Green Halloween Tips: Top Tips to Green Your Halloween


With Halloween less than a week away, are you ready to celebrate a green Halloween? You will be after you read this. Here are our favorite green Halloween party tips, recipes, and costume and decoration ideas for an eco-friendly Halloween.

Easy Party Tips & Recipe Ideas for your Green Halloween Tips

If you’re throwing a party for All Hollows’ Eve, be sure to read our own Green Halloween Party: Ideas for a Spooky Good Time, which covers everything from invitations and food to costume ideas and favors, and the Joyful Organizer’s  Host your own Green Halloween Party or Neighborhood Bash, another comprehensive guide. For more recipe ideas, check out Inhabitots’ 6 Spooky, Healthy Halloween Party Snacks & Finger Foods Kids Will Love.

Awesome Green Halloween Decorations

Make your house festive (but sustainable) with the Top 4 Green Halloween Decorations from MomsRising and 6 DIY Eco-Friendly Halloween Decor Items from Apartment Guide.


Creative Costume Ideas (and a Contest)

Need a great costume idea? Check out HuffPost’s Green Halloween Costumes 2012: Easy, Free DIY Ideas For Kids And Adults and Top 5 Green Halloween Costume Tips from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Have a great, homemade Halloween costume? Enter the 2012 Inhabitots Green Halloween Costume Contest for a chance to win $200 in prizes.

More Fantastic Green Halloween Tips

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Happy Halloween! What do you do to celebrate a green Halloween?

Top 7 Eco Halloween Tips to Green Your Halloween

Between the candy wrappers, the thrown away decorations, and plastic treat bags, Halloween has the potential to be one of the most wasteful holidays of the year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take these seven easy steps to green your Halloween.

1. Create a Recycled Halloween Costume

Skip the Halloween aisle at Target and opt for creating a costume from items you have at home. Get the kids involved for a fun weekend activity. If you can’t find the materials you need at home, visit a thrift store. They can be Halloween costume gold mines. Not sure where to start? has you covered with lots of creative costume ideas.

2. Rethink Candy and Treats

Instead of buying the big-brand candy bags, hand out fair trade and/or organic chocolates. Sound too expensive? Skip the candy and make or buy a reusable treat. Green Halloween has some great green treat ideas to get you started.

3. Reconsider Face Paint

What did they have to put in that face paint to make it neon yellow? Whatever it is, it can’t be good for your health or the environment. And it’s probably not something you want to stay on your kids’ — or your own — face for 5 hours. Think about skipping face paint altogether. But if you absolutely must use face paint for your costume, read these safe face painting tips first.

Green Halloween

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4. Go Natural with Green Halloween Decorations

Don’t buy decorations from retail stores. Who needs all of that extra plastic and paper lying around, anyway? Instead, make your own reusable decorations from natural materials like pumpkins and leaves, and supplement with handmade decorations. If you can’t live without a festive plastic candy bowl, visit thrift stores and garage sales for second-hand decorations. Best Green Home Tips has some fun green halloween decoration ideas.

5. Green Your Halloween Party

If you’re having a Halloween part, apply the above decoration tips and think creatively about what you serve your guests. Instead of giving your guests non-sustainable candy in paper wrappers, hand out homemade cookies or cupcakes. Skip the paper plates and plastic cups and utensils and opt for reusable ones instead. Encourage guests to create green costumes by having a “create your own costume from scratch” theme party.

6. Walk the Trick or Treat Route

Some parents drop their kids off a few blocks away so they can trick-or-treat their way home. Others drive around behind their kids while the kids walk the neighborhood. Don’t do this. Unless it’s 10 degrees outside, there’s no need to involve a car in trick-or-treating. Walk with your kids around your neighborhood. They don’t want to be seen with you? Gotta love that age! Trail them by foot; keep a distance of 1-2 houses between you and your kids. The kids get to look cool and dependent, you get to make sure they’re safe. Everybody wins.

7. Find a Reusable Candy Vessel

Halloween is all about seeing who can collect the most (and best) candy. With that focus, the most important quality of the vessel that carries kids’ treasure is that it can hold a lot of candy. So be creative. Skip the plastic bags (yes, even if they’re decorated with cute pumpkins) and grab a reusable cloth bag, or even a pillowcase.

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Do you have green Halloween tips that we missed? Share them in the comments. Happy Halloween!
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