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Great South Bank Outdoors London UK is a Must See Attraction

South Bank Outdoors – Any London visitor probably has a list of must-see attractions. That list likely includes the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Those in the know also will include South Bank on their list. If you haven’t heard about this massive entertainment complex, then it’s time you did. I love visiting London in any season, but in recent visits, I have fallen in love with South Bank Outdoors during the … Read more

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9 Breathtaking Spots To Watch Sunset in London

Watch Sunset in London – Everyone who knows me is well aware of my fascination with London. It’s a place I visit often, in every season and in all conditions. Throughout the course of my visits, I’ve become something of an expert on the best places to watch a sunset in London. This is no mean feat, as anyone who is familiar with sprawling London urban centers is aware. Breathtaking Spots To Watch Sunset in … Read more

Rooftop Activities In London

Top 5 Rooftop Activities In London

Rooftop Activities – Sometimes, the best way to really appreciate a city is to get above it. London is no exception. In fact, this metropolitan city is one of the best in the world for finding fun and innovative things to do on rooftops. Try these rooftop activities in London the next time you’re visiting. Rooftop Activities In London Netil House If you ever have cause to work in London, you should try for an … Read more

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Advantages of Using Public Transportation

“[A] person who rides public transportation instead of driving reduces his or her carbon dioxide output, a harmful greenhouse gas, by more than 20 lbs a day and 4,800 lbs annually. That saves more than weatherizing a home, adjusting a thermostat, switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and replacing older appliances with higher efficiency models, combined. A national climate change strategy that doesn’t embrace public transportation has simply missed the bus.” — American Public Transportation … Read more

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12 Tips to Reduce your Carbon Footprint when Traveling

Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Many people are increasingly concerned with their personal contribution to carbon emissions and try to live a green lifestyle, but what if you want to travel? The following 12 tips will help you keep your carbon footprint as low as possible without disrupting your trip. Tips to Reduce your Carbon Footprint when Traveling Don’t Fly or Fly Smart It may be quick and convenient, but flying is one of the … Read more

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10 Hacks to Upgrade Your Bicycle

Upgrade Your Bicycle – So, you’ve ‘gone green’ and decided to ride your bicycle instead of driving a car or taking public transport? Congrats, you’re doing your part to reduce carbon emissions! But, isn’t cycling boring? It can often be perceived that way, especially if you conjure up images of the city slicker with his safety helmet on weaving through the rush hour traffic. However, there are many fun things you can do with your … Read more

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The World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities For Avid Cyclists

World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities – If you’re an avid cyclist who’s just purchased one of the new homes in Indianapolis, you should know that this city has made great strides to become a more bike-friendly city, and was even named the most improved when it comes to bikeability, according to a recent study conducted by The World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities But for those who are thinking about planning a trip around some of … Read more

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Skiing the Alps and How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Skiing the Alps – If you want your holiday to be nature friendly, there is a way to do it. Of course, ski resorts rely on the environment as the main draw for visitors. Protecting the environment, including the flora and fauna in the area, is essential for a sustainable future. Booking with environmentally friendly tour operators such as Alpine Elements is a great start to your eco ski holiday.  However, there is more you … Read more

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HitchHikers Guide to Traveling Around the Galaxy

Hitchhikers’ Guide – A backpack, broad smile, positive vibes and a thumbs up, everything you need to hitchhike around the world. While many people prefer to travel around the world in planes, trains and taxis, the breed of hitchhikers doesn’t mind gambling on the occasional free rides. Hitchhiking is for everyone, even if you have no money. Heading out on an unplanned journey and meeting new adventures head-on has a rush of its own. HitchHikers’ … Read more

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The Apres Ski Activities in Méribel You HAVE to Try!

Apres Ski Activities in Méribel – Winter is a time for snuggly blankets, hot chocolate, and good books. That is, unless you’re always in search of adventure! When it comes to sports, outdoor challenges, and breathtaking views, nothing comes close to the 3 Valleys in Savoie, France! Taking winter head on, you can ski the slopes, snowboard through the valleys, and relish in all of the spectacular amenities that the Méribel resort has to offer! Even … Read more