Family Adventure Miami

Planning A Family Adventure Miami


Miami is a southern city in Florida known for gorgeous weather, awesome beaches, diverse cultures and exciting attractions. It is an outstanding place to take a Family Adventure Miami. If you are looking for some great cheap family friendly hostels in Miami.

Family Adventure Miami
Family Adventure Miami

Here are a few places to visit when traveling to Miami…

Here are some great things to do for your Family Adventure Miami

Zoo Miami

The Miami zoo is home to more than 2,000 exciting animals, including tigers, elephants, kangaroos, rhinos and lions.

The zoo also features a gorgeous assortment of flowers and plants.

Strollers can be rented, or you can ride throughout the zoo on the monorail.

While taking a tour of Asia and Africa, you can enjoy a tram ride.

You can see feedings of the animals, and you can have the opportunity to meet the zookeeper.

It is open every day of the year, and a favorite among children.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

You will be amazed at the beauty of these breath-taking gardens. You can ride the tram and learn interesting facts about the gardens.

The kids will love the butterfly garden where they can see huge butterflies flying around the garden.

These creatures will just land on your shoulders, and they are fascinating to watch. You can take pictures of birds, lakes, plants, art and crocodiles.

In addition, you can wander through the rainforest and view cascading waterfalls, tropical trees and gorgeous plants. The gardens are open throughout the year except Christmas, so bring your family to enjoy this stunning site.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This amazing museum features an excellent collection of artwork and historical artefacts.

This palace, located near the ocean, contains exquisite architecture and unmatched beauty.

You can visit this majestic museum anytime of the year, and it will be an unforgettable experience.


You cannot visit Miami without taking your family to one of the gorgeous beaches.

The Miami Beach, the Hallandale Beach and the Niki Beach offer numerous activities along the magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

Family Adventure Miami
Family Adventure Miami

You can swim, build sandcastles, eat or just enjoy the scenery.

The atmosphere is breath-taking. January through April is the best time of the year to visit the beaches in Miami.

The Miami Seaquarium

Situated on Biscayne Bay, this fascinating place is home to giant sea turtles, manatees, killer whales, dolphins and coral reefs.

You can see amazing dolphin and killer whale shows, and you can even swim with the dolphins.

It is open every day of the year, and reservations can be made to experience the animal encounters.

The whole family will enjoy this tropical paradise.

Everglades Safari Park

Miami is famous for its gators, so your family will have a blast while visiting this interesting park.

You can see birds, turtles and alligators. The airboat ride is amazing, and you can even hold a small alligator. It will be an enjoyable experience.

Jungle Island

This exciting theme park allows you to experience unique animal encounters.

You can see orangutans, snakes, lizards, frogs, kangaroos and more. You can visit the park any time of the year.

Miami Children’s Museum

This hands-on museum is great for kids. They can operate on a fake animal, get to be a dentist, see a fire department and visit a police department.

Children can explore a television studio, or they can visit a supermarket and bank.

They can also visit the cruise ship area. Kids can rock climb, dress up like a fire-fighter and learn about the Olympics.

The museum features a great view of the port of Miami. It is open year-round with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Family Adventure Miami

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