7 Easy Ways to Green Your Community

At the risk of sounding like too much of a hippie, when we all work together, we can save the planet. Too dramatic for you? Maybe, but it’s true when you think about it. Go Green Travel Green is all about realistic ways you can reduce your impact. If we each reduce our environmental impact a little bit, collectively we can make a significant change. In honor of Blog Action Day 2012, we bring you 7 Easy Ways to Green Your Community to go along with this year’s theme, “The Power of We.”

1. Elect Candidates with Stellar Environmental Records

Use the League of Conservation Voters’ Environmental Scorecard to see where your senators and representative stand on environmental issues. Do your research on your local elected officials and the presidential candidates, too.

2. Volunteer in Your Community

Websites like VolunteerMatch and Idealist.org make it easy for you to find volunteer opportunities in your community that match your passion. When you come together with other volunteers, you’ll make a huge impact for your chosen organization — and your community.

3. Talk to Friends

Tell your friends and family why environmentalism matters to you. More than facts and statistics, in-person conversations are powerful tools for changing the people’s lifestyles.

4. Organize a Green Event

Take advantage of days like Earth Day to organize a green event in your community. You can put together a trash pick-up, an organic food tasting, or an Open Streets gathering.


5. Donate to an Environmental Nonprofit

To make sure your money is well spent, do your research with tools like Charity Navigator, which rates nonprofits based on criteria like financial health and transparency.

6. Shop Sustainably

When you’re shopping, choose the greener option. Shop at small, local stores that stock locally grown produce and eco-friendly personal care products. Co-ops and farmers’ markets are great options.

7. Take Public Transit, Walk, or Bike

Taking public transportation is exponentially greener than driving everywhere. It can be a great way to experience your city and see it from a completely different perspective. Biking is another great option — you can get in shape and reduce your environmental impact at the same time!

What do you do to green your community?

 photo credit: snre