Develop Your Own Travel Philosophy and Other Links

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments and emails about Lisa, our golden retriever. We had a very tough week last week as she somehow managed to swallow two corn cobs (without our knowing). When we took her to the vet they said that if the corn blocked her digestive track we would have to put her to sleep because it turns out she also has lung cancer.

Luckily the corn cobs, shall we say, passed — one way or the other. But, she still isn’t feeling the greatest and with the lung cancer it’s just a matter of “how long can she continue to live happily?” She’s 13 so she’s had a good life, but it’s still not easy.

Anyhow, we’re back. To get you (and ourselves) up to speed we’ve put together some links from the travel blogosphere in the last few weeks:

Chris at the Art of Nonconformity talks about Developing Your Own Philosophy of Travel.

Shaula from Mileometer shares an Indian Pudding Recipe that looks delicious.

Nomadic Matt has an awesome post about Four Ways to Avoid Being a Tourist.

Pam from Nerd’s Eye View writes about being asked by Conde Nast to cover their World Savers Conference this weekend. I admit to being a tiny bit jealous — but alas will be spending the weekend packing as we’ll be on the plane to Argentina three weeks from today! Conde Nast — if you need any reports from an eco-lodge in Argentina let us know!

Theresa from Lives of Wander has a thought-provoking post about Places that Fit.

Brave New Travel inspires us with 10 Revolutionary Acts of Courage by Ordinary People.

Christine from Almost Fearless discusses her Brief Encounter with a Spanish Medical Establishment. Yikes — her husband got the mumps! Getting sick while traveling is never fun — which is why we have a post for you this week to help guide you through (less serious) medical issues while traveling.