Women Who Made History: Visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Texas


Mary Kay Museum – If you’re a fan of makeup, women who’ve influenced the world, or entrepreneurial history overall, visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Addison, TX should be on your list.

Combining a short but rich history of a powerful industry today, you’ll receive a lesson on perseverance and grit when you enter the museum.

Visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Texas

Who Was Mary Kay?

As you’ll find when you walk through the museum, Mary Kay Ash was a businesswoman and American entrepreneur who started a revolution in the cosmetic industry.

Not only did she leave an enormous footprint in the cosmetic industry, but she also started a revolution for businesswomen around the world.

What did she sell?

A line of nine beauty products at first.

But that wasn’t all she did.

She offered an opportunity for women to create and achieve.

Women Who Made History: Visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Texas
Women Who Made History: Visiting the Mary Kay Museum in Texas

By opening the company’s strategy to independent consultants, Mary Kay’s advisors could create revenue as much or as little as they could manage, toggling between family and other personal obligations.

Where is the Mary Kay Museum?

The museum is in Addison, Texas, and it’s located inside the Mary Kay Corporate Headquarters.

You can visit the museum from Monday through Friday, and you do not need a previous appointment to enter.

We recommend calling in advance to plan your visit, as hours may vary in case of events.

As of the time of this posting, there was no fee to enter, and a security guard will point you to the beginning of the exhibit.

Be sure to check in with the guard who will offer a brochure.

You can walk through the museum at your own pace, stopping at the multiple exhibits.

Can You Eat at the Museum?

As with any museum, exhibits are considered delicate.

When hungry, we recommend stepping out to the first-floor restaurant and enjoying a snack away from the exhibits.

Are Children Allowed in the Museum?

Yes, children are allowed in the museum.

Any minor aged 10 or under must be in the museum accompanied by an adult.

What Does Mary Kay Sell Today?

Today the Mary Kay brand sells cosmetics, body care and skin care, among other products.

Product quality is one of the pillars of this company, and of course, the empowerment of businesswomen.

For the many fans and sales associates of the Mary Kay brand, the museum is particularly sentimental.

They will be able to take a walk through the decades of the brand and see what it took to build the empire known today.

Why the Pink Cadillac?

To make a long story short, it’s a measurement of achievement for consultants in the Mary Kay company.

However, there’s more to the history of it.

As you’ll see on the museum’s website, the car was painted pink at Mary Kay’s request.

She may not have known it back in the 1960s when she made this request, but others would desire this pink Caddy as much as she did.

Either way you look at it, if you’re in sales you’ll agree: It’s simply great branding.

Part of United States Women’s History

The story of the Mary Kay brand remains in American History as one of the greatest entrepreneurial achievements for women in business.

Stepping into a man’s world in the 1960s, Mary Kay showed her passion for the American Dream and a belief in herself and other women.

Selling not just makeup, she gave women hope.

Today, the company stays relevant.

Be sure to visit the Mary Kay Museum in Addison, Texas, to find out more about the achievements of this influential woman and the company she created.