Eco Friendly Shopping Bags ~ Here’s Why You Should Use Them


Lately, it seems like “going green” is everywhere. Companies, charitable organizations and even individuals are increasingly committed to saving the environment. For the uninitiated, it’s overwhelming. Is it truly necessary to give up your car, retrofit your house with solar panels and cultivate a vegetable garden to be more environmentally responsible?

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags is one of the easiest ways to start “going green”.¬†While all of these are great ideas, they are somewhat extreme for the person who is just beginning to take part in the environmentally friendly movement. Why not begin the process by making one easy, convenient change? Switching to eco friendly shopping bags is the ideal place to start.

eco friendly shopping bags

You’ve seen these reusable bags everywhere. People carry them while commuting on the bus, and they also bring them to the grocery store, farmer’s market and the mall.

They are bigger and more durable than the average plastic grocery bag. That means you can use them again and again without wearing them out.

In fact, most of these eco friendly shopping bags can stand up to years of continued use. Making the switch to reusable bags from paper or plastic is a cinch.

They are available everywhere, and they come in an endless array of colors and styles. A reusable shopping bag just might become your favorite accessory, and it’s the kind of fashion statement you can feel good about making.

That’s because environmentally friendly shopping bags don’t have the same drawbacks that paper and plastic bags do. Despite the fact that paper bags are generally seen as more acceptable than plastic bags, they have a lot of the same detrimental features.

Manufacturing paper bags requires cutting down enormous numbers of trees each year, and the construction process releases harmful toxins into the air. The process by which plastic bags are made is similarly hurtful to the atmosphere. Moreover, plastic bags are petroleum based, putting undue strain on a limited and non-renewable resource.

Paper and plastic bags are recyclable. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of them end up in the landfill. Still others simply become litter. In these circumstances, plastic bags are particularly harmful. They clog drain pipes and sewers.

They also present a danger to marine life and other wild animals.

Clearly, eco friendly shopping bags are the smarter alternative to paper and plastic. They’re made from biodegradable materials, and just one reusable bag prevents the circulation of literally thousands of plastic bags. Make the switch today to ensure a greener tomorrow.

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Eco friendly shopping bags

Green shopping bags are popping up everywhere. You see them at the grocery store, in farmers markets and even at the mall. Some grocery stores give discounts to customers who bring their own bags.

Progressive cities, including Bellingham, WA, have even banned the use of plastic bags in an effort to persuade consumers to choose reusable bags. If you’re like many people, you’re probably wondering where the push to use green shopping bags comes from. Why is their use so desirable over plastic bags?

eco friendly shopping bags

The reasons for ditching plastic bags are many. The manufacturing process that results in a finished plastic bag involves petroleum. This non-renewable resource is in short supply, and when it must be diverted to factories that make plastic bags, consumers feel the pain in higher prices at the gas pump.

Plastic bag production has other hazards, such as the toxins that the process releases into the atmosphere. The end of the life cycle for these bags isn’t much more attractive. They aren’t biodegradable, and they can take as long as 1,000 years to fully decompose.

Reusable shopping bags, on the other hand, feature many distinct advantages. On an aesthetic level, these bags are more attractive. They come in incredible varieties of size, shape, color and pattern.

Some people have started seeing reusable bags as part of their daily fashion statement. On a more functional note, many reusable bags have the equivalent capacity of three to four plastic bags.

They are more durable than their plastic counterparts, and their handles are much stronger, enabling you to load up the bag without fear of destroying it.

Many of these bags are able to stand on their own thanks to a stable base. Unlike a plastic bag, you can set down a reusable bag without spilling the contents.

Best of all, reusable bags are made using environmentally friendly ingredients. Some are even composed of recycled materials. When the reusable bag has reached the end of its life, which typically lasts several years, it can easily be recycled.

Even the manufacturing process that creates these shopping bags is environmentally friendly. No petroleum products are used, and no harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere.

There are so many ways to go green at home and while out and about. With so many advantages to using green shopping bags, it’s no surprise that so many consumers are making the switch. Take the proactive approach by seeking out a few stylish bags to use on your next shopping trip.