Restaurants Banning Bottled Water and Other Weekly Links

A few noteworthy green links from around the web this week:

NY Post writes about 12 restaurants and hotels in New York City that have decided to ban bottled water.

Tim Ferriss author of Four-Hour Work Week discusses the Return on Investment of “Going Green” and environmentally friendly index funds that beat the market.

Jennifer at Brave New Traveler poses the question: “Has green travel as conceptualized today become narrow minded, shallow and embarrassingly self-congratulatory?

The Perrin Post discusses Going Green in Wine Country (Napa Valley).

Gridskipper maps our way around Organic London.

And that’s a wrap.

Note that¬† posts will be a little slow here at Go Green Travel Green this week.¬† We’re prepping for an exciting series to launch on Earth Day (April 22).