Searching Green Hotels How to be Greener Hotel Guest


Do you work for an eco-lodge, green hotel, or are otherwise associated with the travel industry? See information in Green Your Business. Are you a traveler searching for green hotels or information about how to be a greener hotel guest? Check out the following information we have about green hotels. Click through each post title to read the complete post about green hotels.

Finding Environmentally Friendly (Green) Hotels through Green Accreditation Directories

Searching Green Hotels How to be Greener Hotel Guest
Searching Green Hotels How to be Greener Hotel Guest

How does one go about finding an eco friendly hotel? How do you know if a hotels efforts to go green are actually paying off? As I began researching standards for green hotels, I became increasingly interested in the newly created green accreditation programs and standards that exist.

As I began researching standards for green hotels, I became increasingly interested in the newly created “green” accreditation programs and standards that exist. What I found, as you will see below, was absolutely atrocious. Many of these “green standards” merely involve a hotel executive filling out a survey and sending in their self-administered questionnaire with their membership fee. I don’t know about you, but to me this is unacceptable

How to Find Green Accommodations and Green Hotels: 25 Days to Green Travel

As greenwashing becomes ever more popular, it’s critical that we are cautious when searching for environmentally-friendly lodging. There are 5 basic types of green accommodations to consider when you are looking to find green hotels: hotels, eco-lodges, hostels, camping, and what I’m going to call “shared housing.”

Or serviced apartments are another good green way to go. Camping is generally the greenest and hotels (even green hotels) are generally the least green [read more]…

11 Tips and Tricks for Greening your Hotel Stay: 25 Days to Green Travel

Let’s face it, as much as we love camping, hostels, and eco-lodges sometimes a green hotel is the most reasonable option. Luckily, even when staying at the least environmentally-friendly green hotel you have a lot of control over your environmental impact.

Here are 11 of our favorite tips and tricks for being a little friendlier to Mother Earth during your next hotel stay [read more]…

Shades of Green Travel: Accommodations

If you already make efforts to be a green traveler, what does it take to be even greener? This week we will explore various ways to step up your green travel efforts using our shades of green travel spectrum.If you’re not familiar with the spectrum, it ranges from “pea green” travelers who are least likely to make extreme efforts to travel green;

“Kelly Green” travelers who make moderate efforts to be eco-conscious while traveling; to “forest green” travelers who will go to almost any length to leave no impact while traveling. This post is about green hotels and green accommodations [read more]…

When Hotels Practice What We Preach

After a 5.5 hour turbulent plane ride and waiting 25 minutes for a taxi (I got an eco-cab!) in the 101 degree F heat, I finally stumble into my hotel room. I open the door and a heat wave hits me. I don’t know the last time I was inside and it felt this hot. The thermostat in my hotel room is off. When I turn it on the it tells me it’s 86 degrees F in the room.

It takes a full hour for the room to get to a manageable temperature. I climb into bed a little later and go to turn on the bedside lamp. It doesn’t turn on. I check for a light bulb — that’s not the problem. I reach around the back and the cord isn’t plugged in. I have to blindly grope behind the bed to find the outlet.

“What’s the deal with this hotel?” I ask myself. “Don’t they know I expect things to work?” Then it occurs to me — the hotel is making an effort to save electricity. It’s trying to be a green hotel [read more]…

Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver (a Kimpton Hotel): Review

Frequently listed as one of the greenest of green hotel chains, Kimpton is our hotel of choice when we opt for the cushy green hotel life over a hostel or camping. Recently, we spent 4 nights at Kimpton Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver.

Since Vancouver is an extra green city, it’s fitting that the Pacific Palisades was an extra green hotel. In fact, the Hotel Association of Canada gave it a 4 Green Key ECOmmodation rating for its commitment to protecting the environment [read more]…

Dear Housekeeping: Please Don’t Change My Towel

Dear Housekeeping: Your green hotel, like nearly every single green hotel I stay at, has a little sign in the bathroom that says “in an effort to conserve water, if you hang your towel, we will not replace it. Leave it on the floor and we will exchange it for a fresh one.” Much like this one [read more]…

4 Ways Hotel Toiletries are Toxic to the Environment

With the 3 ounce bottle restrictions TSA has placed on carry-on liquids, more and more people are using hotel toiletries and leaving their own at home. Here are 4 reasons to reconsider. Hotel toiletries use a lot of packaging for a small amount of product [read more]…

Very Un-Green Hotel Amenities: 3 items, 4 pieces of packaging

Hotel amenities (soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) can be extremely wasteful and one of the biggest wastes comes from packaging. For instance, at a recent Sheraton stay I found this Bliss Shine Vanity Kit waiting for me in the bathroom along with the usual soaps and shampoo.

Last but not least, remember to be a green traveler at home. Check out our green home series including our posts about Stainless Steel Cookware and shades of green travel at home for more information.

8 thoughts on “Searching Green Hotels How to be Greener Hotel Guest”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised while staying at the Country Inn and Suites in Wausau, WI recently.
    I hate when hotels use styrofoam at their continental breakfasts. This hotel actually gave us real dishes and silverware to eat on, thus reducing the amount of non-recyclable items going into the trash. Kudos to them. I wish more hotels would do the same. It felt more homey as well.

  2. travel croatia

    Great quality site! Really enjoy reading about supporting green friendly environment because in Croatia, for example beach in Brela (on Dalmatian coast) Forbes magazine placed among 10 most beautiful beaches in the world (it takes 6th place in the world and it is first in Europe) but we must create green awareness among people to keep the beauty so all generations can enjoy it.

  3. Green Hotels are one thing but can you advise on any tour operators that provide eco-friendly travel to these green hotels .. the catch being, from the UK? Being an Island we have to fly or travel by boat, neither of which are very friendly to the environment.

  4. Well…am having little situation here, my guests are complaining on the websites, that we are not changing there towels on daily basis, even I have in each and every bathroom Go Green card placed, and our housekeeping staff are following the system, when ever guest hang his towels, we are not replacing it unless it’s too wet or dirty.
    So here comes the problem, guests are not welling to read; mainly they are not even familiar with such a policy “Go Green”.
    Add on that we are proud of being Green Hotel, and want to stick to it.

  5. @ Ali, Where is your hotel located? Perhaps you could also advise clients of your policy when they check in? It sounds like you are doing a great job – don’t get discouraged by a few complaints.

  6. I recently traveled to Ontario Canada and was overjoyed when I spotted a small recycle bin in the hotel room with signage explaining that each room has been outfitted with one and kindly requested that guests sort their trash accordingly. It’s such a simple thing: a small, inexpensive bin placed strategically next to the standard hotel trash can, but I reckon it makes a big difference! I don’t think it’d be overly onerous on the cleaning staff who likely dumps the contents of the recycling bin into a different container than the contents of the trash can when they make up the room each day. Would love to see more hotels do this!

  7. Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver really reminds me truly green free environment although the location of hotel is situated in middle of city

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