What is Going Green – Significance of Conserving Energy

What is Going Green – Significance of Conserving Energy


So what is Going Green? Going Green is a popular term used by environmentalists today. You may also have heard the term in the news or must have read it in your newspaper. You must have also seen a group of people protesting against industries and the pollution they create, in the streets holding slogans that say “Go Green or Go Home!” or “Protect Our Environment”, etc. But have you ever really thought about what is going green? Here is one of our articles 8 Tips For Going Green This Summer

What is Going Green

Well for starters what is going green? Going green refers to actions which result in the promotion and protection of the environment and the climate. Do not forget about the protection of endangered species and other animals. For example, due to global warming, the artic ice is melting and the climate is getting warmer by a few degrees each year.

This directly affects the habitat of that region. Many polar bears die each year due to lack of food and warmth. Another instance can be the endangerment of honey bees due to increased use of pesticides.

Pesticides kill honey bees and that can be increasingly dangerous for the planet’s biodiversity. Without honey bees pollinating the plants, almost 80% of the planet’s plant life will disappear which will directly affect the global populace as agriculture will suffer. Without honey bees there will be no honey and without honey many medications and treatment will cease to exist.

Going green is an important thing but what is going green without knowing anything about it? People often say that they want to participate wholeheartedly in cleaning up the environment but do not know where to start. Well, you can start going green right from your home.

Going green involves developing systems and processes which work in harmony with the environment and to reduce the use of chemicals and toxic substances which pollute the climate all around you. The ozone layer is slowly depleting due to increased industrial activity in the world.

China, for example, is known for its mass industrial power and the pollution that is destroying people’s lives. Majority of the Chinese population have to work wearing breathing masks to avoid inhaling smog and smoke. What is going green if you do not implement necessary measures?

Everybody can start giving something back to the environment. After all, there is hardly any person who can say that he/she does not pollute. This planet is your only home. Unlike in sci-fi movies where when earth is destroyed by man, colonies of men are shifted to another planet; that is not going to happen with you.

If the planet ceases to be the way it is and the environment deteriorates further, the future generations would suffer. Moreover, the Earth will become uninhabitable to a large extent. Going green means discovering and implementing alternative energy sources and preserving fossil fuels so that fewer pollutants harm the air around you.

What is Going Green
What is Going Green

What is Going Green: Global Awareness

Governments all over the globe, along with nongovernmental organizations, propagate and circulate public awareness regarding what is going green and what each individual should do to protect the environment.

Note that the pollution which was a direct result of the industrial revolution was the first cause for concern regarding the environment’s survival. Today, due to urbanization, globalization and industrialization, the environments is suffering a painful blow resulting in extreme weather conditions and global warming.

Governments all around the world are trying to find ways to promote the health of the environment by cutting down industrial pollution but so far nothing positive has come out of the efforts. There are still trees being cut down in numbers reaching thousands each year for the production of various industrial and common use products.

With fewer trees around, there will be deforestation and with deforestation, millions of species of animals will go extinct. It is their natural habitat which is being destroyed. Without trees there will be no circulation of clean air, trees have the ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Once a tree is cut down, a source of clean air is killed which could have served its purpose for many years to come.

How is the Planet Being Affected?

The planet’s eco-system is affected in a number of ways as a result of manmade pollutants. Previously, when there were no major regulations or laws against chemical waste disposal, various companies used to dump their chemical waste into rivers to dispose them off.

This resulted in the marine life of many water bodies going extinct. People who used the water from these sources also suffered as a result of the contamination. But nowadays, industries are regularized and are legally bound to set up water treatment systems to convert and treat the waste water from factories and households into more pure and usable water.

In many cases, the water that is treated can be recycled and used for other applications, or the waste can even be recycled to be used as applications for industrial purposes. For example, you can recycle glass, paper, plastic, etc. Recycling is a major part of what is going green.

In what is going green, the major source of pollution is the heavy usage of oil, gas and other fossil fuels mostly used to power industries. These fossil fuels will someday run out (adding to the damage). The use of these fuels directly results in the emission of dangerous fumes and gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrous oxide.

These are known as greenhouse gases which pollute the air and the environment. If you want to know what is going green, then it is imperative that you understand that burning fossil fuels in order to harness energy from it also produces a lot of carbon dioxide.

According to research done recently, it is indicated that the total percentage of carbon dioxide which is produced by burning fossil fuels, the environment can only process half of it. This percentage is expected to decrease with each passing day due to deforestation.

The other half of the carbon dioxide produced is left unprocessed and that is what damages the environment and increase health risks. This is in turn damages the planet’s ecosystem and thus results in global warming which pertains to drastic changes in the climate of the planet.

But there are steps that are being taken to prevent this damage and other forms of renewable and alternative energy are being implemented.

What is Going Green and How can You Help Save the Planet

Replenishing the Damaged Environment

Just knowing about what is going green won’t do any good. You have to practice and implement ways to lessen the burden on the environment. You can go green starting with your house. Tell your kids and spouse to switch off the lights when they are not in use. Try and avoid switching lights on during the daytime to conserve energy.

Walk to work or school if it isn’t far away. Otherwise, take the bus instead of driving there. When you go to get groceries, ride a bike. Taking a car means burning fuel which means more emissions on your part.

Following these simple steps can help reduce your carbon footprint. Secondly, you can actively participate by planting trees and other forms of flora and fauna in your backyard or your lawn. Reforestation is important if you want to help combat the harmful effects and damages caused by logging. Try to do some reforestation in both urban and rural areas.

Did you know that the major causes of floods and landslide is heavy logging and deforestation? Widespread flooding and huge landslides which wipes off entire cities and towns off the map, killing and displacing thousands of people in the process, is the result of logging and heavy deforestation.

Trees also act as nature’s shield against landslides and flooding due to heavy rain. Taking down the shield will no doubt result in destruction. And because of this, some species have already gone extinct and many are on the verge of extinction.

In what is going green, the trash you throw on beaches and in the water affects marine life. Each year thousands of birds who come to get fish from the waters are killed due to major oil spills and other contaminants in the ocean.

The fish that they eat also suffer because of the rampant pollution. To combat this, conservationists have developed a routine to clean up beaches all around the world on a daily basis. Oil spills, on the other hand, cannot be controlled. It is surprising to discover what is going green and the different ways in which you can give back to the planet.

All you need to do is play your part in any way you can, big or small it doesn’t matter. But it is your duty to do your bit to preserve the environment and prevent further damage. Many people are aware of what is going green and they know that some things are good for the planet and yet they do not do anything about it and instead turn a blind eye to it.

Going green is healthy and it can be a really noble cause. Knowing more about what is going green can save you money and lead you to a better and healthier life. A cleaner environment today will lead to a cleaner future tomorrow.

Going green is all about restoring nature and conserving resources. It is imperative that you save resources so that the future generations can use them to go about their lives. At the rate the world is going, it is not impossible to state there will be a scarcity of natural resources in the years to come.

Conserve Water

When in need of a shower, try not to waste a lot of water by taking long showers. When washing your face with soap or brushing your teeth or even shaving, it is a good idea to turn off the water. Get all the leaky faucets fixed so that there is no dripping water, which only ends up being wasted.

You see, going green is all about replacing your old habits and adopting new ones that not only result in your satisfaction but also help save the environment. Each time you decide to do something about saving natural resources, you take a step towards helping make the world a better place.


Recycling is an important and fundamental way to promote environmental protection. Recycling involves the process of turning waste into reusable products. For example, empty glass bottles or plastic plates or rubber can be recycled.

Glass can be recycled into a new glass bottles, ready for reuse, and so on. The process of recycling ensures the conservation of scarce resources and also reduces harmful emissions.

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You can reuse some of the things that you intend to throw away. For example, you can reuse old clothing as cleaning rags. You can turn containers into pots and plant some flowers. You can even donate old clothes to a church or charity so that they can be used to clothe the needy.

Change Your Lighting

You can switch to using fluorescent bulbs which use less power and are long-lasting.

Bring Your Own Grocery Bags

When going out for grocery shopping, you can Sachi Insulated Market Totes, Set of 6 with you so that you don’t have to take plastic bags. If everybody starts bringing their own bags, there won’t even be a need to manufacture more bags.


Try to grow your own food through homesteading. Considerable greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided this way as there will be lower demand of processed foods.

Ride a Bus or Carpool

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling or riding a bus or a bicycle. Pick your co-workers if they live nearby so that fewer cars are used. Vehicles are a major source of pollution.

Travel Green On Your Next Vacation

Knowing what is going green can be a wonderful thing, it is important that you also spread some awareness amongst your community so that they can go green too.