Mysterious Thailand

How to enjoy Thailand at its fullest?


Thailand is one of the most popular Asian vacation spots around the world.

With its extraordinary weather and passionate locals, it is hard not to fall in love with this place.

You can always take a good rest with the breath-taking sunset and beautiful coral reefs, and let’s not forget the food.

Here is the perfect travel guide for you to enjoy Thailand at its fullest.

Mysterious Thailand
Mysterious Thailand

Best time to visit Thailand

There are three seasons in Thailand, the High Season, Shoulder Season and Low Season.

During the High Season, which is November to March, the weather would be cool and dry, meaning that you can enjoy some soothing sea breeze after your scuba diving.

Also, you can take part in one of the major events in Thailand, the lantern festival.

During April to June, the Shoulder Season, it would be hot and dry.

The average temperature can reach to a swooping 30°C with a hint of humidity.

It would be the best to visit Central, North and Northeast regions.

For July to October, the Low Season, you would be expecting a lot of rain, ranging from showers to raining cats and dogs.

Make sure you have several back up plans if you are planning outdoor activities in these months.

Major cities in Thailand

Thailand is a large country with a lot of charming cities.

The most famous one would be Bangkok.

23.3 million of visitors went to Bangkok in 2017 to experience the vast contradiction between solemn temples and the wild night clubs.

Another popular choice would be Chiang Mai.

Located in the middle of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, you can find mountains and valleys in Chiang Mai, allowing you to take a break from your busy city life.

When it comes to sun and beaches, you could not miss Phuket.

With amazing beaches, there are a lot of activities you can choose from, like diving and scuba-diving.

Best activities in Thailand
Best activities in Thailand

For those party animals, you have to go to Ko Phi Phi where you can enjoy an exotic night life.

Best activities in Thailand

There are a lot of things you can do in the land of smiles.

You should definitely get on a Tuk Tuk, the Thailand traditional taxi while you explore the city.

To spend an exotic evening with traditional Thai festival, you can participate in the Lantern festival where you can release a lantern to the rivers or join the Full Moon Party held every month.

For foodies, you cannot miss the floating markets where you can shop for Thai food and spices while you travel around colorful the Internet is crazy about.

As for those who are into outdoor activities, you can participate in scuba diving, where you can explore the clear waters and observe the colorful corals.

Another attraction in Thailand for some would be their elephants.

As one of the countries that loves elephants, you can visit these adorable animals in multiples places.

So grab your passport and this useful travel guide, and start your journey to the land of smiles!