Vancouver Winter Olympics Sightseeing and Culture

Every four years, I let an obsession overcome me and I watch as much as I can take — the daring spins and throws of figure skating, the jumps of snowboarding, and the thrill of speed skating at the Winter Olympic Games. This year my obsession is even worse because the 2010 Olympics are in Vancouver, an eco-friendly city that I happen to love. In honor of the Olympics, here is our complete guide to Vancouver Winter Olympics — from restaurants and things to do to green Vancouver and the Olympics.

Vancouver Winter Olympics

Vancouver Winter Olympics Restaurants

Vancouver is home to a diverse population and its array of restaurant choices reflects that diversity. Don’t be overwhelmed by the endless dining choices — read these guides to find the best eats in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Winter Olympics Sightseeing

No matter where your interests lie, Vancouver will have something to entertain you. Check out these lists of things to do in Vancouver for ideas.

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Culture and Arts at Vancouver 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics

Vancouver Winter Olympics


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Vancouver Winter Olympics Accommodations

It may be too late to find affordable accommodations during the Olympics, but if you’re visiting Vancouver after the games, you’re in luck. Vancouver has it all from hotels to hostels to bed and breakfasts.

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2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

If you can’t make it to the Olympics, these posts will make you feel like you’re there — almost.

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Green Vancouver

With the array of local businesses, public transportation, and outdoor activities Vancouver offers, the green traveler should have no trouble staying busy in the city.

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Local Culture

Vancouver was already a culturally diverse city and the 2010 Olympic Games have taken that diversity to a whole new level.

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Whether you’re in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics or just visiting for the weekend, the city offers low-impact activities, accommodations, and dining options for every traveler’s taste.

I Was There: Vancouver Olympics 2010

This is a guest post by Brooke Lusk.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of my trip to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, since I would be traveling with 50 teenagers. I went to Vancouver as a mentor to at-risk teens through a program of The Foundation for Global Sports Development. I’m so glad I kept an open mind because the experience was truly unforgettable.

First Impressions

As we wandered around the city on the Thursday before the Opening Ceremonies, the growing anticipation of the games was palpable in the air. The Vancouver metro area had transformed into a hub of Olympic excitement.

In less than 24 hours, the city would become an intersection of cultures, filling the streets with the sounds of different languages and dialects. However, despite all the differences, a common sense of joy, good will, and healthy competition was evident in everyone’s interactions.


Olympic Rings at 2010 Vancouver Olympics

The Cultural Experience of the Olympics

It was the cultural aspect of the Olympics that I found most appealing. We spent some time at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, which houses a fascinating collection of cultural artifacts and information. We also enjoyed Chinese New Year celebrations, and some of us were lucky enough to sit next to a group of costumed and very enthusiastic Swiss fans during the USA Men’s Hockey game against Switzerland.

One particularly exciting moment was when a bunch of the teenagers with my program, many of whom are from Mexico, got to meet the single Mexican Olympian! This friendly exchange of cultures is truly integral to the Olympic spirit.


Olympic Coffee Volunteer

How Green Were the Vancouver Olympics?

Vancouver did, in my opinion, a great job of hosting these Olympics, despite reported lack of snow (many interviewed athletes said the conditions were fine) and a few other incidents. In regards to hosting an environmentally friendly and inclusive Olympics, The Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) included the first-nation tribes and metropolitan residents as they moved forward to host what has been called the “greenest” Olympic games yet.

There was busing from Vancouver to Whistler and Cypress Mountain that reduced carbon emissions, spectators and residents were strongly encouraged to use public transportation (and many did!), and a variety of recycling options were available everywhere.

I’m sure there are ways VANOC could have done even more to reach their green objectives, but this Olympics was a great step forward in environmentally-conscious thinking.

Green Vancouver and Olympics Resources