Iceland with Kids: Travel with a Baby, Children, or Teenagers

It’s official. Elizabeth and I are going to Iceland in August! We’re excited to take our first international trip with our son, who will be 9 months old when we go. I’ve scoured the internet to learn about travel with kids in Iceland — what to do, where to stay, and how to get around. Here’s what I’ve found.

Iceland with a Baby or Toddler

Travel in Iceland with a Baby

Iceland with School-Age Kids and Teenagers

Iceland with Kids Travel Family Teenagers

Have you traveled to Iceland with kids? What advice would you give? Am I missing any great resources about traveling in Iceland with kids?

photo credits:  Dan Harrelson and Bill Ward’s Brickpile


  1. By Laia on

    Hello! We are thinking to go last week of august with our baby (she will be 9 months) but i am a litle bit afraid about the weather… have u found some tips about this? i’m afraid about the weather… Thanks!

    • By on

      It sounds like it will be 50-55 degrees celsius during the day when we’re there in August, which is very manageable. What are you concerned about, specifically?

  2. By Laia on

    I think about which kind of clothes are better for her… i doubt if we need some special clothing… specially in the glaciar areas (we are not going to hike but we would love to see the iced sea :) What are u packing for ur baby?

    • By on

      We’re packing layers for our 9-month-old. We’re bringing short sleeve onesies, long sleeve onesies, heavier long sleeve shirts, pants, a jacket, a sun hat, and a winter hat. That way, he’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather is. We’re also bring a swimsuit and swim shirt for the blue lagoon! Enjoy your trip!

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