Money Belt with 20 dollar bill

Money Belt Reviews for Every Traveler

Updated: February 14th, 2020Are you ready for your first trip abroad? Have you packed your bags? If so, then make sure that you have a money belt, where you can safely put your credit cards, travel documents, room keys, etc. Read our money belt reviews to determine which one suits you best. Why do I need a money belt? Even if you are going to stay within your own country, depending on where you are … Read more

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Things to do in Prescott Arizona with Your Kids

Updated: March 24th, 2020When it comes to exploring new places, I like traveling by car best and being on the road to Prescott Arizona with your kids. Recently, I packed up the family to visit Prescott, Arizona. It’s a small city with a picturesque downtown and plenty of outdoor recreation. With lots of things to entice the kids, Prescott has become one of our favorite destinations. Enjoying Prescott Arizona with Your Kids We spent considerable … Read more

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Family Road Trip Southwest Colorado ~ So Much to Explore

Updated: March 5th, 2020Durango with kids – Many people have memories of road trips traveling across the United States as a child. This past summer we were fortunate enough to be able to experience the beauty and natural wonders of southwest Colorado. We especially loved Durango with kids as they experienced rafting and tubing and loved it. Colorado road trip We started our journey in Colorado Springs with our first destination of Pagosa Springs, a … Read more

2 boys building Lego house

Legoland Chicago – Everything You Need to Know for a Great Time

Updated: February 14th, 2020My sons and I are Legoland Chicago Discovery Center experts. We have been there 15+ times. If your kids are anything like mine, they love all things Lego. Whether or not you have a membership, this place is affordable (with one of their specials) and fun. I know many people feel the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg “isn’t worth it” for the price. Read on for more great tips about maximizing your … Read more

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Go Green Go Cycling Helps Environment, Health and Wallet

Updated: February 14th, 2020Go Green Go Cycling – The idea of going green is a way not only to help protect the environment but also to benefit your health and your wallet. Riding your bicycle protects the environment by removing another pollution producing and traffic congestion-causing vehicle from the road. Cycling tourism helps you learn more about the area you are visiting…World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities Bike riding is excellent for your health. Commuting on … Read more

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10 Things To Do With a Kids in London

Updated: February 14th, 2020We are come up with 10 Things To Do With a Kids in London, but the possibilities for entertaining a toddler in London are practically limitless. With their abundant curiosity and enthusiasm, kids often make wonderful travelers. As a city with numerous attractions designed to appeal to little ones, watch sunset in London , rooftop activities and views in London just might be the ideal destination for families. Here are a few highlights. Planning a Trip … Read more

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Go Green Campaigns and Go Green Movement

Updated: February 14th, 2020The increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers brings about more go green campaigns and a go green movement along with solutions. This gives ordinary people and corporations the opportunity to choose to make this planet a better place to stay. With global warming gradually affecting our earth, consumers, corporations and governments need to be more proactive in going green in every aspect An Effective Go Green Campaign in Every Nook and Corner … Read more

Dumbo and Timothy Painting the Disney Fantasy

Green Cruise Line Measures on the New Disney Fantasy

Updated: February 17th, 2020Looking for a fantastic green cruise line? Last month, my kids and I were lucky enough to sail on the media preview voyage of the Disney Fantasy, the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet of four. Having conducted research on how small ship cruising is the best green cruise line option, I had concerns about the eco-implications of our trip aboard this 130,000 ton, 4,000 passenger ship. Specifically, I wanted … Read more

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Hypermiling – Extreme Guide Tips to Increase Your Miles Per Gallon

Updated: May 21st, 2020Learn all about hypermiling with this extreme guide. We are taking advantage of a long holiday weekend by hitting the road. Our plan is to drive to New York from our home base in Washington, D.C. With gas prices still so high, I’m especially eager to do whatever I can to improve my gas mileage for the drive up to New York (we’re driving instead of $1 busing because we’re taking our … Read more