Ads on Boarding Passes: Awesome or Annoying?

I have to admit, when I first read about major U.S. airlines putting ads on boarding passes when passengers print them at home, my first thought was not, “Will they stop short of nothing to convince me to buy more stuff?” Maybe it should have been, considering consumerism runs rampant enough in our society, as it is.

But the cheap traveler inside me outranked the green one, and I thought, “Good, maybe that means they’ll stop thinking up ridiculous new fees.” At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if American Airlines announced they’d start charging me $5 to carry on my Klean Kanteen and trail mix.


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Ads are everywhere else in the U.S. — on the sides of highways, on buses, in bathroom stalls. Can adding them to boarding passes really have a significant negative impact?

I’m thinking no. If anything, the result will be a positive one — the airlines will generate more revenue this way, and have to rely less on luggage fees and hiking ticket prices. Plus, travelers will have the option of printing their boarding passes without ads.

What do you think?

via: Daily Travel Deal Blog


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    Who cares if there are ads on boarding passes. They may make travel a few pennies cheaper and the boarding pass will still get you on board the plane. I don’t too many are going to read their pass too carefully and really care if advertising is there or not. It is positive that airlines are finding other sources of revenue rather than just thinking how they can gouge the traveler for more money.

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    Makes sense. I’m all for ads on Metro too, if that will help keep costs down and encourage folks to ride. New York’s had them forever and it gives straphangers something to look at besides their neighbor’s ear.

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    You know me, initially I was horrified. I think you’re right though, hopefully this will reduce the need for ridiculous fees and offset the ever increasing costs of travel for the airlines and their customers.

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