10 Best Natural and Green Baby Toys

It’s a scary world out there for parents. All of the BPA (a hormone disrupter), toxic paints, and phthalates (endocrine disrupters) in pacifiers, teethers, and toys is enough to make a mama want to give up toys altogether. For older kids and fun for the entire family and my personal favorite choice are Space Rails (or SpaceRails). Fortunately, there is an abundance of safe, green toys — from wood trucks and rattles to toys made from silicone, rubber, and recycled plastic — online and in natural toy stores across the country. Here are some of our favorites.

Eco-friendly Toys

For the first year and a half of my son’s life, he was content to play with an empty shoe box or a handful of crinkly scraps of wrapping paper. This didn’t stop me from filling his shelves with a variety of green toys — that is, toys that are made in a sustainable manner. I’m always in search of the next great multitasking moment, and green toys simultaneously satisfied my desire to protect the planet — they’re made with natural, recycled or reclaimed materials — and my child. Since babies experience things by biting, sucking and drooling on them, I looked for playthings that were made without toxic glues, paints or varnishes and that were composed primarily of natural fibers or wood. It turns out that greener toys also often encourage kids to use their imaginations: Without flashing lights, music and sparkling colors, a little one is left to stretch his creativity.

Green toy companies like Plan Toys (PlanToys.com),
MiYim (MiYim.com) and Sprig (SprigToys.com) continue to be at the top of my
wish list.

Green Baby Toys

Wooden Puzzle Stacker by P’Kolino – $34

The puzzle stacker is brightly colored and its rings are easy for little fingers to hold.

  • Made from wood and coated with safe, non-toxic paint



Natural Rubber Panda Teether by Hevea – $17

This adorable teether has won awards from parents in the US, Germany, and the UK.

  • Made of 100% rubber – no phthalates, colors, PVC, EVAtane, silicone, or BPA
  • Packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials printed in soy ink


Jane Teething Necklace by Chewbeads – $30

It can be hard to by stylish when all of your attention goes to baby, but Chewbeads offers a fashionable necklace for mom that’s also baby-friendly.

  • Made of 100% silicone -no BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or  other metals.


Fantasy Blocks by Haba – $36

This 26 piece set contains an array of colors and shapes that will help your little one grow and learn.

  • Made of solid beech wood and non-toxic, solvent-free dye


Wooden Rattle by Green Sprouts – $15

This simple wooden rattle is the perfect toy for any baby.

  • Made of solid wood with no coatings, stains, or paints.


Punch and Drop by Plan Toys – $19

This brightly colored toy improves hand-eye coordination and is made of solid wood.

  • Made from organic recycled rubber wood


Scoop and Pour Tug Boats by Green Toys  – $26

Your baby will love bath time with these fun, sustainable boats.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic



Sophie the Giraffe Teether Toy by Vulli – $18

Cute Sophie has a squeaker and her neck is easy for little hands to grasp. Great for teething babies!

  •  Made of 100% rubber and coated with food paint
  • Phthalate and BPA-free


Motley Pacifier Chain by Haba – $15

This brightly colored pacifier is cute, natural, and perfect for your little one.

  • Made of wood and coated with natural, water-based, non-toxic lacquers


Stacking Cups by Green Toys – $9

These colorful cups stack in dozens of ways and make playtime and bath time fun for everyone.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers


Green Baby Toys

These natural and green baby toys are safe for kids and are sure to satisfy the most environmentally conscious parent. Your little one will have a blast with them!