Eco-Friendly Baby Products

There is nothing more precious than our children. We do everything we can to protect them from danger or harmful situations. This should include protecting them all of the harmful chemicals, materials, and pollutants that are found so often in everyday living.

I have become more conscious about the materials that are used in making clothing, toys, or products we handle every day. It used to be hard to find products that were made eco-friendly, or a term we are becoming more familiar with, “green.”


I have done some research and come across some interesting, and safe, products that are friendly for babies. Many of these are geared toward the family on the go or things you would take with when traveling for the day or for the week; while others are everyday products that are necessities.

  • Cloth diapers used to be a thing of the past, but as we all start to become more environmentally conscious, we are realizing that disposable diapers do more harm than good. With that said, cloth diapers are becoming a thing of the present. One product that I came across was Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitteds. These are organic cloth diapers made from organic bamboo and cotton fleece and they also carry “soakers” which are covers that prevent leaking. They are available in newborn to extra-large (which fits 32 lbs and over). This company implements a “one diaper-one tree” program that plants one tree for every one diaper purchased.
  • What little traveler doesn’t need a blanket? There are several organic blankets and quilts on the market. I chose to review one made by Aden and Anais called the Oasis Organic Dream Blanket. The blanket is made from organic cotton muslin. The blanket is 47 in. x 47 in. in size and is four layers thick. The material used has self-regulating properties, therefore when baby is wrapped in it or swaddled, it is nice and warm and cozy for them.
  • With all of the different designs of baby carriers on the market, clumsy strollers are becoming a thing of the past. There are simple one-piece cloth carriers to more intricate back pack carriers for babies. All of these styles can be found made in organic materials. One of the mid-size carriers I found is the Organic Collection Baby Carrier by Ergobaby. The carrier can be worn on the front, back or hip. It is made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified Organic Cotton and has an ergonomic design which keeps the baby in a natural sitting position. The carrier is accessorized with a hood and storage pocket. This is such a lightweight and versatile carrier that it is good for the everyday walk, a trip to the grocery store or a long hike.
  • Babies spend a lot of time traveling in car seats, which can also double as a convenient carry for the trip into the gas station or grocery store. For those chillier days, you will need something to cover your baby. The Orbit Baby Footmuff – Green Edition is the perfect product. It is made with organic cotton and is chemical-free and meets all car seat safety standards. The Footmuff attaches to the car seat or a stroller and not only gives baby a comfortable lining, but covers baby from the neck down and totally encloses around the feet. It has a convenient zipper to easily get baby in and out and also an adjustable flap to fold down if the weather is nicer. It comes in both small and large sizes; both sizes come with an extension for the foot area to use as baby grows.

There are many accessories and daily necessities that can be found in chemical-free and organic materials. Not only are you doing your part in protecting the environment, but you are also giving your baby the best start possible on living an eco-friendly life.