5 Year Blogiversary Brings Exciting Changes to GGTG

Five years ago today, Elizabeth and I launched Go Green Travel Green. When we came up with the concept of a website devoted to green travel stories and tips, there were very few resources about sustainable travel available online or elsewhere. In the intervening years, green travel has become trendy and we’re proud to have contributed valuable resources for travelers who want to lessen their environmental impact.

While we’re both still passionate about green travel, our interests have broadened since the launch of GGTG. Over the past half-decade, we’ve moved from Washington, DC to Argentina to Minneapolis; bought a house; adopted two dogs; traveled to Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Belize; and had a baby (who has now grown into a walking, talking toddler).

Since becoming moms in late 2011,  Elizabeth and I have realized there’s not a one-stop site for moms who care about living green, saving money, and continuing to travel after they have kids. Starting today, Go Green Travel Green will fill that gap. We’ll still cover green travel, but Go Green Travel Green will also be a resource for moms who love to travel, want to reduce their family’s environmental impact, and strive to spend their money wisely.

Our new focus will be on travel, green living, and money for moms. What topics would you like to see us cover? Tell us in the comments.