Best Digital DSLR Cameras for Every Traveler’s Budget

Whether you are going on a staycation or planning a long-term overseas trip, it is definitely easier to capture those legendary travel moments with a great camera. Up until the last few years, it was difficult to get a great camera for a good price. Many professional DSLR cameras seemed off-limits for travelers. But thankfully, there are now cameras that fit with every price range.

As the cameras on smart phones continue to improve, we have ditched our point and shoot digital camera. Instead we travel with our DSLRs and our iPhones. We love that this helps us travel light–which is one of the easiest ways we’ve found to travel green. Here are the best digital cameras for every budget.

Best Digital SLR Cameras

1.  Entry Level: Rebel T3i

canon t3i

While the $749 price tag may not seem entry-level, the Canon T3i is a great camera for the money. It is an inexpensive DSLR that produces high quality photos. We bought this camera before going on a three month camping trip through Africa and were really happy with our photos and the camera itself. My husband appreciated that it takes video, as well as photos. The flip-out screen allows you to look over crowds and take self-portraits. One of the disadvantages of the entry-level cameras compared to the high-end DSLRs is that they are cropped frame. This camera sells for $749 on Amazon with a 17-55mm lens.

Nikon equivalent: Nikon D5100

2. Mid Range: 60D

canon 60D

The Canon 60D is definitely a step-up from the Canon T3i. The Canon 60D is a more professional camera, but the price is still manageable. Right now, you can purchase a 60D without a lens for $899. For $1199, you will also receive a 18-135mm lens. Like the T3i, one of the biggest disadvantages of this camera is the cropped frame. Canon developed this camera with the photographer in mind–someone that is looking to upgrade from a camera in the Canon Rebel series.

Nikon equivalent: Nikon D7000

3. High-End: 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

The Canon 5D Mark III is definitely on my husband’s wish list. With a price tag of $3899 this camera is top of the line. With full-frame image quality that gives you wider angle photos, this camera is a big upgrade from both the T3i and the 60D. While the other two cameras come with plastic bodies, the 5D Mark III has a metal body, which makes it a more durable camera. If you are hoping to get into professional photography, this is a good option because it is ideal both the studio and shots in the field. It is also great for still photography.

Nikon equivalent: Nikon D800

These three cameras are all Canon because that is what we have always used and what we prefer. Both of cameras are Canon which makes for lighter (and cheaper) traveling because the lenses are interchangeable. We have been extremely happy with both of our DSLRs, but we have friends that swear by Nikon. It is definitely a matter of preference. So, I listed the Nikon equivalent for each camera.

What camera do you use for travel? What are you favorite features?