3 Giveaways, Pissed Paul McCartney, Singing British Kids, and Other Links

Gadling tells us how to get one of a million free seats on flights in Southeast Asia this summer through the winter.

Intelligent Travel launches their Indiana Jones DVD Giveaway Contest and hashes out paperless phrasebook options.

Brave New Traveler grapples with facing one’s own nationality abroad.

Ecorazzi tells us that environmentalist Beatle Paul McCartney was not happy that his new Lexus Hybrid was shipped via private jet.

Grist is partnering with Seventh Generation to give away 5 green living starter kits (though we think the greenest cleaners are baking soda and vinegar) if you add their widget to your site.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune highlights 10 pieces of green(ish) outdoor gear.

Take Sierra Club’s How Green is My Getaway? quiz.

Watch British kids sing about plastic bags and how they’re ruining the world (c/o Eco Worrier).

Check out GreenYour.com to find out how you can be environmentally-friendlier, from personal care products to travel to clothes.