under cabinet toaster oven

Best Under Cabinet Toaster Oven To Save Counter Space

Under Cabinet Toaster Oven ~ Counter space is an issue in every kitchen, and toaster ovens are usually part of the problem. Even a small toaster oven takes up valuable space. An under-the-cabinet toaster oven can be mounted under the cabinets and can help save precious room. The leader for under-the-cabinet toaster ovens is Black & Decker. Best Under Cabinet Toaster Oven Black and Decker model, TROS1000D is the best…if you can find it. Click here No other model or brand can compare for quality. Black and Decker Spacemaker Under the Cabinet Toaster Oven Review NEW BLACK and DECKER UNDER CABINET TOASTER OVEN You will enjoy superior convenience and versatility in this compact, easy-to-use appliance. You will find yourself using this toaster oven for more things than you originally intended. I use it almost exclusively in the hot summer months because I don’t want to heat up my kitchen. It … Read more

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Are E-Scooters Safe Sustainable and Green or Dirty and Deadly

E-Scooters – If you live in a major American city, then chances are you’ve seen rentable electric scooters or electric skateboard within the past year.  The National Association of City Transportation Officials now estimates Americans took about 38.5 million rides on these devices in 2018 alone. Amazingly, that’s higher than trips on dockless bikes, which came in at around 36.5 million. Obviously, a major reason for this surge in e-scooter use has to do with convenience. For instance, recent data out of DePaul University shows most Chicagoans use e-scooters either in the morning or after work. It’s also clear most people only “scoot” short distances on their daily commute. So, the convenience factor is undeniable, but what about other claims e-scooter companies make? E-Scooters Are They Safe & Sustainable or Dirty & Deadly – The Green Way Forward? For instance, many companies claim e-scooters are an eco-friendly alternative to car … Read more