visiting San Diego in the off season

San Diego in the Off Season Cost Effective and Fun Way

San Diego in the off season – Everyone flocks here for the amazing weather and awesome attractions. Visit San Diego in the off season and beat the crowds. We camped our last time there and enjoyed an amazing family vacation. These are just a few of the interesting attractions of Southern and Central California, but there are many other places of interest to choose from. It’s all a matter of deciding how much time you plan to spend in this wonderfully diverse state. Family travel can be green travel as well. We had a blast staying at the San Diego Metro KOA for our kids’ fall break. It was a cost-effective way to visit San Diego in the off season. The campground was fairly empty, and the weather was great. There’s a ton for kids to do at this KOA. It’s also located so it’s convenient to major San Diego … Read more

How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase – Luggage has got to be one of the biggest hassles when it comes to traveling. It seems like there’s never enough room for the essentials, your clothes come out all wrinkled and smooshed, you end up lugging half a dozen bags, and there’s always that one little thing you forgot to bring. Whether you’re taking a weekend drive up to Canada to scope out Banff homes for sale or flying across the world to Thailand for a much-needed summer sightseeing vacation, you’re in luck. We’ve got all the tips you need to make sure your suitcase is orderly and optimized, and that everything you need for your journey is right where it belongs. Pick the right bags Want to avoid lugging around a thousand little bags, or one heavy one that’s only half-filled? Choosing the right suitcase(s) can save you a lot of … Read more

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center Free Warehouse Tour

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center ~ Free Warehouse Tour

Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center for great family fun. If you are taking a road trip, be sure to look up if there is an Amazon warehouse along the way. Amazon offers free tours which are fun for the entire family. We toured the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Phoenix, Arizona which is a sortable facility. Amazon offers free public tours at 22 of their locations in North America. They offer tours at 47 sites globally. Made in America Products and Manufactures List AMAZON: We need a Made In USA filter! Tour Amazon Fulfillment Center They have currently suspended tours. However, you can learn about our experience, and why you will want to plan a visit when they reopen. When they do reopen, you will have to reserve online in advance for a scheduled day and time. They don’t allow walk-ins. You will need to tell them your name as it appears … Read more

Best Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow of 2022 Review

Best Travel Pillow – Long journeys, whether on planes, trains, or busses, can be very uncomfortable, especially if you want to rest your head and get some sleep. More often than not, you’ll end up with a painful neck. Well, this doesn’t have to happen. With a good travel neck pillow, you will be able to relax and feel good. What to consider before buying a travel pillow Packing space it takes Does it have a breathable cover Does it have a removable washable cover Cost If it attaches to luggage Travel pillow design Classic u-shaped travel pillow Rectangular travel pillows Inflatable neck pillow Compressible pillow Best Travel Pillows Reviews There are many styles and types. Find the best travel pillow to keep you comfortable and help you get quality sleep while traveling. Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow While u-shaped travel pillows are what many people think of … Read more

Best Travel Headphones

Best Travel Headphones of 2022 Reviews and Recommendations

Do you need a good pair of headphones to listen to your favorite tunes while you travel? If so, you have come to the right place, because right now we are going to help you find the best travel headphones of 2022. While technology keeps changing, what you want in the best travel headphones doesn’t change. Here is what to consider before buying travel headphones: Hours of battery life Whether you want wireless headphones  Level of noise Price range Noise cancellation capability Weight Are they portable How large / small are the headphones Best Travel Headphones Reviews COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones These headphones from Cowin are a moderately priced pair of active noise cancellation headphones. They go over-the-ear and should drown out all noise around you. At the same time, they’ll provide you with very good sound quality and other benefits. First off, these COWIN E7 Active Noise … Read more