Travel Alarm Clocks

Why Modern Travelers Still Need Travel Alarm Clocks


When a friend of mine told me they were looking for a small travel alarm clock to take with them on a backpacking trip my first thought was Why? When I go away I rely on my phone to get me up in the morning, so could not understand why they wanted a physical travel clock.

It turns out they had several good reasons why they needed a physical clock rather than relying on a phone app to get them up with the larks.

The easiest way to cover these reasons is to take a look at the different types of travel clocks that are available and how they benefit certain groups of travelers. This is an update to our Best Travel Alarm Clock Reviews

Travel Alarm Clocks
Travel Alarm Clocks

Solar Powered Travel Alarm Clocks for Remote Travelers

For those travelling in remote spots power can be a huge issue…but not with a Solar Powered Travel Alarm Clock!

There just is not anywhere to charge a phone, so relying on an alarm phone app to keep track of time and get you up is just not an option.

In this situation, a compact solar or dual powered clock with a built in alarm is an ideal option.

The best ones have a range of light settings to help you to conserve power.

If your clocks charge levels are low you can opt for the screen to be black and to see the time you hit a button.

On the other hand, if the day has been sunny and the clock is fully charged you can opt to have the time show all of the time.

Extra Loud Travel Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

For some people the volume on their phone’s alarm app just is not high enough to get them up. My dad was a night worker, and a heavy sleeper. To get up he had to rig a doorbell with the button taped down to a timer downstairs to make sure he heard it.

The fact he had to get up and go downstairs to turn it off ensured he actually got up. I can tell you that alarm was loud, but if he did not get up because he simply did not hear an ordinary alarm clock. Judging by the number of extra loud travel alarm clocks there are out there it seems my dad is not alone.

My personal favourite is aptly named the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock. It is not a travel clock as such, but is a practical option for those who are travelling and need an extra loud alarm to ensure they do not miss their flight.

Folding Travel Alarm Clocks

My favorite kind of alarm clock is the folding type. I know, I know having a favorite type of alarm clock is a bit sad, but I can remember my granny coming to stay and bringing hers with her, so they bring back good memories.

As a kid it fascinated me that it was so small when folded, and the fact that the hands and numbers glowed in the dark really helped. It was like something an alien should own. Braun Black Reflex Controlled Travel Alarm Clock

Compact Travel Alarm Clocks for Backpackers

While we are on the subject of travel clocks that do not take up a lot of space, how about miniature alarm clocks. There are plenty of really small alarm clocks out there, but they are a bit bland.

I have found some nice miniature clocks that have a simple alarm feature built in, which would be a good alternative to a plastic clock. Just be careful not to buy one that gets lost in your suitcase.

Projection Travel Alarm Clocks

If like me you are used to sleeping with a projection clock it can be weird waking up in the night looking at the ceiling to check the time only to find it is not there. Unfortunately, my home projection clock is too big to travel with.

However, I have found a viable alternative in the XREXS projector clock.

It is quite compact and has an easy way to adjust the angle of the projector and thus adapt it to any room configuration. Importantly, it runs on batteries, so there is no bulky lead and plug to find suitcase space for, and no need to pack an additional travel plug when taking it abroad.

Non-ticking Travel Alarm Clocks

Most travel alarm clocks are analog rather than digital. They are great because they take up less space and use less battery power, but there is a big issue with analog clocks and it is that they tick. If you are not used to the sound of a ticking clock I guarantee that it will drive you nuts and may even keep you awake.

This is clearly something that the manufacturers of alarm clocks have realized, which is why they now sell non-ticking travel clocks. One of the best is the Timelink 88659, which also has built in brightness control.

No more fumbling Travel Alarm Clocks

So, if you are tired of waking up in the night, disorientated, in a strange hotel room, not knowing what the time is, fumbling around and knocking your mobile phone onto a hard tile floor – go old school and buy yourself a snazzy new travel alarm clock.

As you can see there are all kinds of travel clocks available, so there is bound to be one out there that is right for you.