Parka Minneapolis Review: Delectable Dining in Longfellow

Ever since I heard about the impending arrival of Parka, a restaurant that would share its space with the very cool Forage Modern Workshop in southeast Minneapolis, I’ve been impatiently awaiting its opening. Wednesday night the wait was over and I was thrilled to experience the fantastic atmosphere, delicious food, and tasty beer on Parka’s opening day — all of which I’ll cover in this Parka Minneapolis review.

When you arrive, be sure to take in the laid-back, hip atmosphere of the restaurant, which gets much of its decor (chairs and cups, for example) from Forage. Appreciate the unique furniture and modern vibe.


Parka offers a cool, modern interior with a great vibe.

Start your culinary journey with one of three beer choices from the Minneapolis-based Indeed Brewing Company. We imbibed a Day Tripper pale ale and a Stir Crazy winter ale, and both were delicious.

Parka serves delicious local tap beer selection from the Indeed Brewing Company.

If you’re tempted to skip the appetizers, don’t. The succulent rabbit meatball hoagie was the best dish of the night. The moist, flavorful meatballs are served on brioche-like bun from Rustica Bakery and topped with a divine apricot mostarda and pastachio aioli. The salt and vinegar beet chips that accompany the hoagie are a winner.


Rabbit meatballs served on a delicious hoagie with beet chips.

The beer can chicken was moist and tender and served on a bed of popcorn grits. Being from Texas, I’m picky about my grits, and these were really good. The salad with roasted red peppers was a nice touch and well put together. The one things I didn’t love about this dish was the bitter flavor of one of the sauces. That, and the chicken could have been more flavorful; it was a bit plain. But overall, still a tasty dish.


Beer can chicken with popcorn grits.

I love ribs and Parka’s glazed spare ribs did not disappoint. The kale was sparse but tasty, and the vermicelli pudding was basically a fancy mac and cheese — in a good way.


Glazed spare ribs with vermicelli mac and cheese, plus homemade pickles.

For dessert, we ordered the apple cobbler with cheddar ice cream. Check out that presentation. The cobbler had good flavor and wasn’t too sweet, which I appreciated. The cheddar ice cream had a good texture, but I think it would have been even better if it were cheesier. Overall, a tasty dessert.


Apple cobbler with cheddar ice cream, apple chips, and walnut caramel.


Parka’s menu. Check out those starters.

Have you tried Parka Minneapolis yet? What was your favorite dish?

4021 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55406
Hours: Weekdays 7AM – 1oPM and weekends 8AM-10PM