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Best Earth-Friendly Products and How They Make a Difference

While green living has become second nature in many ways, sometimes we want convenience. Other times, we don’t know there are sustainable options or earth-friendly products available. And as much as we want to use what we have, we still shop. We are consumers. The great news is we can shop and still be environmentally conscious. We can buy products which will minimize our impact. There are some purchases which eliminate the need to buy other products. Others extend the life of products. The best eco-friendly products are made with low-impact materials, minimal packaging, and help communities or non-profit organizations as well. Best earth-friendly products We will continue adding to this list as we find more innovative eco-friendly products. There are many things we can do to live green. Here are our favorite eco-friendly products for home. Some will be good for traveling as well. Reusable Lotus Produce Bags For many … Read more

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What is Eco Fashion?

What is Eco Fashion – Every time we turn around it seems there is a new word popping into our collective vocabulary. This is especially true when it comes to the green movement. The term for environmentally-friendly clothing or fashion design, for instance, is eco-fashion. What is Eco-Fashion? Defining Eco-Fashion The “official” definition of eco-fashion is a focus on clothing that takes into account not only the environment, but the health of the consumers who will be wearing the clothes and the working conditions of the people involved with making the clothes. More specifically, eco-fashion encompasses: Clothes made using raw materials such as cotton grown without the use of pesticides or silk made from worms raised on organic vegetation. Garments and clothing made from recycled textiles, including creative use of materials such as recycled plastic. Articles designed to be more durable so they last longer. Clothes made without the use … Read more

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Brazos Walking Sticks – This Hickory Walking Stick ROCKS!

Brazos Walking Sticks – This Hickory Walking Stick ROCKS! Over the years, I’ve hiked thousands of miles…in the military, as a Boy Scout Leader, just in my rural neighborhood. For many of those miles, especially recently, I’ve used a sturdy walking-hiking stick. My favorite is from Brazos Walking Sticks The quality of the hiking/walking stick you carry makes all the difference. The day I first tried Brazos Walking Sticks changed my hiking life forever. In fact, their Brazos Hickory Hiking Stick has become my favorite companion on dozens of treks. It’s so comfortable in my hand that I’ve started to feel a little out-of-step when I don’t have it with me even for a short stroll around the block. I didn’t always feel that way. Brazos Hiking Sticks I used to meet people on the trail who were using walking sticks, and I couldn’t figure out why they’d want to … Read more

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The Best Camping Hammock Guide – MUST READ

Best Camping Hammock Guide – Are you in the market for a hammock for your next camping trip? If yes, then surely you’ve noticed that there is more than one type to choose from. And suddenly, you realize that choosing the best one can be a little bit difficult as there are plenty of things to consider when buying one. Obviously, you’d want the one that best suits your needs and requirements. You’d also want it to be comfortable and sturdy enough to withstand the elements. But there’s more to consider than comfort and safety when it comes to buying the best camping hammock. The Best Camping Hammock Guide What to Consider When Choosing a Hammock for Camping When buying a hammock, it’s essential to consider these following factors: Hammock Size For Camping Hammocks usually come in sizes based on its capacity, whether that’s single or double. Here are some … Read more

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Best Toaster Oven Hacks FAQ

Best Toaster Oven Hacks What is the difference between enamel and aluminum interiors? Enamel or “durastone” as it’s entitled on some models is usually found in the higher end toaster ovens. The difference is that enamel interiors are much easier to maintain. To clean, you simply wipe the remnants off. With aluminum, cleaning your toaster oven may prove a little more difficult. Also, some manufacturers claim that the enamel distributes heat for a more evenly distributed heat supply. Can I put aluminum foil in my toaster oven? It is possible. Some manufacturers warn against it, due to the heat capacity inside the machine. If you do, you should be careful to avoid placing it too close to burners or the side of the interior. How can I maintain my toaster oven? Some toaster oven interiors are coated with a non-stick enamel, as mentioned above (check your manual). If this is … Read more