Sigg Water Bottle Review: The Best Aluminum Bottle for You

We’ve reviewed quite a number of stainless steel water bottle options at Go Green Travel Green, and we’re quite familiar with the various brands in the eco-friendly water bottle market. So when Sigg, one of the first metal water bottle options in the U.S., contacted me for a review of their new Cuipo bottles, my first thought was along the lines of, “Wait, doesn’t Sigg have problems with BPA?”

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a harmful chemical that can leak into foods and liquids. Trace amounts have been found in many plastic water bottles and metal water bottles with plastic in the lining. All the water bottles we review and endorse are BPA-free, and we’ll make no exceptions: I’m happy to say that Sigg is now — and has been for some time — completely BPA-free.

In fact, Sigg’s correction of the problem led in part to important consumer awareness about both the benefits of metal water bottles and the dangers of BPA. And Sigg’s long and respected history in the industry helped it come back strong.

Sigg Water Bottle Review

sigg tikoSigg and Cuipo

Sigg has long been an advocate for environmental awareness, and is now partnering with, a retailer dedicated to protecting the Cuipo Rainforest Preserve of Panama. Cuipo has acquired 13,354,600 square meters of rainforest set aside for preservation. Each purchase of a Cuipo item saves one square meter through their One Meter at a Time project.

Sigg Cuipo Tiko 0.3L

The Sigg Cuipo Tiko 0.3L water bottle is the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers, but we found it also to be ideal for school-aged kids to pack in their school lunch. The Tiko fits well in standard lunch boxes and bento boxes, and includes the sport top with lid, so the liquid won’t spill and the mouth piece won’t get dirty.

Best of all for this family of boys? The Tiko is truly unisex — its bright orange color and tiki bird appeal to everyone. If the Tiko isn’t quite big enough, the Cuipo Cezar and Peaches are 0.4L and include the same type of sport top. When kids buy the Tiko or any other Cuipo bottle, they’ll see a tag around the neck with an activation code. Simply go to the Cuipo website (listed on the tag), enter the code, and see the meter of rainforest you saved. My eight-year-old really got into this; he could actually see what his purchase had saved. Buy the Tiko for $15-$18.

sigg water bottleSigg Cuipo Be the Solution 1L

For adults and teens, the Sigg Cuipo Be the Solution 1L bottle is large while still fitting in most cup holders and backpack bottle sleeves. The mouth is wide enough for ice cubes, and it has my favorite new Sigg feature: the active top. Much like the bite valve on a hydration pack, the active top uses a straw design and soft bite mouth piece so you can draw water without taking off the lid or pausing in your hike or bike ride.

And yes, even with these plastic parts, the bottle is still BPA-free. The bottle is bright green with an attractive ‘Be the solution, not the cause’ slogan. The adult-sized Cuipo bottles also come with the rainforest-saving activation code. Buy the Be the Solution bottle for $24-$28.

Other sizes and designs are available in the Cuipo line. We love the perfect partnership of an eco-friendly water bottle and the chance for kids (and adults) to make a lasting difference!

What aluminum bottle works best for you? What conservation programs are worth your time and money?

Disclaimer: We received the above Sigg Cuipo bottles for the purpose of review. This post contains affiliate links, which allow us to provide high-quality content for free. Thanks for your support!