Binders on a Shelf

Cards take up little space and store easily.

Cards are small and hardly take up any space, especially in the beginning before kids have amassed hundreds of cards.

And even hundreds of cards can easily fit in a binder or two or three.

Even with multiple collections, they are manageable.

Binders and boxes line up nicely on a bookshelf or in the closet or on the floor of your child’s room.

Compare this to some toys your child owns, especially the ones that don’t fit back in the box they came in so they are near impossible to stack or store decently.

They’re a great gift idea and suggestion.

Like most of their friends, my kids are blessed with more than they can enjoy and appreciate.

When it comes time for them to have a birthday party and someone asks what they are into or what they would like as a gift, I often suggest whatever kind of trading cards they happen to be into at the moment.

Because there are various price points, usually from four dollars to ten dollars, to twenty or more, trading cards are a great suggestion because gift givers can give something within their budget.

It’s awkward asking for something very specific or a Lego set which can be expensive.

It’s also great because you don’t have to worry about duplicates as most kids would love to get several packs of trading cards from different people.

Also, usually kids like to open and keep everything – even gifts and toys that you know they will open and never touch again.

So cards are something they will want, hopefully appreciate, and will use.

And again, they don’t take up a lot of space, which is always a bonus.

They make great stocking stuffers too.

They’re timeless.

Think about it.

There aren’t too many things now that are timeless.

Sure there are Tinkertoys and even Lego, especially when they’re sold just as bricks and not as a set.

But really, there are few things that stand the test of time.

Things just seem more disposable and to be getting bigger and supposedly better.

We can’t just drive remote control cars anymore, our kids are flying drones.

We don’t make doll furniture out of tissue boxes and perfume boxes.

Our kids ask for American Girl Doll furniture.

Baseball cards and football cards have been around for several generations, and they will continue to be around for many more.

My daughter had Pokemon cards from 1995 and passed them on to our friends’ kids when she was done with them.

Who knew they would have still been popular when her brothers grew older?
Pokemon Card Tins
Sometimes kids at school are into football cards and Pokemon cards and sometimes they aren’t.

One thing for sure, they will be sure to cycle around again.
Pokemon Card Binder

They are easy to transport.

Kids can tote their binders and shoeboxes, their small Ziploc bag, or keep them loose in a back pocket.

My kids can easily bring their binders with them for something to do in the car or while at their brother’s game.

They were excited when I let them each pack one of their Pokemon binders in a suitcase when we flew to visit their cousins years ago.

My kids played with trading cards on all of our road trips, including going to Milwaukee, Iowa, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona.

They bought some when we saw the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps in Nebraska.

Afterwards, they played with them in the car for hours.

What kids learn from trading cards

Can you tell I love my kids playing with trading cards?

There are so many values kids learn from trading cards.

There are just SO MANY positive things.

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Prioritizing
  • Organization
  • Negotiation
  • Value
  • Trust
  • Respect

advantages of trading cards for kids

Many advantages of trading cards for kids

My kids loved riding the bus and talking about cards and making trades with their friends.

Now that we’ve moved and they don’t ride the bus, it’s been fun that they’ve been able to stay after school trading cards with other kids.

I listen at a distance and love hearing them all talk about cards they want to get and trades they are hoping to make.

At home, I’m again hearing some new names my sons have never mentioned before.

Whether your kids are interested in Pokemon trading cards, football cards, Magic: The Gathering, or any other cards, it can be beneficial.

There are so many values your child can learn from the experience of acquiring, collecting, organizing, and trading their cards.

Even if it seems to be a passing phase, just wait until next year when everyone begins trading again.

What’s So Great about the NutriBullet and Why I Love It

NutriBullet help for silent reflux


There is one product I am especially grateful for as it’s helped my family get healthier and eating more natural foods.

It makes getting nutrients easy.

What’s so great about the NutriBullet is that it’s easy to use and simple to clean.

You will want to use this because it is hassle-free.

Why I love the NutriBullet

Have you ever just sat to think about a product you are so happy to own?

A product that you depend on?

So much of what comes on the market anymore isn’t really a life-changer… it’s just more stuff.

Sure, maybe it’s smaller or faster or more streamlined somehow, but it’s often not really necessary.

In an effort to “live green,”

I don’t like buying things just to buy them.

But an impulse buy last year ago came to mind.

It’s still one of my favorite products because it helps keeps me and my family healthy.

I didn’t wait for the holidays or to ask my family to buy it for me as a gift; I was inspired to buy it right then and there, without any consideration or thought about it before I walked past it at the store.

It’s the NutriBullet.

What’s so great about the NutriBullet

Eating healthier with the NutriBullet and Magic Bullet

I try to eat healthy and get my family to eat healthy too.

I choose organic produce and dairy whenever we can afford to but mostly I look at what my family consumes most often and check the best foods to buy organic and try to buy those foods.

In our house, that includes buying the following items organic 95% of the time: apples, carrots, spinach and kale mix, frozen berries, and milk.

It’s great to be able to toss these into the blender and drink them while getting maximum nutrition from them.

Different types of NutriBullet

The first NutriBullet I had I loved and probably used over 300 times.

It was the one I bought on impulse, and it changed my life.

I like that it came with two blades, the extractor blade and the NutriBullet milling blade.

I love the smaller sized cups that came with this model.

I surprised myself by even liking the lids it came with as I’ve made this for my son to take and drink in the car.

While I ended up being thrilled with my purchase, I wish I researched a little more because a lot more choices, especially regarding cup sizes, colors, and the “series” options.

I wanted my mom to try my NutriBullet, and I let her borrow mine for a few weeks.

I missed it so much, I ended up getting a new one and letting her keep mine.

The new one I purchased is from the NutriBullet Pro Series.

It is more powerful than the 600 series but both work exceptionally well, even after lots of use.

What's So Great about the NutriBullet NutriBullet extractor blade
NutriBullet extractor blade

NutriBullet extractor blade and milling blade

I mostly use the extractor blade and use it every time I make a drink.

The milling blade is good too; however, I don’t use it as often.

It is great for grinding nuts down to a fine powder for easier digestion and for the flavor in recipes.

The first time I used the milling blade was to chop up whole sunflower seeds, shell and all.

The blade quickly turned them into a fine powder which I then added to my smoothie.

It was a great way to get extra protein and minerals into the smoothie.

I’ve since used it for almonds and walnuts, and it worked easily.

Breaks down seeds, nuts and skins with ease

I also enjoyed reading the manual and NutriBullet recipe book it comes with to see what seeds are safe to eat.

Never a cantaloupe fan, I love that I can put in the fruit and the seeds to sweeten up some kale and spinach.

Everyone knows how the skins of some fruits and vegetables are so nutritious.

But that’s also harder for your body to break down, and even worse if you have silent reflux or acid reflux.

What’s so great about the NutriBullet is that it effortlessly extracts all the good things that come from whole fruits and vegetables.

You can easily ingest and digest the (okay-to-eat) seeds, the fiber, the juice, the pulp… everything!

Nothing is wasted!

My son doesn’t like milk but I make him a smoothie almost every day when I have strawberries and bananas to blend in.

He absolutely loves it.

My husband and I make our smoothies with water.

I have a friend who was buying some sort of powder with “greens” in it and she would add it to her smoothie blender, not a NutriBullet.

But would you want or need greens in powdered form (along with who knows what else) when I could actually put real greens in there?

Advantages of using a NutriBullet

Sometimes I toss in broccoli or cauliflower or really anything I have on hand.

There are awesome Magic Bullet and NutriBullet recipes out there but I’m really not drinking it for the taste.

I am drinking it for the nutrition and energy it gives me.

Using it makes me feel better about myself, that I am taking care of myself.

It’s been a great way to sneak a few extra vegetables in to my kids’ diets, especially after they got used to drinking the smoothies and “knew” they liked them.

And lastly, it has really, truly helped me with my acid reflux.

I cannot say enough about the NutriBullet.

I’ve never tried a VitaMix but have heard they are wonderful too.

How to use a NutriBullet

It is easy to use a NutriBullet, and because it’s so easy to use, you will want to use it.

You can follow a recipe or just toss in what you have on hand.

Easy steps to use NutriBullet:

  • You fill the container with easy-to-blend ingredients first, followed by the harder ones, like carrots.
  • Add some water or milk or whatever you want; don’t fill past the line.
  • Twist on the extractor blade/lid to close.
  • Put the container on the NutriBullet base.
  • Plug in into the outlet.
  • Twist the container for it to “catch,” and watch it blend in seconds.
  • Twist the container for it to stop.
  • Unscrew the lid/blade.
  • Drink it from the container or pour it in a glass and enjoy.
  • Easily wash out the blade and the container and let dry.

NutriBullet Review

Pros and cons of NutriBullet

There are so many things I love about the NutriBullet.

First off, I love that it was and still is such a huge help for silent reflux and acid reflux for me.

It broke down the food for me, “predigested it” so to speak.

It enabled me to get nutrients and give my digestive system time to heal.

Now that I feel so much better, what I love about NutriBullet is:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • I use it a lot because it’s so easy
  • Needs just 3 parts to run: unit, cup, lid
  • Makes it easy to ingest fruits and vegetables
  • Gets us eating/drinking a lot more fruits and vegetables

Nutribullet is not like a juicer

What’s so great about the NutriBullet is that it’s nothing like a juicer.

Have you ever tried cleaning a juicer?

It’s time-consuming and even then, it never seems clean.

Not only do you get to consume the entire fruit and vegetable with the NutriBullet, but it is super easy to use.

Because it is so easy to use, I use it a lot!

Again, it’s so much easier to clean than a juicer.

The only negative thing I have to say about the NutriBullet is that there isn’t a good way to really clean the blade unless you use a water bottle brush, which I highly recommend buying.

Because there isn’t a way to take apart the blade, it helps to brush it with a brush, especially a small one.

If you do this for a few seconds, it will keep your blade and the seal clean.

Then, there won’t be any disadvantages to owning a NutriBullet.

Before I owned the brush to clean it, I once jimmied a toothpick around the edges and was horrified to find food bits in it.

I am much better about tipping it after rinsing it out so it dries completely; however, there isn’t a way to actually really clean this, and it does get residue from the fruits and vegetables.

I rarely use the millet blade, and when I do, I easily wipe it clean as I only use it with dry products.

So take a few extra seconds to run the brush around it, and it will be fine.

NutriBullet is great for New Year’s Resolutions and a healthy lifestyle

Most of us can be a little healthier and make better choices.

The NutriBullet helps immensely.

I also love using a fruit infused water bottle and a reusable water bottle whenever I leave the house so that I’m not tempted with sugary drinks or caffeine.

To help with exercise, I love using my Fitbit as it keeps me motivated.

My kids love using a Fitbit too.

NutriBullet is great for leftover produce

I still use the NutriBullet with whatever produce I have around.

NutriBullet UPDATE:

I have found even more reasons to love my NutriBullet food processor!

We recently moved to Arizona and lots of people here have citrus trees that produce so much fruit, they just give them away.

My family loves it.

I have been able to blend up lemons, grapefruits and various varieties of oranges for smoothies, juice, and for recipes.

Additionally, I sometimes can’t finish all the produce I buy from Costco, especially the spinach and carrots.

I’ve been putting everything I know we won’t finish in time in the MagicBullet and use as a base for making soups.

It’s delicious, healthy and enables me to put in less sodium-filled broth.

First time using a NutriBullet

I washed it out and put in some spinach leaves, an apple, a carrot, and a banana, our families’ staple produce.

I read that it’s best to put the easy things to blend in first (spinach and banana) followed by the more difficult things to blend (apples and carrots).

I then filled it with water to the line, twisted the cap/blade on, and easily put it on the MagicBullet processor.

It was simple to turn it, and it blended everything fast and completely.

I was stunned at how easy and fast it was to blend everything up.

I drank it and felt great that I was getting some nutrition into my body.

What's So Great about the NutriBullet
Spinach before Magic Bullet processor
What's So Great about the NutriBullet MagicBullet Spinach Drink
Spinach after with 3 oz water in Magic Bullet

How I tried to cure my acid reflux before the NutriBullet

On a whim, I bought a NutriBullet.

It changed everything for me.

Before the NutriBullet, I had been to multiple doctors, including a gastroenterologist for an upper GI endoscopy.

I tried prescription medicines the doctors recommended and various OTC medicines.

I tried Prevacid (lansoprazole), Prilosec (omeprazole), Tums, and various generic brands.

Nothing was giving me relief, even after months of avoiding trigger foods and remaining upright for hours after eating.

I even tried existing for days on broth and rice to give my digestive system a break.

Nothing helped.

What's So Great about the NutriBullet NutriBullet help for silent reflux
Consume real food with NutriBullet

I sought advice from everyone I could.

I complained to anyone who wasn’t already tired of hearing me complain, including my sister and mother who I learned experience acid reflux symptoms and heartburn off and on for years.

Who knew?!

I sought a sympathetic ear and advice from my caring nurse friend.

I did everything they suggested, and while some things helped a little, nothing made me feel much relief.

And I continued to have that acid creep up my throat every single day.

I also hated that feeling of something being stuck in my throat all the time.

Have you ever experienced these symptoms?

They are awful.

Acid reflux and silent reflux symptoms

I was going on normally with my life, a healthy 40-something year old, until one day everything changed.

I acquired acid reflux.

It wasn’t the type with heartburn; it’s the silent reflux type (LPR – Laryngopharyngeal Reflux).

It is the acid reflux with phlegm (sorry) and coughing and the awful feeling of acid coming up my throat and a constant sore throat.

I was miserable for months.

It was almost like I was experiencing an endless cold.

The embarrassing part was hacking up phlegm all the time… something I had never done in my life.

I carried tissues and hand sanitizer with me everywhere.

I felt ugly.

I was embarrassed, fed up, and rundown.

My body was sick for weeks on end. I almost always had that awful feeling of acid coming up my throat and the feeling of something being stuck in my throat.

I was becoming susceptible to other illnesses too as my body was so broken down.

What’s great about the NutriBullet is you drink the nutrients

My sister kept telling me that my body needed time to heal.

That’s great and makes sense but I often got mad at her while saying, “How can it heal? I need to eat!”

I tried everything:

  • My nurse friend told me to just have broth and rice. I did.
  • I stopped eating late hours – I was a huge night eater. I completely stopped eating after 5pm.
  • I avoided all citrus and acidic foods, like any tomato-based foods.
  • I only drank water, nothing else.
  • I tried eating cooked vegetables but didn’t always have them ready when I was hungry so I wasn’t great at it. Plus I tired of them.
  • I tried the OTC acid-reducing medicines and made an appointment with my doctor.

Still, I had that awful “acid coming up” feeling all the time.

What's So Great about the NutriBullet

NutriBullet is a natural aid for acid reflux

I actually felt like the acid reflux medicines made me feel worse.

I kept hearing my sister’s advice about needing time to heal and to eat cooked vegetables.

About a month later, I walked past a display of big Nutribullet boxes, and I put one in my cart without giving any consideration to it.

I just bought it out of desperation and thought, “Maybe this will help me.”

I thought if I could “drink” my food, it would be giving my digestion system a break.

When you have bad acid reflux symptoms, you don’t want to eat.

Being able to drink a fruit and vegetable smoothie instead of not eating at all, eating crackers, or only eating rice and salty broth, was amazing.

I couldn’t believe that after few days, I felt like I was healing.

I didn’t feel that acid All Of The Time.

It was incredible.

While the MagicBullet / NutriBullet helped my silent reflu and acid reflux, it is important to seek medical advice for any medical concerns and conditions.

GERD and silent reflux natural cures

I read everything I could about acid reflux and silent reflux and avoided all the foods the experts suggested, including anything with tomatoes.

Once, after I started feeling better, I ate a small piece of lasagna and had severe acid reflux for weeks afterward.

Since then, I became diligent about completely eliminating all tomato-based foods, all citrus, chocolate, onions, nuts and meat.

Over time I incorporated all these foods back into my diet.

Except citrus, as that is what I believe started it for me initially.

Everyone is different.

Talk to your doctor.

Keep a food log of what works for you.

I started doing a lot better after using the NutriBullet for a week and after about 3-4 months I felt like I was back to my old self.

I started adding lots more foods back into my diet but with caution as I never wanted to go back to feeling how badly I felt.

And I sure didn’t want to undue all the healing I had finally done.

To this day, certain types of nuts bother me, as I believe they are just harder for my body to digest.

Yet I can enjoy tomatoes, sauce, and salsa once more which thrills me to no end.

The acid reflux was so bad for me that I will never go back to that again.

I diligently use my NutriBullet a few times a week just to give my digestion system a break, so to speak.

The foods I put in the NutriBullet are also healthier and more nutrient-dense than anything I would be eating anyway, so that is a huge motivation for using it again and again.

NutriBullet helped my silent reflux and acid reflux

All I can say is that I felt completely desperate when I was suffering from silent reflux and acid reflux.

None of the antacid medicines worked for me.

My body needed time to heal.

I couldn’t starve so blending up the whole fruits and vegetables in the NutriBullet seemed like a good idea.

They were being almost “digested” for me as they were turned into a liquid state.

It gave my digestive system the break it needed.

I do not think NutriBullet claims to cure anything, nor am I saying it will cure you.

I just know I was willing to do anything to start feeling better, and using the NutriBullet worked wonders for me and still helps me, even 18 months later.

I cannot say enough about this product and how it helped me with silent reflux.

It was a natural cure for my GERD for me but please talk with your doctor.

Talk to your doctor about natural help for silent reflux

Disclaimers — Please seek your own medical advice from your doctor.

I am not claiming the NutriBullet will do for you what it did for me, but using this appliance was the only thing that worked for me.

I have to say, I wasn’t good at cooking or blending vegetables before using this.

I was just doing my best to eat light, easy-to-digest foods.

The NutriBullet was a natural help for silent reflux.

I still use it even 18 months later and rarely have symptoms.

What’s so great about the NutriBullet is that we as a family eat healthier, it’s simple to use and clean, there aren’t a lot of parts to it, and it helped me with my GERD symptoms like nothing had ever helped me before.

It truly has changed my life because it was a huge help for silent reflux and the acid reflux I had been suffering from for over a year.

Fitbit for Kids and Family ~ Why I Love the Fitbit Zip

Fitbit for Kids Zip


It’s always a good time to establish family health commitments and improve on existing ones. Here’s why Fitbit for kids is a great idea, and why I think it will be so positive for your family.

My kids love their Fitbit Zip activity trackers. They have helped our family be more active and have gotten my kids away from wanting to play with their electronics all of the time.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard of Fitbits….

More technology. More to track and deal with.

Even more to buy.

More to get excited about initially, and more to toss aside… money wasted.

Yet that has not been the case with our Fitbit activity trackers. The Fitbit Zip is great because there’s nothing to do but clip it on and get walking! It’s far superior to a pedometer in every way.

You don’t need to charge it, and the battery lasts about six months.

Best Fitbit for kids

There are so many reasons why I recommend Fitbit for kids and why Fitbit Zip makes a great gift.

Fitbit Ace

There are new Fitbits coming out all the time, including one that is now specially marketed toward kids, Fitbit Ace.

Now, there’s even the Fitbit Ace 2. It’s an activity tracker for kids 6+. We would probably check out the Fitbit Ace 2 but my kids’ Fitbit Zips are still going strong.

This is almost four years now of using them. For our family, Fitbit Zip is the best for kids. We will be loyal to the Zip until Fitbit stops making it.

I am not a big technical person. Nor am I someone who enjoys exercise.

But let me tell you, I love my Fitbit. My family loves their Fitbits too.

Why Fitbit Zip is great for kids

Fitbit utilizes technology, which kids will love, but it so much more than that.

The Fitbit Zip is a perfect Fitbit for kids because it’s discreet and small. Kids can wear it to school without it being a distraction. They wear it on their waistband, so they’re not fiddling with it in class.

Also, my kids love using it to check the time as they don’t like wearing watches.

Getting a Fitbit for kids can get them up and moving and away from playing video games, watching YouTube videos, and off their iPads.

Now they love getting to school early to play on the playground to get more steps.
Fitbit for Kids Zip
My kids don’t have obsessive-type personalities, but let me tell you, even after owning these for 33 months, they still love them, and I believe they always will.

Fitbit motivates kids to move

Fitbit offers different types of challenges to see who can get the most steps during the weekend, weekdays, etc.

My son often asks if we can have a Weekend Warrior challenge over the weekend. He often out-steps my husband and I by over 20,000 steps. One Saturday he achieved a new record for himself — 35,243 steps — in just one day!

I love that he is so motivated, active, and PROUD.

He is happy about out stepping his parents of course, but even better is that he is motivated to outdo himself.

More activity equals more sleep

At bedtime, my kids fall asleep so much faster since owning their Fitbits.

They are tired! Instead of spending so much time on electronics and sitting around, they are now more active in general.

Fitbit gets you moving

While Fitbit is an electronic, it is not like an electronic in the way I think of electronics with my kids.

Fitbit is a device that actually removes you from the screen and gets you moving.

It gets you talking with other Fitbit users and connects you in a way that you wouldn’t have been before.

Exercise and getting more fit has become entertainment for my family.

Why kids love Fitbit Zip

Like so many of my kids’ cast-off toys, I didn’t know if the Fitbit Zip would make the cut and be used and enjoyed for the long-haul.

Would they be interested initially and then leave it unused like so many other toys and gifts? They still love wearing their Fitbits, even over two years later!

Fitbits are electronics, and my kids LOVE electronics.

I just didn’t expect it to be so motivating for them in the way it was for me.
Fitbit for Kids

How to get kids away from electronics

My sons used to come home from school and eat their snack and then play on the iPad until homework or leaving for an activity or to play with friends.

But after they started wearing their Fitbits, their focus became about how to increase their steps.

It was a really positive change, especially for my one son who would play the iPad all day if we let him.

Now my very same son jumps extra long on our trampoline and is motivated to take laps around the house and play basketball outside — even by himself — all in the quest to get more steps.

What he once gained from “zoning out” on the iPad for an hour, he is now finding in being active.

When our one son has a baseball game and needs to get there early to warm up, my other son and I walk around the field until the game starts.

It is wonderful bonding time.

Best kids Fitbit

Fitbit Zip is a great gift for kids

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of what to get kids for the holidays or birthdays as many are blessed with more than we need.

We still want it to be fun and have kids be excited about something to open, especially while they are younger and it is still a magical time.

And we know how it gets even harder to think of something as the kids outgrow playing with toys.

It seems electronics and gift cards are the only things we can think of.

While it is an electronic, the Fitbit Zip makes a great gift and is the best Fitbit for kids.

Fitbit motivates you to walk more

At night, when one of us realizes we haven’t reached 10,000 steps or just wants more steps or is in a Fitbit competition, that person will often walk around the block or wherever, just to get more steps.

We were not an especially fit family before, and this has been a positive, fun way for us to be more active and to spend more time together as a family.
Fitbit Stats Best Fitbit for kids
Most of all, I love to see how proud my children are when they excitedly tell me and my husband how many steps they got each day.

Not only are they proud, they are tired and get excellent sleep too, which is great for everyone.

Best Fitbit for kids

It was surprising to learn my kids’ friends don’t already own Fitbits.

I live in an area where kids have the latest “everything.”

In addition to every family we know owning iPads and other tablets, most of the families also own several different television gaming units — PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox, etc.

My kids didn’t get an iTouch or an iPad or an iAnything of their own for the holidays, like all their friends seemed to.

So it really struck me as very surprising that I did not know one child who owned a Fitbit except my own.

Why didn’t they?

I know at first I was hesitant because I didn’t want to place too much of an emphasis on calories.

Sure, we always talk about healthy foods and making healthy choices, but I didn’t want them growing up tracking and measuring and monitoring everything they do like adults often do.

Sometimes too much of an emphasis on this kind of stuff backfires and children grow up becoming overweight or developing eating disorders.

I definitely didn’t want anything like this to happen.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, we walked and rode our bikes for fun or out of necessity, not for exercise.

I was active on my roller skates and had fun shooting baskets in my driveway because I enjoyed it, not to burn more calories.

Why Fitbit is good for kids

This is still the case for my kids.

We don’t talk about the calories they burned; it’s just not an issue.



How did they do today and this week compared to yesterday or last week?

Who has the most steps after school?

Who will get the most steps this weekend in the Weekend Warrior challenge?

They often want to beat their own personal best.

It’s just fun!

Fitbit doesn’t market to kids because they have a minimum age suggestion of 13 years old, because of the online component.

However, aside from having a way for kids (or the adults in the home) to sync the Fitbit Zip, there isn’t a real need for children to have to be online to see their data.

Right from their Fitbit, kids can see how many steps they took that day and how many miles they walked that day.

They would only need to go online to see how far they walked in the past.

Is Fitbit accurate?

Many people wonder if Fitbit is accurate.

I liken it to the scale.

If you weigh yourself on the same scale every day at the same time of day in the same type of clothing, etc., you will be able to see a trend.

It’s the same with Fitbit. Perhaps it is not 100% perfect and accurate, but because you will be using the same one, day in and day out, you will certainly be able to track your activity and know what your “normal” is and when you do more than that.

If you just walked a few hundred steps in a day, never leaving your home, sitting around all day, you would see the difference if you took a half hour walk as well.

Because you will be using the same Fitbit all the time, you will be able to tell if you did more day by day, week by week.

Fitbit makes it really easy to set up the device to your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You input your age, height and weight so it can more accurately track your calories and your stride to measure your distance traveled.

Fitbit also has a settings feature you can easily access to set your stride… if you want to.

This makes it especially accurate!

Otherwise, they base your stride off your height and age.

Fitbit Zip battery easy to change

Another great thing about the Fitbit Zip is the batteries last between five and six months and are surprisingly easy to change.

Simple steps to changing the Fitbit Zip’s battery:

  1. Gently slide the Zip out of it’s case/holder
  2. Take a coin (dime and penny work easily) and put it in the indentation and turn it to the left
  3. Take out the used battery and place new battery inside
  4. Place the cover back on and twist the triangle back so it is facing the lock position (“at 12 o’clock”)
  5. Put Fitbit back in case

Overall Fitbit pros and cons

One overall Fitbit PRO:

Should you or your child get a different Fitbit, either a different model or another one of the same kind, your data remains.

Therefore, all the steps you accumulated will still be associated with your account.

One overall Fitbit CON:

One of the only downsides I can think of about Fitbit for kids is that they most likely won’t want to or be able to use their Fitbit while they are playing organized sports.

My kids know this and are fine with it but for some kids, this may be a de-motivator.

If my kids can’t wear it a few hours a day, they are okay with it because they don’t want it to break.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need a separate device for each Fitbit

For each Fitbit activity tracker you purchase, you need a separate electronic device to sync it to.

Meaning, you cannot attach your Fitbit and your child’s Fitbit on your smartphone.

You need two separate devices.

This is important to remember when buying a kids Fitbit.

Do your steps stay with you when you change Fitbits?


If you get a new Fitbit, like we did when Fitbit sent us a new Fitbit Zip, or if you switch Fitbits, like I did when I changed from the Fitbit Flex to the Fitbit Zip, your data stays with your account.

All of your steps and miles stay with you which is great!
Fitbit Review for Kids

Fitbit comparison: What Fitbit is best?

Our family of four has owned three types of Fitbits.

Here’s what I like and don’t like about each kind of Fitbit.

Fitbit Zip Review

Who in my family uses it: My two sons and I each own one.

How do you wear it:  Clip it to your pocket or waistband or put it in your pants pocket.

Fitbit for kids color options

Pros and Cons of Fitbit Zip

PROS of Fitbit Zip: Right on the tracker, the Zip can display the time, the steps you took, calories expended, and the distance you traveled.

It’s great for kids at recess to check their steps and the time.

What’s great is that you decide what you want to be displayed on the Fitbit Zip’s screen.

You set it up from the electronic device you sync it to.

Therefore, if you don’t want your child to be concerned with calories, you can omit it from the screen.

Once you sync with your electronic device, it capture all of the data (steps, calories, distance) and will also display your number of active minutes (minutes in continuous motion, like walking with a purpose or playing tag or soccer at recess).

More great things about the Fitbit Zip

You can also add food and water consumption though we’ve never used this feature.

It counts pedaling a bike as steps.

Another great thing is that it uses a 3V coin battery that lasts up to 6 months!

You don’t have to ever charge the Fitbit Zip!

When you sync your Fitbit you can see how full the battery is.

It is the least expensive of all the Fitbit models.

This is a great Fitbit for kids for so many reasons.

CONS of Fitbit Zip:

It would be nice if there was a light to see this in the dark but this is a minor complaint.

Another thing, and this isn’t anything to do with the Fitbit brand — and it’s the same for the Fitbit One — is you have to remember to remove it from your clothing so it doesn’t get put in the wash.

Perhaps if you bought it in a color other than black it would be easier to remember.

There are some companies who sell a band to wear on your wrist which fits the Fitbit Zip.

We haven’t tried them but they are on Amazon.

So this would be a great option and would remove this “problem” from the “cons” list!

Other points about the Fitbit Zip

COLORS: Fitbit Zip comes in charcoal (black), magenta, lime, and midnight blue.

TIP: When you buy your Fitbit Zip, just buy an extra battery (3V coin battery, CR2025) to go with it so you will have it.

Then when you replace the battery, just buy another one.

I’ve also purchased the generic Fitbit Zip cases, and they work just as well as the more expensive, official Fitbit Zip case.

Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit Zip for kids

Having owned both the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Zip, I much prefer the less expensive Fitbit Zip.

Not only did I not use the extra features the Fitbit Flex offers, I like to be able to see right on the Fitbit Zip’s screen how many steps I’ve acquired, instead of checking my smart phone multiple times a day.

Learn more about Fitbit One vs Fitbit Zip and Fitbit vs Jawbone to make your choice.

Hands down, the best Fitbit for kids is the Fitbit Zip.

Fitbit Flex Review – aka Fitbit band or Fitbit bracelet

Who in my family uses it: Me, the mom.

Update: I have switched to the Fitbit Zip! ~ See above

How you wear it: Around your wrist; it secures with a clasp

PROS of Fitbit Flex:

It counts steps; miles, calories, number of active minutes, can monitor sleep; you can input additional exercise; can input food and water intake; it lasts 4 – 7 days before needing a charge; there are up to 5 dots that will light up on your wrist when you tap it.

Each dot represents 2,000 steps you took that day; it vibrates when you reach 10,000 steps; easy to change bands to a different color; it has been a great conversation starter when you see someone wearing the Fitbit Flex or another Fitbit on the wrist like the Fitbit Charge.

CONS of Fitbit Flex:

It doesn’t have a display so I was constantly looking at my smartphone on the Fitbit app to see how many steps I acquired.

I was always wondering if it counts steps if I don’t swing my arm, like when I’m carrying bags.

It doesn’t count steps when bicycling.

It needs to be charged every 4 – 7 days.

If I forget to charge it at night, I feel like I have “wasted steps” when it is charging and not logging my activity.

Some people might not like having this on their wrist all the time though it didn’t bother me.

You also should wipe down the band every week or so.

COLORS: Fitbit Flex comes in 10 colors: black, slate, blue, red, navy, teal, tangerine, violet, pink, and lime.

Fitbit One Review

Who in my family uses it: Husband

How you wear it: Clip it to your pocket or waistband or put it in or on your pant pocket.

For the picture, he had it clipped with the display showing.

But normally he has it clipped on his pocket with the Fitbit inside his pocket

Types of Fitbit models

Here are the current models of Fitbit trackers available:

Fitbit’s Reminders to Move

While the Fitbit Zip is awesome and meets our needs, I like how the many of the other Fitbit models offer Reminders to Move.

These are brief, encouraging on-screen messages which encourage you to walk around at least 250 steps per hour.

These mini goal reminders help keep you active all day long.

The Fitbits which offer this function are Flex 2, Alta, Alta HR, Charge, and Blaze.

The Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Zip do not.

Buy Fitbit Alta on Amazon today!

Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is worn on the wrist like a watch, and it integrates with your smartphone.

It offers everything you need to track your fitness, your daily activity, and your sleep.

Like the Fitbit Flex, the Blaze uses a battery that recharges and lasts approximately five days.

You can change out the wrist straps to customize your look.

Fitbit’s Blaze is one of the most expensive Fitbit models to date.

Fitbit Surge is the most expensive.

Fitbit Blaze wouldn’t be a Fitbit for kids, and I would definitely recommend buying a less expensive Fitbit to see how you use and like it and what features you will use before spending this much for the “deluxe” model.

Employers offer incentives for using Fitbit

Two friends mentioned how their employers offer them gift cards and discounted prices on their health insurance when they use their Fitbit enough.

Their spouse and kids can use Fitbits too and get credit.

Can you imagine getting paid to exercise?

In this day and age of high turnover, it impressed me that some companies are still investing in their employees’ and their employees’ families’ health and well being.

And then there is UNICEF helping kids help kids in impoverished nations.

Ways to get healthier

Once you start to get more activity into your daily routine, you will start eating better too.

Our family loves our NutriBullet and our fruit infused water bottles.

They are great ways to get more vegetables and fruits into our diets.

Having a Fitbit for kids can change many of your habits for the better.

Fitbit with a clip

My kids love owning the Fitbit with a clip instead of it being on their wrist.

It’s also more discreet and less apt to be a distraction while they are in school.

The least expensive Fitbit with a clip is the Fitbit Zip.

This is a great entry level Fitbit and a great Fitbit for kids, especially if you’re not sure if your child will enjoy using it.

On the plus side, if he/she doesn’t like it, you will easily find someone who would love to use it… even yourself!

It has the basics of what’s necessary to keep you motivated: It counts steps, distance traveled and shows calories burned right on the screen.

After syncing it to your device (smartphone, etc.) there are other features, including how many minutes you were active/in continuous motion.

Watch Fitbit for kids

If you (or your child) gets a Fitbit Clip and you want to wear it on your wrist, there are products, not Fitbit brands, which enable you to do so. See them here.

Fitbit for kids on vacation

Will you and your family be walking a lot on your vacation?

Make sure you are wearing your Fitbit.

My kids love tracking their steps, especially on our Legoland California trip and other places where we are walking a lot.

Kids Fitbit in the washing machine

First instance: After my son’s Fitbit Zip was in the washing machine for approximately 20-25 minutes, he realized it was on his shorts.

Rarely do I do laundry right after my kids shower, so this has never happened before!

The Fitbit was still clipped to his shorts.

We took it out, and dried it off.

We were excited to see it had acquired over 2,000 “steps.”

Even better: It still works!

Second instance: It happened again!

I washed the same Fitbit again.

This time it was in the washing machine for the full cycle in cold water.

It was the “quick cycle” which is 38 minutes.

I put the shorts on the drying rack to air dry so the Fitbit wasn’t in the dryer.

The next day I was folding clothes and saw the Fitbit on the shorts.

It showed the wrong time but I was stunned to see it displayed anything!

I took out the battery and let the Fitbit air out and dry out.

Hours later my son synced it.

The time was still wrong but we were happy the next day that it was correct.

It most likely self-corrected at midnight.

Strangely, it hadn’t acquired steps in the washing machine!

Fitbit is a hobby

Much like kids collecting Pokemon cards and other trading cards for kids, owning a Fitbit almost becomes a hobby.

What a better hobby to have than staying healthy and active?

Great gift idea Fitbit for kids

Fitbit Zip is a great kid version Fitbit.

It is affordable and convenient for kids to check the time, their daily steps, and their miles traveled.

Fitbit gets by kids away from electronics and encourages our family to be more active.

It also keeps us even more connected.

It’s so small and portable, it becomes part of their routine, just like when they carry their fidget cube with them at all times.

Fitbit Ace and Fitbit Zip

Best activity tracker for kids

Can you tell my family loves wearing our Fitbits?

Who knew this little activity tracking device could have such a positive impact on our family?

Since our family has owned Fitbits and become a Fitbit family, I cannot say enough about them.

Fitbit Zip makes an excellent Fitbit for kids.

Fitbit promotes friendly competition with each person trying to do their personal best, and it let’s our kids shine.

Fitbit Zip

Adults, teens, tweens and kids will all love to receive the Fitbit Zip.

It’s the entry-level model in the Fitbit line of activity tracking devices.

Simple clip it to your waistband or slip it in your pocket, and the Fitbit Zip activity tracker will count your steps throughout the day.

Buy one for everyone in your household and have competitions to see who is the most active.

You will actually have fun being fit, and it gets the kids away from video games.

Do you walk 10,000 steps each day?

Find out with the Fitbit Zip!