Best Travel Shoes, Travel Sandals, Walking Shoes and Hiking Boots

If there’s one thing you can’t leave for your next vacation without — it’s travel shoes. And given that, when traveling, you probably walk a good deal more than usual, it’s critical to have the best travel shoes and travel sandals. So, we’ve compiled a list of what to look for in the best travel shoes so you know which traveling shoes to pack.

Best Travel Shoes – Travel Sandals, Walking Shoes, and Hiking Boots

Best Travel Shoes

Best Travel Shoes

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Best Travel Sandals: Best Walking Sandals

There are three reasons you might need travel sandals when traveling (and they might overlap):

You’re hosteling and want shower shoes

You’re heading to a beach

You’re headed someplace warm

For 1) and 2), you may be fine with a pair of flip flops. Flip flops are easy to transport and relatively inexpensive making for great shower and beach shoes. I usually get mine for less than $5 at Target or Old Navy, but I have friends who really like:


For 2) (beach, if lots of walking) and 3) (someplace warm), you’ll want a comfy pair of walking sandals. Walking sandals with wrap around straps (forcing your foot to press against your foot, unlike a flip flop) are a better choice. Depending on your dress style you may want something fancy in travel sandals. Here are the best sandals for walking that we’ve found:

In terms of brands, I used to recommend Birkenstocks but have had some terrible quality and customer service issues. I had the strap fail and separate from the sandal after just 6 months of light wear…I do not recommend anymore; and Kimberly prefers Tevas and Chaco sandals, which are known for their durability and comfort. If I were going to buy a pair of walking sandals today it would be either Chacos or one of the following brands: KeenClarks, BornMephistoUggs and Hush Puppies all have good comfortable dress sandals that will also be good for walking.

Best Travel Walking Shoes

If your destination isn’t 90 degrees and hot, you’d probably prefer a pair of close toed extra comfortable travel walking shoes like the fun Vasque Rift. Depending on your travel plans and amount of luggage, you may want walking shoes that double as hiking boots or travel walking shoes that double as dress shoes. That said, your best best might be to invest in a good pair of hiking boots (like the Patagonia Drifter) and a small pair of flats (like the Bloch Arabian Ballerina III) that don’t take up much room in your suitcase.

Best Travel Shoes: Hiking and Walking Shoes for Traveling

If you’re looking for walking shoes that double as hiking boots, look for a pair of low cut hiking boots. For Argentina I purchased these Merrills (the Moab Ventilator) and love them. Kimberly bought some Keens and loved those. We wore these shoes regularly for both hiking and city walking. There are a number of great brands of hiking/walking shoes, the trick is to find a pair that fit well.

Best Travel Shoes: Walking and Dress Shoes

If you want travel walking shoes that can double as dress shoes, there are a few brands that turn up comfortable walking shoes that look nice enough for a fancy restaurant. Check out: Ecco, Mephisto, New Balance, Rockport (men) as they all get good reviews for fancy, yet comfortable, walking shoes. I’ve been wearing my Keen Women’s Shoes (Mary Janes) and they are perfect for this.

Travel Hiking Boots

How much hiking you’ll be doing should influence what kind of hiking boots you’ll need. If you’re doing day trips or low-intensity overnight trips you might be able to get away with a pair of low cut hiking boots that can double as your walking shoes. This is what we did in Argentina and it worked out very well. Plus, it saved a lot of space in our luggage.

If you’re planning on a lot of hiking, you’ll want the best hiking boots money can buy – with plenty of ankle support. These boots will be taller and bulkier, but the last thing you want is a twisted ankle, 3 days trekking into the Alaskan wilderness. Try on many pairs of tall hiking boots to find a pair that fits well. (Potomac Appalachian Trail Club has a great resource about finding hiking boots that fit.)

Buying Travel Shoes Online: Zappos Review

Shoes are difficult to buy online because you can’t try them on. But, you can get better prices. There are a lot of reasons to buy shoes online and a lot of reasons not to. But if you do decide to buy online I highly recommend buying through Zappos. Here’s an experience I had trying to buy hiking shoes just a week before we left for Argentina. (A previously written but unpublished post).

I knew I had a pair of hiking boots. Somewhere. They served me well during a 3-week backpacking trip in Poland years ago. After digging around for them, i found my trusty Merrells tucked away in my parents’ garage. A few seeds in them. And what else… chewed up padding. Apparently a mouse had found the hiking boots before me.

With only 3 weeks til departure (and 1.5 until the move) and 45 minutes from the nearest REI I knew I had to act fast. After pouring through hiking boot reviews online I still couldn’t decide which pair to buy.

I knew I wanted Marrells. Mostly because I knew what size I wore in them.

But there are probably 50+ Merrell hiking boot options. So I slowly but surely narrowed the choices down.

To three.

Then I had a brilliant idea — why not order all three and return the two that I don’t like as much.

While this takes its toll on the environment because of shipping, the stress is saves me (plus the long drive to REI) certainly pays off. But then there’s the problem of costs. Shipping costs a lot of money.

Thank goodness for Zappos. I ordered all three pairs of shoes on Tuesday. Free 4-6day shipping was inlcuded. Lucky for me they upgraded me to free overnight shipping. Woo-hoo!

Wednesday I received all three pairs. I tried them on.

The $90 pair slipped off my feet. They were sort of elasticy.

The $115 pair was really heavy. Plus they are made of Goretex which, for environmental reasons, I’m on the fence about.

The $80 are very comfortable. They are soft to the step. Plus I think they are the best color.

I’d heard good things about Zappos (like this story about Zappos sending someone flowers)

But now I’ve experienced it for myself. I will definitely shop there again since it makes my life so much easier.

So there you have it. Everything you needed to know (and more) about the best travel shoes, travel sandals, walking shoes, and hiking boots, plus where to buy them online. Update: I have also heard good things about Endless, which also offers free shipping.


  1. By kdt on

    I just tried out a pair of Timberland Madison Summits on an extended trip and loved them. They look decent – brown oxford ‘nubuck,’ have a lugged sole, and probably most importantly a removable insole (Timberland’s “Smart” system, they call it). Very light, rugged, and comfortable.

  2. By Jeff Chassler on

    I bought a pair of Flexi hiking boots when I was in Cabo San Lucas. They are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned. They also make sandals, along with an entire line of men’s and women’s shoes. There is not many places in the US that carry them, but I did find an online source for the Flexi brand at They are great shoes for walking, hiking or just generally being on your feet all day. Great site, lot’s of good info. Thanks for your posts.

  3. By womens on

    I was very encouraged to discover this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I undeniably savored each tiny bit of it and I include you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  4. By Seane on

    Traveling and shoes must be the most difficult to balance between the weight of carrying and having suitable shoes for the many activities you find yourself in during travels. My travel bag, includes, one pair of flip flops, a strong pair of walking sandals with enough room to wear socks if I need and a reasonable pair of shoes for going out. Anything more than that and you are carrying excess weight and problems for your self.

  5. By Kate on

    Actually, I walked Rome for three months in a shoe rather similar to your Keen MJs: Earth Naturals’ Britney 2. Well, rather, the variation of that style that was produced 3 years ago, but I was delighted to find it again in a new incarnation so I can wear it until it’s worn straight through the sole again!

    Of course, they say “environmentally considerate practices” but never bother to explain what exactly that means. Suspicious.

  6. By David (the Hiking Boots Guy) on

    I’ve done a ton of traveling. Personally, I usually bring two kinds of footwear on trips: a pair of high-quality sandals (almost always Teva) and a pair of day hiking boots. The reason for the ‘day’, or low hiking shoes is that they’re light-weight and can still be put in my bag when I’m wearing sandals. Traveling with mid or high boots would be too cumbersome as they’re heavy and take up too much space.

  7. By Janice on

    I am ok with any kind of model of sandals, but they must be able to : be washed, fast dry, not heavy, and not give me blisters. When i do travel, the last thing i want is shoes or sandals ripped off becoz they touched water. (like when walking on the wet street after rain, do rafting, etc). Also, some outsole sandals become dead when i used them for climbing or walking on the hot street in summer, especially in SE Asia. So, the last point for my travel sandals that they must be durable at any kind of weather. Most of travel sandals i had, had given me blisters after 4-6days walking during travel. But this one an Australian brand satisfied me, though the model is not as sweet as the other brands. Found it only in one online store,

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