24 Hours in Vik, Iceland

Vík í Mýrdal, more commonly known simply as Vik, is conveniently located on the Ring Road in Iceland. Vik is known for its stunning black basalt beaches and it’s a great place to stop on your way from the Westman Islands to Skaftafell National Park. It’s a small town with under 300 inhabitants, but it’s one of the last place to stock up as you head east on the Ring Road. Here’s what to do in 24 hours in Vik, Iceland.

Where to Stay in Vik

Book a night or two at the Nordur-Vik Hostel, where you can get a 6-bed private room for $180 US (including four sets of linens). They have one of the best breakfast spreads I saw in Iceland: it included waffles and eggs.


Where to Eat in Vik

Be sure to stop in for a meal at Halldorskaffi Restaurant. It’s cozy and reasonably priced, and the food was quite good. I tasted the char (a fresh, local fish) with a baked potato and veggies, skyr cake, and meringue cake. The skyr (Icelandic yogurt) cake wasn’t as dense or sweet as American cheesecake and was tasty. Iceland does meringue very well and the meringue cake was delicious. The char was fresh and delicious.



Skyr cake, Halldorskaffi Restaurant, Vik, Iceland

What to Do in Vik

Stroll along the black basalt beach, where you can watch puffins on the nearby cliffs. Wander around the town and take in the view of the church on the hill. Then swing by  souvenir shop Icewear / Norwear to pick up wool, clothing, and other souvenirs. Before you leave Vik, stock up on food and drink at the grocery store Kjarval Vik. It’s the last decent sized grocery store on your way to Skaftafell National Park, unless you stop in for Klaustur.


Black basalt beach, Vik, Iceland


Church on the hill, Vik, Iceland

Have you been to Vik, Iceland? What did you do there?


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