Groupon for Travel: two great ways to take advantage of a Groupon for travel

Have you ever used a Groupon for Travel? If not, now is the time to start.  There are two great ways to take advantage of a Groupon for travel.

1) Groupon for Travel by City

A few months before heading to a vacation destination, sign up for the Groupon offers in that city.  For instance, if you’re heading to Chicago, subscribe to Groupon Chicago.  If you’re traveling to Miami, sign up for Groupons in Miami.  You can get deals on restaurants, theater tickets, museums and more.  A few words to the wise.  First, be sure to check out the actual map of where the Groupon is for.  You don’t want to get stuck feeling like you have to drive to a suburban location because you didn’t bother to look. Second, only buy Groupons you think you will use.  Just because a Groupon is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.  You want to spend your vacation doing what you want to do, not whatever you feel like you have to do because it was a good deal.

Great Travels Deal

2. Groupon for Travel Getaways

Groupon Getaways are newer – Groupon has partnered with Expedia to offer some of the best deals on travel.  Below I’ve listed the current Groupon for Travel – these Groupon Getaways can save you loads of money.  Just remember to be flexible in your timing and travel location and you can score a great trip for super cheap. Also, remember that if you see one you like, double check the dates and availability with whomever you plan on traveling with!

Groupon Alternatives for Travel

Last week we wrote about using Groupon for Travel, but there are some great Groupon alternatives for travel.

Currently the best seems to be’s Deal of the Dayave up to 50% on the hotel Deal of the Day!

We also use Priceline Bidding to stay up to date on the best deals.  If you’re looking for international flights from Australia, Flight Centre might be a good deal.

What else do you know of that allows you to get deal of the day type deals for travel? We will keep a running list.

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Have you used a Groupon for travel? What was your experience?