4 Green Valentine’s Day Gifts Anyone Will Love

Still looking for the perfect, green Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone? Fear not, we have four fabulous green Valentine’s Day gifts your valentine is sure to love.

Organic, Fair-Trade Chocolate

Luckily for chocolate lovers around the world, organic, fair-trade chocolate has become easy to find in recent years. Stop by your local natural foods store or buy it online. Amazon features delicious Theo 85% dark chocolate and Trader Joe’s Belgian milk chocolate bars, among others. Your valentine will be sure to love high-quality, eco-friendly chocolate.

Sustainable Flowers

Depending on your climate, locally grown flowers might not be easy to come by in February. And even organic blooms might be hard to come by in your city (though a Yelp search for an eco-friendly florist can’t hurt, nor can a quick look at LocalHarvest). Fortunately, the internet offers options like Organic Bouquet, which carries EcoBlooms certified flowers for your sustainably-minded valentine.

Bouquet of bright spring flowers

Ethical or Secondhand Jewelry

Skip traditionally sourced jewelry and instead opt for eco-friendly, ethical jewelry from a company like Ingle & Rhode, Tarma, or  Brilliant Earth. If your special someone prefers a classic look, secondhand jewelry is a great option. Browse the selection at a reputable antique store or jewelry store specializing in vintage pieces.

Acts of Service

One of the greenest gifts you can give your valentine is free: an act of service that you promise to fulfill. You can create a packet of cards that outline the acts of service, and your loved one can cash them in at his or her leisure. Need some ideas? Your acts of service can range from the practical  (dish duty for a week, a thorough scrubbing of the bathroom, or picking up the dry cleaning for a month) to the more romantic (cooking a dinner for two, giving your valentine a massage, or making your love breakfast in bed). This is a great gift because you can customize it to make it the perfect gift for your valentine.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever gotten (or given)?

photo credit: Horia Varlan

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