6 U.S. Airlines Say No to Carry-On Fee

In a move that gives travelers a reason to keep faith in the airline industry, six U.S. airlines have refused to jump on the carry-on-fee bandwagon.

That’s good news for green travelers since we pack light and try to bring only what we can fit in a carry-on bag.

In case you missed it, Spirit Airlines announced this month that it will start charging passengers $30 for carry-on bags. If you don’t pay the fee and attempt to board with a carry-on bag, be prepared to pony up $45.

So you pay if you check a bag, you pay if you don’t. What’s a traveler to do? Here’s the skinny on the airlines with — and without — fees for carry-on luggage.

Airlines that pledge to remain carry-on fee-free (for now, anyway):

  • Delta
  • American
  • United
  • Sun Country
  • JetBlue
  • US Air

Airlines that will impose a carry-on fee:

  • Spirit

These fees change all of the time and come out of nowhere, so be sure to check with you airline for the latest fees before booking. This chart from FareCompare.com is a good place to start.